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Jan 2018

January 30, 2018

Trump Seeking to Camouflage Economic Failures With Hype in State of Union; Bubble Economy Now on The Brink; Guardian Reports FBI Has Second Anti-Trump Oppo Study That Confirms Parts of Earlier Steele Kompromat Dossier; NASA Must Reinstate Astronaut Dr. Jeanette Epps As Key Member of June Mission to International Space Station; Unbelievable: Trump Regime Eyes Quitting Both ITER International Fusion Reactor and International Space Station, Sabotaging Vital Science Drivers; For This White House, Infrastructure Means Ripoff Privatizations and Crushing Tolls

Jan 2018

January 29, 2018

Trump State of the Union Will Peddle Colossal Lie Of Robust Economic Recovery On His Watch, Despite Job Creation Inferior to Obama’s 2016 Record and NO Wage Growth; Centerpiece of Hype is Monster Stock Bubble Likely Doomed to End in 2018; Cover Provided By Greedy Democratic Party and Media Elites Eager to Profit From Bubble; Thank SEIU Fight for Fifteen, Not Trump, For Wage Increases Triggered by Minimum Wage Hikes In 18 States on January 1; Bonuses and New Jobs Negotiated by Unions Like CWA and UAW, Not Oval; 90% of S+P 100 Will NOT Use Tax Bonanza to Raise Pay; Join Our #SOTU Livetweet Tuesday!

Jan 2018

January 27, 2018 WCR


Trump Economic Downturn May Have Started in Fourth Quarter of 2017; Despite Boasts of 3% and Up, U.S. GDP Growth Stagnated at 2.3% For 2017; December Job Growth a Meager 148,000, Weaker Than Obama A Year Earlier; Wage Growth Miniscule; Obama’s 2016 Job Creation Pace of 2.2 Million Beats Trump’s 2.1 Million in 2017; Growing GOP Extremism May Portend Another Government Shutdown After February 8, With Debt Ceiling and Default Crisis Likely Before End of March; Crash of Current U.S. Asset Bubble Will Doom Regime; Trump Davos Speech Thus Based On Pure Hype; Bonuses and Pay Hikes Triggered by GOP Tax Scam Are Wretched Pittance, With Lion’s Share Going to Stock Buy-Backs and Financial Swindles; News Of Attempted Firing of Mueller Last June Puts Obstruction of Justice at Center Stage

Jan 2018

January 25, 2018

At Davos, Macron of France, Gentiloni of Italy, Merkel of Germany, and Trudeau of Canada Repudiate Trumpism; While U.S. Retreats, Macron Bids to Replace China’s Xi As Leader of World Economy With “France Is Back” Speech; But EU Leaders Are Still Mired in Failed Neoliberal Economics; Hariri of Lebanon Repeats that Final Status of Jerusalem is Still Open Despite Trump Ploy; Total Depravity of Evangelical Leaders Shown by New Theological Concept Cooked Up for Trump: The Mulligan!; Did God Choose Winner in 2016?; Will Trump End Up at the Bad Russian Table During His Visit to the Magic Mountain?

Jan 2018

January 24, 2018

Bizarro GOP Hawks Nunes-Gowdy-Goodlatte Fan Fiction Memo Claiming FBI And FISA Machinations vs. Trump; Schiff-Nadler-Cummings Working to Denounce Pro-Trump Absurdities; Deep State Exists and Obviously Supported Trump in 2016; Ken Starr’s Infamous Paula Jones Precedent From Clinton Era Means That White House Cannot Defy Mueller Grand Jury Subpoena; Intelligence Warfare Shifting Away From Low-Grade Terrorism Towards Clash of Spy Agencies; Danger of March Debt Ceiling Crisis Increasing As GOP’s Tax Scam Law Makes Revenue Unpredictable; Kaine-Merkley Bill Urgent

Jan 2018

January 23, 2018

Bannon Retread Pompeo Revives Talk of Sneak Attack on North Korea; Any Top Officials To Block An Insane Impulse By Trump?; Behind the Sanctimonious Hypocrisy of Mitch and Pence: McCaskill, Nelson, and Tester Had Plans to Pay Troops and Federal Workers, But McConnell Blocked Them All For Better Propaganda; Axios: FBI Chief Wray Threatened to Resign Over Trump’s Demand to Oust McCabe; Reports Say Devalued Kelly May Soon Depart White House; Where the Planet is A Cube, Smoke Goes Down, Clocks Go Backwards, And Bad Is Good: Inside The Bizarro World of the Pro-Trump Media; Shutdown Was a Skirmish


