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May 2017

May 30, 2017

Trump’s Outbursts Against Germany Continue; Macron Hosts Putin at Versailles for Frank and Constructive Talks, But Denounces Propaganda Lies of Some Russian Media; Trump’s Lawyer Gets Document Requests From Congress in Russiagate Investigation, But Refuses to Cooperate; Media Surrogate Boris Epshteyn Also Scrutinized; Oregon Double Murder Suspect Is a Nihilist; VA Secretary Shulkin Shreds His Own Reputation In White House Bid to Make 225,000 Vietnam Veterans Choose Between Disability Benefits and Social Security; Ben Carson Thinks Poverty is Purely Subjective

May 2017

May 29, 2017

After Trump Wrecking Ball Antics at NATO Summit and G-7 Meeting, German Chancellor Merkel Says U.S. Is No Longer Reliable Partner, Urges Europe to Provide for Self-Defense Starting From Franco-German Bloc; Post-Brexit UK Also Unreliable, Merkel Finds; Atlantic Alliance Has Provided Longest Peace in Europe in Historical Memory, With U.S. Role Proving Decisive; Drastic Changes Needed in Washington to Contain Damage; Persistent Reports of Coming White House Shakeup and Purge As Russiagate Investigations Close In; Remembering the Union Dead on Memorial Day

May 2017

May 27, 2017 WCR


Kushner Revealed as Alleged Person of Interest in FBI Russiagate Investigation; Said to Have Asked Russian Ambassador To Enable Secret Communications With Kremlin; NSC Chief McMaster Claims He’s Not At All Concerned; Rehabilitated Bannon Setting Up War Room Staffed With “Street Fighters”; Congress Wants To See All Trump Campaign Records Regarding Russia; Presidential Bungler Issues Outrageous Insults to Germany; Another Defeat for the Moslem Ban as Fourth U.S. Circuit in Richmond Rejects Second Executive Order By 11 To 3 Vote; Chief Judge Notes Measure “Drips with Religious Intolerance, Animus, and Discrimination”

May 2017

May 25, 2017

Trump Delivers Diplomatic Affront to 28 NATO Member States by Refusal to Confirm Principle of Mutual Defense; Brussels Speech Consumed Instead by Petty Hectoring About Spending 2% of GDP on Defense, With Wayward Suggestion That Arrears Might Be Demanded; Address Full of Bannonism; Merkel Pointedly Condemns Berlin Wall and Walls in General, Calls for Open Societies, Shared Values, and Solidarity; Pope Francis Saturnine in Private Audience; GOP’s Montana Congressional Candidate Gianforte Cited for Misdemeanor Assault; CBO Finds Trumpcare Would Strip 23 Million of Insurance

May 2017

May 24, 2017

Trump’s Cruel and Stupid Austerity Budget Would Cost Tens of Thousands of American Lives: Medicaid Would Be Cut by 50% for 87 Million Recipients; Food Stamps Slashed 29%; S-CHIP Program for Children’s Health To Decline by 19%; Social Security Disability Insurance to Forfeit $10 Billion Yearly; NIH Medical Research Pared 16%; DOE Help For Public Schools Reduced 13%; All of Trump’s Promises to Preserve Social Safety Net Violated; Goal of Savagery is Obscene Tax Cut for Super-Rich; Measure Would Guarantee Chinese World Domination; Montana GOP Congress Hopeful Beats Up Reporter

May 2017

May 23, 2017

Context for Manchester Bombing: Brexit Enforcer Theresa May’s Tory Party Lost Half Their Lead Over Labour in One Week in “Dementia Tax” Furor Over Her Plan to Loot Assets of Alzheimer’s Victims; Trump Budget Includes $900 Billion Cut in Medicaid, Which Pays for U.S. Nursing Homes; CIA’s Brennan Testifies He Saw “Brazen” Election Meddling by Moscow During Summer 2016, Personally Warned Russian Intelligence Chief to Back Off; Trey Gowdy Still Obfuscating for GOP; Will Shaub’s Office of Government Ethics Be Next Target for White House?; Cummings Demands Subpoena For Flynn Documents

May 2017

May 22, 2017

Trump and Saudis Seek Front of Sunni Arabs Plus Israel For Confrontation With Iran, Syria, and Hezbollah; Does Strategic Partnership With Saudi Dark Ages Monarchy Include U.S. Nuclear Umbrella Over Riyadh, Potentially Embroiling America in War?; Priebus and Bannon Rush Back to Washington, Possibly to Deal With Crisis Around Top-Level White House “Person of Interest” Probed by FBI; Full 2018 Austerity Budget To Mandate $1.7 Trillion in Killer Cuts; Latest: Trump Vainly Sought Public Denials of Russiagate Collusion From New DNI Coats and Admiral Rogers of NSA, Reports Say

