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Aug 2017

August 30, 2017

U.S Must Deploy Defensive Assets Now to Shoot Down Ballistic Missiles Launched by Pyongyang’s Madman Kim Towards South Korea or Japan; Trump Failures in Hurricane Zone Continue, With Forces Still Insufficient; Historian Douglas Brinkley Sees Role for 82nd Airborne Division, With Marshall Plan for Domestic Reconstruction; Austrian Monarchist Kuehnelt-Leddihn Refuted: More On Why Nazis Were Not Leftists; They Allied With Reactionary Generals, Fascist Militias, Monocled Aristocrats, East Prussian Landlords, Smokestack Barons, and Sinister Bankers, Never With Trade Unions

Aug 2017

August 29, 2017

Hurricane Harvey A “Disaster” Because Few Assets Were Pre-Deployed By Last Friday, Says Gen. Russell Honoré, Hero of Katrina; Gov. Abbott Held Back 9,000 Texas National Guard Troops Until Monday; Pentagon Still Dithering on Sending 30,000 Guard and Amphibious Assault Ship A Week Late; Refuting the Big Lie Spread by Reactionaries That Nazis Were Leftists: Nazis Smashed Unions, Cut Wages by 25% to 40%; Was Princess Diana Targeted to Preserve Islamic Enemy Image? Diana Fayed as Future Moslem Queen Mother of Great Britain Would Have Posed Real Obstacle to U.S.-U.K. Islamophobia Policies

Aug 2017

August 28, 2017

Worse Than Benghazi! Trump Dawdled for Eight Hours Friday Before Signing Federal Disaster Order for Texas; Gov. Abbott Poisoned Relations With U.S. Military By Pandering to Kooks Over Jade Helm 2015 Exercise, With Ron Paul Piling On; Irony: Victoria and Goliad Counties Dropped Out of That Drill And Are Today Ground Zero For Hurricane Harvey, Much In Need of Federal Help; End FEMA Cuts!; Tillerson, Bossert, Cohn Distance Themselves From Party Line on Charlottesville; Brent Bozell Sees Suicide of GOP If Debt Ceiling is Raised

Aug 2017

August 26, 2017 WCR


Trump Allies Warn White House That Hurricane Harvey Poses Critical Test for Competence of Regime; Government In Disarray With Three Top Posts Unfilled at Homeland Security; National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Lacks Permanent Chief; FEMA Boss Brock Long’s Focus Has Been Attacking Flood Insurance -- Will He Be the New “Heck of a Job” Brownie?; Texas Gov. Abbot Requested Pre-Emptive Declaration of Disaster Area Midday Friday, But Trump Dithered For Many Hours With Camp David Trip, Gorka Ouster and Arpaio Pardon; Rule of Law In Peril; Still No Signed Opioid Emergency Order; From Mobilization to Repression: What Happens to Cultural Populist Movements After They Take Power ?; Examples Include Cola di Rienzo, Savonarola, Luther, Calvin, and Robespierre

Aug 2017

August 24, 2017

Trump’s Threat to Shut Down U.S. Government Over Wall Funding May Be Step Towards Stock Market Crisis; Trump Portrayed By Observers As Enraged, Trapped, and Fearful of Russiagate; His Mental Condition is Topic A; After Last Week’s Hindenburg Omen, Market Mavens Note More Stocks Slipping Below 200-Day Moving Averages; Stock Bubble is Running Out of Steam; Ten Hours of Senate Testimony On Russiagate By Producer of Kompromat Dossier; The Retrograde Civilization of the Byzantine Empire (476-1453 AD) As Key to Many Problems of Modern Russia

Aug 2017

August 23, 2017

Fears Grow About Trump’s Control of Nuclear Launch Codes After Enraged Rant in Phoenix; His Rhetorical Antics Starting to Bore The Crowds; Previous Presidents Positioned Themselves as Guardians of Stability and Foes of Government Shutdowns and Treasury Default; But Trump Eagerly Courts National Catastrophe to Exact U.S. Taxpayer Money for His Wall; Dow Jitters Intensify; McConnell Reportedly Pressed to Protect White House But Is Pessimistic Regime Can Survive; Arpaio Pardon Will Re-Antagonize Federal Judiciary Just in Time for Raft of Russiagate Cases; Boy Wonder Jared in Egypt