Jan 2018

January 22, 2018

Government Shutdown Ending With Mixed Results; Facing Defections by Red State Senators, Schumer Takes Orderly Retreat Over Rout; McConnell Pledges Vote On DACA Bill With Amendments by February 8; CHIP Locked in for Six Years, But Other Needs Unmet; Mitch Certain to Betray This Side Deal as He Has Betrayed Promises to Flake and Collins; Ryan and Trump Will Try Sabotage; Ultra-Nativist President Miller Rules White House; 2020 Hopefuls Sanders, Warren, Harris, and Booker Plus Pelosi and Hoyer Oppose Deal; Collins-Flake-Graham Centrists Treacherous But Likely to Clash With Trump

Jan 2018

January 20, 2018 WCR


#TrumpShutdown: Federal Government Closes As Democrats Defy Trump, Refuse to Buckle For Diktat on Budget, Community Health, and DACA; Defections From Each Side Balance Out, Leaving McConnell Far Short of 60 Votes Needed; Bernie Sanders: Mitch Needed 60 Votes and Didn’t Have Them, So His Stubborn Refusal to Negotiate Meant Choosing Shutdown; Mueller’s Office Keeps Working; Time to Use Social Media to Make White House, Ryan, McConnell and GOP Hill Thugs Feel the Heat; Al Green Gets 66 Dems to Vote for Impeachment Hearings, Up From 58 in December; Fighting Congressman Pledges To Force Vote Again and Again; After One Full Year of One-Party Rule, GOP Nativists Repudiated as CBS Poll Shows 87% of Public Backs Dreamers; Immigration is Greatest U.S. Strategic Asset

Jan 2018

January 18, 2018

Chaos White House Generates Maximum Chaos: U.S. Government Shutdown Now One Day Away As GOP Thieves Fall Out; Ryan Will Force House Vote on Stopgap Funding Bill With No DACA Fix; Trump Wants to Deny Care for Sick Kids Under S-CHIP; Time for Democrats To Unite Forces and Prove They Can Fight for Needs of All The People; Golfer in Chief AWOL and Out to Lunch During Hawaii War Scare; Beware Discredited Neocons Seeking Rehabilitation and Regroupment Wrapped in Anti-Trump Camouflage; Republican Billionaire Megadonors Scheming to Gerrymander Maryland By Re-Electing Failed Gov. Hogan

Jan 2018

January 17, 2018

Trump and Ryan Still Refusing to Support DACA; Schumer Cites “Strong Revulsion” Against House GOP Stopgap; The Pure Insanity of the Trump-GOP Anti-Immigrant Demagogy: While Europe, Russia, China, and Japan Face Shrinking and Aging Populations, U.S. Is Protected and Replenished by Immigration; Beijing’s Problems Rooted in Ill-Advised One Child Per Family Policy; U.S. Workforce Set to Grow 31% by 2050 As China’s Labor Resources Decline, With Workforce Shrinking by Almost 5 Million in 2015 Alone; Immigration is Greatest Strategic Asset of This Nation, So Don’t Let Trump Destroy It!

Jan 2018

January 16, 2018

Friday Government Shutdown Can Help Sink Ruling GOP; Behind White House Chaos on Immigration: Kelly and Miller Allegedly Packed Oval Office Meeting With Nativist Reactionaries to Overawe Suggestible Trump; DHS Secretary Nielsen Refuses Under Oath to Report Contents of Discussion, Making Her Ouster Mandatory; CBS Nation Tracker Poll Shows Pro-Trump Fanatics Dwindle to 18%, While Strong Opponents Grow to 41%; Fellow Travelers At 23%, With Soft Opposition at 18%; Report on Trump’s Health Stresses “Great Genes,” Opening Credibility Gap; Double Whammy for Bannon