May 2017

May 18, 2017

After 118 Days of GOP One-Party Despotism, Mueller Role as Special Prosecutor Is Great Watershed In Restoring Government of Laws; Trump Rails Against Russiagate “Witch Hunt” and Denies Collusion, But His Prospects Look Grim; Wall Street Sells Off, Fearing Tax Cut Bonanza May Never Arrive; White House Reportedly Knew Flynn Was Target of FBI Probe But Gave Him Super-Sensitive NSC Job Anyway; Cynical Nihilism of Ryan Clique On Public Display; Did Flynn Delay Final Defeat of ISIS For Several Months By Preventing Arming of YPG Kurds To Please His Turkish Sponsors?

May 2017

May 17, 2017

Comey Memo Makes Prima Facie Case For Obstruction of Justice by President, Finally Tipping Balance in Favor of Russiagate Special Prosecutor; Former FBI Chief Robert Muller Named by Rosenstein; Nihilists In Panic; Democratic Rep. Al Green of Texas Is First to Propose Impeachment Investigation on House Floor; House Dems Launch Discharge Petition to Force Vote on Russiagate Independent Commission; Putin Still Meddling in U.S. Domestic Politics; Democrats Eye Job Creation Program; Mirror for Magistrates: British King Edward VIII and His Penchant For Strategic Leaking

May 2017

May 16, 2017

Trump’s Position Worsens With Revelation He Impulsively Shared Code Word Intelligence on ISIS With Russian Envoys; His Campaign Had Centered on Careless Handling of State Secrets by Hillary Clinton; Israel Now Said to Be Source of Proprietary Secrets, But Jordan and Other Countries May Have Been Involved; At White House, Erdogan Highlights “Frank” Disagreements About Arming the Kurds and Extraditing Gulen; Between Eleven and Thirteen Investigations of Trump Campaign Now Ongoing; Comey Memo Reportedly States Trump Demanded End to Flynn Probe, Raising Obstruction of Justice

May 2017

May 15, 2017

Trump Reported Close to Large-Scale Purge of White House Staff and Cabinet; Survey of Nixon, Ford, and Carter Years Correlates Such Firings With Ouster of Presidents; Acting U.S. Solicitor General Battered in Arguments on Second Moslem Ban Before Ninth Circuit; Preet Bharara Joins Calls for Special Prosecutor; Macron Inaugurated as President of France, Renews Traditional Franco-German Consultations with Merkel; Recalling Machiavelli’s Thesis That Internal Political Conflict Makes a Nation Stronger; Breaking News: Trump Divulges Top Secret Intelligence to Lavrov and Kislyak

May 2017

May 13, 2017 WCR


Constitutional Crisis Deepens As Neo-Nixonian White House Refuses To Deny Taping Conversations with Comey and Others; End to Daily White House Press Briefings Threatened; Alexandria Grand Jury Joins Senate Intelligence Committee in Issuing Subpoenas for Documents From Flynn and Associates; Comey Backers Say Trump Invited FBI Chief to White House to Extort Pledge of Personal Loyalty; Will Deputy AG Rosenstein Play Bork, or Will He Name Special Prosecutor?; Merci La France: Thanks to French People for Breaking Nihilist Wave; Perils of Taping: Smoking Gun Tape of August 5, 1974 Proving Obstruction of Justice Triggered Nixon’s Resignation Four Days Later; Recalling Lawrence Walsh, the Flushing High School Graduate Who Became a Profile in Non-Partisan Courage in Ike’s DOJ and as Iran-Contra Special Prosecutor (1986-1993)

May 2017

May 11, 2017

Trump Announces He Was Determined to Fire Comey No Matter What; Acting FBI Chief McCabe Testifies To Senate Intelligence Committee Comey Was Highly Regarded by Bureau; Pence, Kushner, and McGahn Now Reported In Inner Circle, With Priebus and Bannon Marginalized; Is FBI Raid on GOP Election Firm in Annapolis Linked to Russiagate?; Three Days After Nixon’s October 1973 Saturday Night Massacre, House Members Had Submitted Twenty-One Impeachment Resolutions; By November 15, House Had Voted $1 Million for Judiciary Committee to Begin Impeachment With 100 Lawyers and Staff

May 2017

May 10, 2017

Firestorm of Condemnation Hits White House Over Comey Firing; Official Explanations Are Absurd Pretexts, While Sabotage of Russiagate Investigation Appears as Main Goal; Context Includes Comey’s Request for More Resources for Expanded Probe, Involvement of Treasury’s Financial Crimes Unit, and Russiagate Federal Grand Jury in Alexandria Virginia; FBI Insiders Enraged By Humiliation of Bureau By Surprise Ouster; Firing Parallels Nixon’s October 1973 Saturday Night Massacre, With Rosenstein Compared To Bork; Need Special Prosecutor in Lawrence Walsh Tradition Now!