Aug 2017

August 22, 2017

Trump Wrecking Ball Tour Hits Arizona With Attack on GOP Sen. Flake; Reckless Threats vs. Pakistan Lack Strategic Concept for Afghanistan; Details On Numbers And Time Frame Kept Secret to Avoid Sounding Like Obama; No “Radical Islamic Terrorism” Slogan He Demanded From Obama; Russia’s Arming of Taliban Whitewashed, and No Word of Help From Allies; Bannon Pushed Identity Group/Cultural Populist Resentments Over Tangible Economic Benefits; GOP Civil War Endangers Money Aorta From Multi-Billionaire Megadonors to Reactionary Candidates; Shifty Ryan Won’t Censure Trump

Aug 2017

August 21, 2017

Martin Luther King’s Top Aide Andrew Young Recalls That King Saw Main Problems as Poverty, Racism, and War, And Refused to Reduce Economic Problems to Racism Alone; Bannon Boasts His Forces Can Win With Economic Nationalist Demagogy If Democrats Offer Only Identity Politics; Charlottesville Horror of Violent Ideological Gangs Armed With Semi-Automatic Rifles, Pistols, and Clubs Killing Political Opponents With Cars in American Cities Goes Well Beyond Racism and White Supremacy and Must Be Denounced as Fascism, An Attack on the Entire American Society

Aug 2017

August 19, 2017 WCR


Bannon Ousted From White House, Hastening Breakup of Regime; He Pontificates That Trump Presidency Is Over; Forecasts Rebellion by GOP Congressional “Moderates”; Democrats Must Launch Program for 40 Million Jobs Paid For By Wall Street and Fed; Gorka Reputed Next to Go; Trump’s Isolation Grows as Military Brass, Big Business, and Large Parts of GOP Flee; Sen. Corker Doubts His Stability as Support Erodes in Senate; Two Statues of Dred Scott Decision Author Roger Taney Quickly Removed in Maryland; Pressure Grows on Zinke at Interior to Remove Albert Pike Statue From Federal Land In Capital; Confederates At Court Houses Deserve Top Priority; Lost Cause: Did Robert E. Lee Kill More American Soldiers Than Hitler?

Aug 2017

August 17, 2017

Desperate To Pre-empt Exodus of Top CEOs, Trump Junks Much-Vaunted Manufacturing Council and Strategy Policy Forum; Business Leaders Were Dismayed by Refusal to Condemn Charlottesville Fascist Mob; GOP President Dumped by Big Business is Historical Novelty; Congressman Nadler Sponsoring Censure Motion; Identity Group Fragmentation of Potential Class Forces Slow Emergence of Alternative to Crumbling Trump Regime; Traitor Robert E. Lee Was Enemy of All Americans, Whose Country He Tried to Destroy; Despite Lost Cause Mythology, Confederacy Was Based on Slavery

Aug 2017

August 16, 2017

Wave of National Revulsion Triggered by Trump’s Refusal to Condemn Fascist Groups; Joint Chiefs of Staff Signal Dissent From White House Line, But Why Are There Still U.S. Military Bases Named After Confederate Losers Hood, Bragg, Beauregard, and Pickett?; Confederate Statues Must Be Removed From Public Property, Starting with Those Close to Court Houses; “Blood and Soil” Slogan of Fascist Marchers is Aggressive Nazi Ideology From 1920s Championed by Hitler; Fragmented Identity Group Politics Incapable of Unified National Class-Based Response to Crisis of Presidency

Aug 2017

August 15, 2017

Contrary to Trump, Charlottesville Counter-Demo Was Not Mainly Composed of Violent Antifa; Instead, Majority Were Unarmed Local Residents and Students Horrified By Outside Fascist Agitators; Almost All Alt-Right Hooligans Were Armed With Guns or Clubs; Trump’s Apology for Fascism Has Triggered Worst Week Yet for Administration; Fall of Current Regime and Collapse of Republican Party Now in Sight; Top CEOs Flee White House Manufacturing Commission as Kelly Fails to Impose Order; Alabama GOP Senate Primary Reflects Civil War Inside Moribund Party