Jan 2018

January 15, 2018

Scenes of Panic and Desperation in Hawaii During ICBM Scare Prove Once Again That There Is No Substitute for Modern Missile Shield Using Orbital Lasers; A Real President Would Assure Nation By Explaining How Aegis, Mid-Course, THAAD, and Patriot PAC-3 Systems Can Already Defeat Kim’s Soviet-Era SS-18 Knockoffs; Trump AWOL, Not Providing for the Common Defense; Defeatists at Fox News Claim There is No Defense Against North Korean ICBMs, an Absurd Falsehood; State of the Union Should Include $150 Billion Clawed Back from Shameful GOP Tax Cut to Fund Laser Defense Program

Jan 2018

January 13, 2018 WCR


Genius of Martin Luther King Rejected Divide and Conquer Tactics of Finance Oligarchs, Instead Promoting Unity of Civil Rights, Labor and Anti-Poverty, and Antiwar Movements To Prepare Robert Kennedy Presidency in 1968; MLK Is Powerful Corrective to Current Identity Politics Outlook; Trump’s Racist and Scatological Tirade Against Haiti, Salvador, and Africa Disgusts Nation and World; Embattled Regime Lurching From One Sick Tantrum to the Next; Media Who Failed to Warn Public in 2016 Must Drop Role of Gatekeepers; Mueller Time is Coming; A Recent Mirror: European History Shows That Economic Factors Are Decisive in Genesis of Fascism; Hawaii Events Prove Need for Laser-Based Anti-Missile Defense

Jan 2018

January 11, 2018

Triggered by Fake News Tirade on Fox, Unstable Trump Repudiates Extension of FISA § 702 Foreign Surveillance Authority Backed by White House; Amid Chaos, Kelly Rushes to House Cloakroom To Secure Vote, While Handlers Get Trump to Retract; Was Bannon Trump’s Brain After All?; Walmart’s $11 Minimum Wage Leaves Taxpayers Subsidizing Workers With Food Stamps and Medicaid; Alleged Bonuses a Mere Pittance; Gary Cohn Admits That Virtually No Increase in Wages Has Occurred Under Trump Regime, But Offers Pie in the Sky Promises For Coming Years; Oprah Winfrey for U.S. Senate in 2018!

Jan 2018

January 10, 2018

Trump’s Conciliatory Pose Crumbles As Mueller Moves to Interrogate; Defying GOP Cover-Up, Sen. Feinstein Publishes Testimony of Fusion GPS Founder Glenn Simpson, Ending Republican Myth of How FBI Russiagate Probe Started; Investigation Triggered By Reports of Collusion From Britain, Germany, Poland, Estonia, Netherlands, France, and Australia; Thanks to GOP, Trump Inner Circle Has So Far Escaped Testifying in Public; Sen. Whitehouse Mocks Absurd Parade of GOP Rabbits Used to Divert Attention From Real Issues of Russiagate; Will China Stop Buying U.S. Treasury Bonds?

Jan 2018

January 9, 2018

Desperate to Escape Semiliterate Image, White House Puts Up Potemkin Facade of Bipartisan Budget Negotiations; Democrats Must Go To The Brink to Save DACA, Salvadorans and More; Creative Protests Greet Trump at Atlanta College Football Championship; Risking Backlash Among His Dupes, He Plans to Cavort in Globalist Swamp at Davos; Wolff Makes Strong Case for XXV Amendment, But Is Less Than Adequate on Russiagate and Obstruction; Wolff’s Detractors Often Care More About Maintaining Access At the Court of Heliogabalus Than About Giving the Public the Shocking Truth

Jan 2018

January 8, 2018

After Less Than One Year In Office, Trump Faces Existential Crisis as Nuclear War Tweets, Wolff Book Tour, and Outspoken Mental Health Experts Discredit Regime; Wolff Says XXV Amendment is Discussed in White House Every Day; Could Cabinet Revolt?; More Questions About Presence of Money Laundering Expert at June 2016 Trump Tower Meeting; Limits of Wolff: He Sees Gorsuch as Man of Probity, and Takes Advice on Russiagate from Edward Jay Epstein; Absurd Claims Of “Stable Genius” Only Possible In Age Which Lacks Understanding of This Subject; Plato, Machiavelli, and Leibniz Set the Standard

