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Sep 2017

September 28, 2017

Katrina Hero Gen. Honoré Wants 50,000 Federal Troops to Assist Puerto Rico, Far More Than The Meager 600 FEMA Workers Deployed By Trump Administration; Biggest Obstacle May Be Puerto Rico’s Financial Control Board, An Austerity Enforcer for Bondholders; Island Needs Immediate Freeze on All Payments of Interest and Principal For Duration of Emergency; Judge Roy Moore as Harbinger of Ongoing Breakup of Republican Party; Cohn Won’t Promise Middle Class Tax Cut Under Trump Plan; Intelligence Committees Must Make Public All Russiagate Facebook and Twitter Ads

Sep 2017

September 27, 2017

One Week After Latest Hurricane, Bungling and Dawdling By Feckless Trump Administration Create Humanitarian Catastrophe in Twice-Stricken Puerto Rico; Prompt Action Needed; Trump’s Tax Plan Serves the Rich: Poorest Earners See 2% Rate Hike While Most Affluent Get 5% Cut; Standard Deduction Doubles But Personal Exemptions Disappear; Pass Through Entities Like Hedge Funds Get Sweetheart 25% Rate; Wall Street Banks Get 20% Rate Instead of 35%; In Boon for Ultra-Wealthy, Alternative Minimum Tax and Estate Tax Disappear; No Deduction For State and Local Taxes, Hitting Blue States

Sep 2017

September 26, 2017

Trump-GOP Assault on Obamacare Virtually Defeated for 2017; McConnell Says He Won’t Force Vote on Graham-Cassidy; More Fragmentation in Regime and Party; Congress Should Now Vote ACA Cost Sharing Subsidies And Stabilization Measures Over Trump’s Veto If Necessary; Washington Gridlock Is Not Bipartisan, But Has Locus Inside GOP; White House Upbeat Rhetoric Falls Flat Failures of Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief Are Revealed; German Election Leaves Merkel Weakened But Still in Control; Xenophobic Party Enters National Parliament; European Central Bank Key to Job Creation

Sep 2017

September 25, 2017

Health Care Monstrosity 99% Defeated As More GOP Senators Refuse Their Support; CBO Finds Graham-Cassidy Will Strip Millions of Insurance; Budget Reconciliation Path Closes At Midnight Saturday; Perspective Now For Survival of Obamacare, Domestic Stalemate for Trump Regime, and Breakup of Republican Party as Tax Windfall Demanded By Megadonors is Not Delivered; Trump’s Scurrilous Attacks on Black Athletes Boomerang Sunday With 200 NFL Players Kneeling, Sitting, or Raising Fists in Protest; An Historic Display of Revulsion by American People Against Tenant of White House

Sep 2017

September 23, 2017 WCR


McCain Serves Country Over Party With No Vote on GOP’s Graham-Cassidy Atrocity; Killer Bill Not Yet Defeated, So Keep Calling Senate via U.S. Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121; They Must Vote No on This Turkey!; Role of Kimmel Shows American Democracy Has Deep Resources; Republican Responding to Cash Ultimatum by Multi-Billionaire Mega-Donors Who Want Tax Bonanza; Critique of PBS Vietnam Series: Fails to Identify Real Authors of Failed Strategy, Including Wall Street’s Harriman-Bundy Clique; Neglects Strategy of Fortified Defensive Line Along Seventeenth Parallel to Cut Ho Chi Minh Trail; German Voters Can Prevent Forces of Chaos From Appearing Stronger Than They Really Are: Gehen Sie Wählen!

Sep 2017

September 21, 2017

More Signs of Imminent Russiagate Crisis; How Indictments of Nixon’s Subordinates Paved the Way to His Ouster; Did LBJ’s Lies and Vietnam Tragedy of Fifty Years Ago Contribute to Trump’s 2016 Ability to Dupe Anti-Elitist Voters in Late Middle Age?; Background: 1965 Plan of South Vietnamese Gen. Cao Van Vien to Cut the Ho Chi Minh Trail and Isolate the Battlefield By Building a Fortified Line From the Thailand-Laotian Border Across the DMZ to the Sea; Idea Seconded by Col. Harry Summers and Gen. Bruce Palmer Based on Theories of von Clausewitz and von der Goltz; Germans Need to Vote on Sunday

Sep 2017

September 20, 2017

Trump Demands GOP Congress Approve Graham-Cassidy Atrocity; Will His Endorsement Backfire Once Again?; Bad Omen: Even Virginia GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Gillespie Won’t Endorse Bill In Debate With Northam; Sen. Cassidy Lies About Obamacare Repeal Bill in Media Interviews, Makes Mockery of Family Suffering of Comedian Jimmy Kimmel; Deluded Mattis Sees Acceptable Military Options in Koreas; Focus on Manafort Signals Big Push by Mueller; Merkel Set To Win Another Term in Sunday’s German Vote; Xenophobic Party Lags; Catalonian Referendum Could Pitch Spain Into Chaos