Aug 2017

August 14, 2017

Trump Grudgingly Faults Charlottesville Fascist Rioters Two Days After Brutal Murder of Counter-Protester; Organizers May Face Prosecution Under 1968 Federal Anti-Riot Act aka Rap Brown Law; Don’t Call Them Nationalists When They Are Secessionists; Trump Must Fire Bannon and Gorka, Scurrilous Leaders of Alt-Right Faction in White House; Statue of Confederate General Albert Pike Hiding in Plain Sight in Washington on Federal Land Adjacent to Labor Department and Judiciary Square; 45 Days to National Bankruptcy as Debt Ceiling Countdown Continues and Oval Office Dithers

Aug 2017

August 12, 2017 WCR


North Korean Crisis Catalyzes Long-Overdue Public Awareness of Anti-Missile Defense, Now in Demand After Decades of Neglect; Trump Continues to Trade Puerile Insults With Pyongyang, While Blurting Out Threat of Military Intervention Against Venezuela; Groveling for Putin Over Expelled U.S. Diplomats is Retroactively Explained as “Sarcasm”; Issue of Unfitness for Office Looms Larger: Former Senator Gordon Humphrey Campaigning to Activate Twenty-Fifth Amendment To Protect U.S. From Trump’s Reckless Behavior; Sixteen GOP Senators Side With McConnell Against Trump; Ominous Rumblings in Stock Market; Republican Party Overripe for Extinction

Aug 2017

August 10, 2017

Trump’s “Fire and Fury” Tirade Reportedly Improvised, Showing Reliance on Military Handlers is Hopeless; In 1974, Kissinger and Schlesinger Organized Generals to Ignore Attack Orders From Increasingly Unstable Nixon; Russiagate Escalates: Manafort Raided by FBI in Pre-Dawn No-Knock Operation, Showing Search Warrant Was Issued by Federal Judge Based on Probable Cause of Crime; Trump Campaign and Don Jr. Deliver Documents to Congressional Committees; CNN Poll Shows More Attrition of GOP Base; 47% OF Americans Strongly Oppose Regime; St. Lawrence and the Perseid Meteors of 258 AD

Aug 2017

August 9, 2017

Trump’s “Fire and Fury” Threat to North Korea is Most Dangerous Outburst by U.S. President Since 1945; Presidency Degraded to Same Level as Grotesque North Korean Dictatorship; Channeling Six Year Old Stalin?; Mad Dog Mattis Threatens to End DPRK Regime and Destroy Its People; South Korea Requests Four More THAAD Batteries; Beijing Hypocrites Condemn Seoul For Defensive Measures; Guam Congresswoman Praises THAAD Defense of Island; Robust U.S. Anti-Missile Program Could Push Russia and China To Oust Psychotic Kim With Coup d’État; Alt-Left Reeling As Trump Goes Warmonger

Aug 2017

August 8, 2017

Reports Suggest North Korea Now Has Usable Nuclear Missile Warhead; Trump Must Stop Bluster About Preventive War and Immediately Start Talks With Pyongyang With No Preconditions; U.S. Should Announce Mobilization for Anti-Ballistic Missile Defense Based on Lasers and Other Directed Energy Weapons on Scale of Manhattan Project; Urgently Deploy Ground-Based Midcourse Defense on West and East Coasts, THAAD, Advanced Capability Patriots, and Aegis BMD, While Reviving Airborne Chemical Laser for Yellow Sea and Sea of Japan; Cyber and Secondary Sanctions on DPRK Suppliers May Be Needed