Jan 2018

January 6, 2018 WCR


Trump’s Incalculable Folly Displayed In “Bigger Button” Threats to North Korea, Plus Michael Wolff’s Fire and Fury Book, Combine to Produce Landmark Shift in U.S. Public Opinion: Tenant of White House Now Widely Seen As Unable to Discharge the Powers and Duties of Office, With XXV Amendment Action Viewed as Remedy For Perilous Dotage; Bannon Said To Describe June 2016 Trump Tower Collusion Meeting As “Treasonous,” and Believed Russian Delegation Met With Candidate; Money Laundering and Obstruction of Justice Also at Issue; Trump Wanted Sessions To Shield Him As His Personal Roy Cohn; Trump Remorse Parallels Brexit Remorse: Growing Majority of British People Now Want to Stay in EU; Tory Leader Lord Heseltine Says Labour Government Is Better Than Brexit Under May; Tony Blair Demands Another Vote on Final Agreement, Warning Labour’s Corbyn That Brexit Means Endless, Crushing Austerity

Jan 2018

January 4, 2018

Trump’s Bigger Button Tweet Is Watershed Moment in Growing Public Awareness of XXV Amendment; Attempts to Suppress Books Like Fire and Fury or Exercise Prior Restraint and Censorship Belong to Authoritarian Regimes, and Are Alien to American First Amendment Tradition; Trump Camp Split by Bannon Defection; Rep. Nunes Still Trying to Cripple Mueller Investigation; Hold Ryan Responsible for Outcome; Fusion GPS Is Favorite GOP Red Herring to Deflect Scrutiny Away From Russiagate; Grassley Must Publish Testimony; Vigilance to Protect the Mueller Probe Is The New Watch on the Rhine

Jan 2018

January 3, 2018

Trump Courts Nuclear War With Insane North Korean Dictator In Outburst of Infantile Bragging; Regime Trampling Every Clause in Preamble to U.S. Constitution, Starting With Common Defense and General Welfare; U.S. Politics Now Focusing On XXV Amendment; In Michael Wolff’s Fire and Fury, Bannon Describes June 2016 Collusion Meeting With Veselnitskaya et al. As “Treasonous”; Former Strategist Is Sure Russian Guests Met With Trump; Bannon Warned That Mueller Would Target Money Laundering; Trump Legal Aide Feared Coverup of Meeting Amounted To Obstruction of Justice

Jan 2018

January 2, 2018

Brace for Strategic and Financial Cataclysms in 2018; Kim’s Rocket Rattling and North Korean Threat to Mass Produce Nuclear Weapons Mean Massive Proliferation, Requiring U.S. Mass Production of Orbital Lasers for Anti-Missile Defense; Kim’s Patron Xi of China Hypocritically Claims World Hegemony as “Keeper of the International Order”; Don’t Let Trump Seize on Pretext of Economic Protests in Iran to Wreck JCPOA Nuclear Accord; Tweet Tantrum Targets Iran AND Pakistan Simultaneously; Stock Bubble Not Likely To Survive $1 Trillion Quantitative Tightening of Money Supply During 2018

Jan 2018

January 1, 2018

The Tax Wall Street Party and the United Front Against Austerity take this opportunity to extend their very best wishes to members, friends, and all persons of good will around the world for a happy and prosperous 2018.
The coming year is likely to be a time of acute political struggle and conflict. We intend to use our unique resources of economic program, historical insight, and fighting spirit informed by reason to contribute to a positive outcome of the contests ahead. We urge support for our efforts on three critical fronts:
1. War avoidance with regard to looming general and nuclear conflagration in the Far East and Middle East made worse by the incompetence, moral senility, and adventurism of the current US regime. Strategic defense against ballistic missiles will be a central factor in keeping the peace.
2. Defeating and rolling back the genocidal austerity measures advocated by the Trump White House and Congressional Republicans in taxation, health care, and the social safety net. Here our key concepts of nationalizing and requisitioning the Federal Reserve for job creation in infrastructure, production, and science through credit stimulus, plus a 1% Wall Street Sales Tax, will be indispensable. Without these mass traction, class-based economic demands, attempts to mobilize the Democratic Party may be fragmented and crippled.
3. Preventing authoritarian rule by ending the historic aberration of GOP one-party domination dating from the 2016 election, while promoting the extinction of the Republican Party as a national political force. The key test will be the breaking of the current majorities in House and Senate in November 2018 with an eye to resolving the question of the presidency in 2019. In the meantime, the Mueller investigation must be maintained and expanded.
More than ever, the choice facing each one of us is to get active, or else get radio-active. Join us in the year of destiny 2018!
Tax Wall Street Party
United Front Against Austerity
Washington DC USA