Sep 2017

September 19, 2017

Worse Than Bush’s 2002 “Axis of Evil” Tirade: Trump UN Speech Threatens Annihilation of North Korea, Pushes World Toward Confrontation and Anarchy; Crude Signals of Intent to Exit Iran Nuclear Accord, Suggesting That Peaceful Solutions With Current U.S. Regime Are Impossible; Threats to Venezuela; Republicans Won’t Wait For CBO Scoring of Graham-Cassidy Bill; Plan’s Co-Author Santorum on CNN Dodges Question of How Many Will Lose Insurance; 2016 Election Outcome Shows Objective Institutional Problems Beyond Just Trump Which Require Major Economic Reforms

Sep 2017

September 18, 2017

Emergency Mobilization Needed Now to Defeat Graham-Cassidy Wrecking Job on Obamacare; Latest GOP Atrocity Would Destroy Medicaid as Entitlement, Strip Coverage From Millions of Poor People, and Use Block Grants to Create Brutal Race to the Bottom Among States; Rand Paul Reported Opposed Because Obamacare Taxes Stay in Place; Collins and Murkowski In Doubt; Arizona Governor Supports Swindle, But Will McCain Follow?; Public Disarray On Eye Street Among Trump Lawyers As Facebook Warrant Shows Mueller Probe Gaining Momentum; Dynamics of Chiliastic Mass Movements From Luther to Trump

Sep 2017

September 16, 2017 WCR


Anti-Immigrant Backlash Splinters GOP Regime After Hints of Dream Act Compromise; Veteran Trump Backers Issue Anathemas as Disillusioned Dupes Burn Their MAGA Hats; Democrats Dividing Along Pro-Wall Street vs. New Deal Lines After Debut of Landmark Bernie Sanders Medicare for All Plan Backed By Seventeen Senators; Issue Has Mass Traction Far Beyond Mere Identity Politics; World War Two Era Defense Department Film “Don’t Be A Sucker” Compares U.S. Nativists to Nazis, Highlighting Divide and Conquer Techniques On Race, Creed, Color, Nationality Also Used In 2016 Russian Hot Button Facebook Posts and Traditional GOP Wedge Issues; Beware Another Republican Attack on Health Care Over Next Two Weeks

Sep 2017

September 14, 2017

On Eve of Supposed 500th Anniversary of Protestant Reformation, Absurd Efforts Emerge to Promote Anti-Historical Image of Martin Luther as Saintly Founder of Modern Western and American Civilization; Ideological Contortions Include Promoting Luther as Non-Violent, But He Wanted To “Stab, Smite, Slay” Rebellious Peasants in the 1525 Uprising His Agitation Helped Detonate; 100,000 Killed; “It Is the Time of the Sword, Not the Day of Grace,” Wrote This “Toady of Princes”; State Took Over Church, With No Separation; Virulent Anti-Semitism Whitewashed; Hagiography Is Fake History

Sep 2017

September 13, 2017

Tax Wall Street Party Welcomes Bernie Sanders’ Medicare For All Bill, Now Backed by Seventeen Democratic Senators; Financing Must Be Centered on Making Wall Street Banks, Hedge Funds, and Brokerages Pay; Offer Medicare For All As Public Option in Obamacare, And Working People Will Flock to It; Learn From Obamacare Mistakes; Cincinnati Enquirer Counts 18 Overdose Deaths in One Week Along Small Stretch of Ohio River, But Trump Still Refuses to Sign State of Emergency for Opioid Crisis; Republicans Still Trying to Kill Obamacare With Block Grant Scam; Trump Cuts to NIH Research Defeated

Sep 2017

September 12, 2017

Bannon’s Caricature of American System is Falsification of Hamilton, Clay, and Lincoln; National Bank, Tariff, and Public Works Needed Today; Trump’s Goldman Sachs Cabinet and Tax Cuts For the Rich Prove Talk of Populist-Nationalist Economic Agenda is Baloney; Recent Immigrants Built Erie Canal and Transcontinental Railroad, and Helped Union Win Civil War; Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Defeat Caused By Her Failure to Fight For Program of Creating Tens of Millions of New Jobs Paid for By Wall Street and Federal Reserve; Her Book Is Correct That Jill Stein Helped Hand Election to Trump