Aug 2017

August 7, 2017

Danger of U.S. Default and World Depression Increases as Regime Retreats into Fantasy World of Overhyped Self-Promotion on Trump TV; Mnuchin Bungles Attempt to Get Debt Ceiling Increase Passed Before Congressional Recess, And OMB Boss Mulvaney Is Suspect; GOP Extremists Seek National Insolvency to Force Killer Cuts in Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid; “Prioritizing” Payments Is Impossible; Trump AWOL, Refusing to Call For Higher Debt Limit; Wall Street Eyes Exits As Bubble Grows; Net Job Creation in Final Six Months of Obama Was 10,000 Jobs Ahead of Trump’s First Semester

Aug 2017

August 6, 2017 WCR


Mueller Reportedly Has Convoked Russiagate Grand Jury in Washington DC, Escalating Probe; Subpoenas for June 2016 Collusion Meeting Thought Imminent; Transcripts of Calls With Foreign Leaders Prove Cynical Nihilism; Weakening in Polls, Trump Poses As Victim, Showing Likely Anti-Impeachment Platform for GOP in 2018 Elections; Senate Leaves Capital, But Will Conduct Pro-Forma Sessions to Block Recess Appointment of New Puppet Attorney General; Nihilist-Nativist Assault On Actual Symbols of American Nationalism, From White House to Statue of Liberty; Emma Lazarus Poem “The New Colossus” Is Fine Petrarchan Sonnet and Likely America’s Most Famous Poem; Will Liberty Bell, Golden Gate, Motherhood, and Apple Pie Be Next Alt-Right Targets?

Aug 2017

August 3, 2017

Trump Grudgingly Signs Russia Sanctions Bill Passed to Block His Path to Total Appeasement; Ted Cruz Opens Long-Overdue Debate on Space-Based Anti-Missile Defense; China’s Xi Launches Jingoistic Tirade as Beijing Test of Anti-Satellite Weapon Fails; Seth Rich Cover Story for Russian Hacking Collapses as Private Investigator Sues Fox News, Implicates Spicer and Trump; Alt-Left Useful Idiots Rush Forward on Command to Defend Paranoid Fable; Legends of the Lunatic Fringe From Vince Foster to Pizzagate; Flake Sees Moribund GOP in “Faustian Bargain” With Oval Office

Aug 2017

August 2, 2017

Trump Gloats Over Dow 22,000, But Stock Market Is Now in Bubble Territory as Perils Multiply: Italian Banking System Almost Blew Up Last Week, and U.S. Shares Have Advanced on Very Narrow Front; Congress Must Pass Debt Ceiling Increase and 2018 Budget in 14 Legislative Days By End of September in Face of Tea Party Sabotage; GOP’s Tax Cut Promises Delayed Into Next Year, So Bonanza Expected By Super-Rich Will Not Materialize, Threatening Panic; P/E Ratios Now Worse Than 2000 Dot Com Crash; GOP Senators Disregarding Trump; Flake Sees “Spasms of Dying Party” as Republican Future

Aug 2017

August 1, 2017

Trump and GOP Congress Must Address Looming Sept. 29 Debt Ceiling Catastrophe; Austerity Ghouls Seek to Extort More Killer Cuts; Democrats Must Demand Obamacare Fix and Rollback of Budget Cuts; Scaramucci Claimed to Have “FBI Digital Fingerprints” to Trap Leakers; Trump Reportedly Dictated Cover-Up Letter Issued by Don Jr. About June 2016 Russian Confab; Current Regime Does Not Understand That Nixon’s Meddling in Watergate Defense Was Cause of His Fall; “Expletive Deleted” Obscenities in Watergate Transcripts Were Key In Breaking Support of Silent Majority

Aug 2017

July 31, 2017

Financier Scaramucci Dumped By White House After Scurrilous Ten-Day Tenure; Ouster Demanded By New Chief of Staff Kelly, An Overrated Political General Who Has Enabled Trump On Moslem Ban, Border Wall, and Mass Deportations; U.S. Must Launch Crash Program For Directed Energy Anti-Missile Defense to Neutralize North Korean ICBMs, Force Hands of DPRK Backers Russia and China; CBS Poll Shows Hard-Core Trump Base Down By 4 Points Or 18%, While Opposition Grows By 6 Points Or 17%, Since Inauguration; Resistance Attains 41%; Data Confirm USA Today Poll Showing 42% For Impeachment