Sep 2017

September 11, 2017

Trump Got Rolled, Speeding Collapse of Current Regime and Setting GOP on Path to Split; Republican “Hastert Rule” Lockstep In House Has Been Major Cause of Weimar-Style Paralysis of U.S. Government; Ousted Bannon Vows Vendetta Against GOP Moderates; Confused Alarms of Ultra-Reactionary Putsch in House To Make Gingrich or Santorum Speaker; Continued Rage In GOP Over Hensarling Group’s Refusal to Vote Hurricane Aid for Texas; John Tyler in 1840s Shows Sad Fate of Presidents At Odds With Both Parties; Ramsay MacDonald’s 1931 Defection From British Labour Party Left Him Scorned By All

Sep 2017

September 9, 2017 WCR


Trump-Schumer-Pelosi Package Passes Senate By 80-17 and House by 316-90; GOP Tea Party Extremists Vote No To Flaunt Contempt for American People; Hensarling of Texas Votes Against His Own State; Legislative Crunch Set for Mid-December; Trump Antagonizes Lawmakers Who May Soon Decide His Fate; GOP’s September Sabotage and Extortion Strategy Crumbles as Party Fragments; Recalling British Labour Party Prime Minister Ramsay MacDonald, The Turncoat Who Ditched His Own Party in 1931 to Be Figurehead For Tory “National Government” Based on Killer Austerity; Trump Joining Pariah President John Tyler (1841-1845) aka “His Accidency,” Opposed by Both Parties; King Lear on the Heath

Sep 2017

September 7, 2017

Trump Gives Discredited Republican Leaders The Shaft, Accepts Democrats’ Offer of Hurricane Money Plus Three Months of Debt Ceiling and Budget; No Wall; Reactionary Extortionists of House Freedom Caucus and Republican Study Committee Consigned to Dumpster; Debt, Spending, Immigration, Obamacare, Relief Will Converge in Mid-December, With Democrats Stronger; Tax Cuts Harder, Saving Dreamers and Obamacare Easier; GOP Demagogues Will Face Toxic Vote for Debt Increase TWICE; Was It Simply Impatience and Boredom?; Schumer and Pelosi See Trump Weakening; Impeachment More Feasible

Sep 2017

September 6, 2017

War Avoidance Strategy for Korean Crisis Requires Negotiations, Targeted Sanctions of Complicit Banks and Firms, and Sweeping U.S. Crash Program for Directed Energy Anti-Missile Defense; Spinoffs From Laser and Particle Beam Research Would Secure American Scientific and Technological Leadership; Putin And Xi Not Constructive; But Strategic Defense Would Compel Russia and China To Restrain or Topple Kim; Military Triumvirate of Kelly-Mattis-McMaster Looms as Schiller, Omarosa, and Sheriff Clarke Are Frozen Out; Recalling Nixon’s Isolation by Haldeman-Ehrlichman

Sep 2017

September 5, 2017

Trump and Sessions Attack DACA, Pandering to Vindictive Supporters; Move Poses Grave Threat to U.S. Work Force For Rest of Twenty-First Century; Dreamers Represent One Million Pre-Screened, Education-Oriented, Totally Assimilated Assets for Country; Pardon Them and Give Them Citizenship Now; Stock Market Turbulence Increasing; Andrew Johnson Pardoned Myriad Confederate Traitors With Christmas 1868 Executive Order 179; Capital Crimes of Those White House Darlings Were Infinitely More Serious Than Mere Immigration Misdemeanors; Anti-Missile Defense vs North Korea Urgent

Sep 2017

September 4, 2017

The American System is taking a day off in observance of labor day.




Sep 2017

September 2, 2017 WCR


Cruel and Stupid Trump Regime Staggers into September Crisis of Debt Limit, Budget, Hurricane Relief, Stock Tremors, and North Korea; Ryan, Hatch, Corporate Chiefs Warn Trump Against Likely Move to Deport 800,000 Dreamers; Gutting of DACA Will Trigger Social Chaos and New Collapse of Support; With Mattis, McMaster, Kelly All in Peril, Only Sycophants Are Safe; Embattled Regime Now at 34% Approval With 61% Disapproving--Nixon Had 25% Backing In Last Days; Will Don Test Truman’s 22% Postwar Low, G.W. Bush’s Record Negative of 69%?; Danger of Cumulative Radicalization; Need Mass Actions for 40 Million Jobs Paid for by Wall Street and Fed

Sep 2017

August 31, 2017

Trump’s Authority Crumbles as Business, Military, Political Leaders Increasingly Ignore His Reckless Provocations; As Lincoln Observed, U.S. Constitution is Not a Suicide Pact; Floods in History and Myth: Wisdom of Ancient Greeks is to Respond to Natural Disasters by Maximizing Science and Technology; Bosporus Waterfall of 5,600 BC: After End of Last Ice Age, Sudden Salt Water Inflow Vastly Increased Size of Black Sea, Forcing Migration of Littoral Farmers; Dramatic One-Year Event May Be Source of Flood Stories Associated With Gilgamesh, Noah, Hesiod, Plato, and Ovid