May 2017

May 9, 2017

Trump and Sessions Detonate Constitutional Crisis By Firing FBI Director Comey to Cripple Russiagate Probe; After Firings of Sally Yates, Preet Bharara, and Comey, Russiagate Special Prosecutor aka Independent Counsel Must Be Named Now; McMaster and Mattis Push Re-Escalation of Afghan War With Wag the Dog Overtones; What Was Flynn’s “Underlying Conduct,” and What Was the White House Doing During the 18 Days He Was Kept at National Security Council After Yates’ Warning?; As Protests Multiply, Cook Report Sees Signs of Democratic Wave Election in 2018 Ending GOP House Majority

May 2017

May 8, 2017

Crushing Defeat of Le Pen’s Bid For French Presidency Marks Worldwide Turn of the Tide Against Nihilist Forces; Next Priority is Anti-Austerity Majority in National Assembly in June 11-18 Vote; EU Needs $10 Trillion of 0% Long-Term Infrastructure Credit from European Central Bank; Obama Warned Trump 48 Hours After U.S. Vote Not to Make Flynn National Security Advisor; Fired Attorney General Sally Yates Confirms She Told White House on January 26 Flynn was “Compromised”; Flynn Remained in Key Post for 18 Days; Town Hall Backlash Against House GOP Death Panelists Grows

May 2017

May 6, 2017 WCR


In Seismic Political Shift, Twenty House GOP Incumbents Have Their Re-Election Chances Downgraded After Voting For Trumpcare; Democrats’ Chances to Flip House Increasing; Widely Reviled Bill Seen As Job-Killer for Republicans; Pelosi Rejects Medicare for All as Key Plank for 2020 Platform; Comedian Bill Maher Urges Democrats to “Ease Up on Identity Politics”; In French Election, Macron Pulls Further Ahead of Le Pen After Last Debate, 63-37%; Kremlin-Backed Hackers Launch Feeble Attempt to Stampede Voters With Mass of Nondescript Emails From Macron Campaign; French Press Sees Propagation of Macron Leaks by “Fachosphere” of U.S. Alt-Right; Move is Destined to Augment Momentum of Russiagate Probe in Washington on Eve of Sally Yates Senate Testimony on Monday

May 2017

May 4, 2017

Trumpcare Passes House By Just Two Votes, 217-213, as 21 Vulnerable Republicans Run for Cover; Bill Considered DOA in Senate, and May Miss June 15 Budget Reconciliation Deadline; $8 Billion Upton Amendment for Pre-Existing Conditions Exposed as Mere “Pittance”; Congresswoman Gwen Moore of Wisconsin Estimates GOP Bill Could Cost 43,956 Lives Based on Statistics From New England Journal of Medicine; GOP Control of Congress Now in Grave Danger; Comey Won’t Come Clean on FBI’s Pro-Republican Partisanship in 2016 Election; Debate Shows Le Pen Unworthy of French Presidency

May 2017

May 3, 2017

Ryan Drives House GOP Over the Cliff in Support of Trumpcare’s $1 Trillion Tax Cut for the Rich; Leadership Fears Backlash from Voters in Town Meetings; Speaker’s Reckless Folly Could Flip House to Democrats in 2018; Republicans Show They Are Still the Party of Killer Austerity; Comey Senate Testimony Evasive, But Democrats Raise Issue of 2016 Election Role of Compradors Ensnared in Web of Kremlin Patronage; In French Presidential Debate, Macron Says Le Pen Presidency Spells Civil War; Trump Praise of Andrew Jackson Trivializes Slavery as Central Cause of Secessionism

May 2017

May 2, 2017

Trump Shut Out on Border Wall, Deportation Force, Retaliation vs. Sanctuary Cities; Money Provided for Obamacare Subsidies, NIH, Coal Miners’ Health Benefits, and Medicaid in Puerto Rico; Democrats’ Win On FY17 Budget Bill Tantamount To Fall of Government in a Parliamentary System; Trump Threatens Own Goal for September; Upton, Long, and Other Key GOP Congressmen Reject Trumpcare Because It Allows Discrimination on Pre-Existing Conditions; Historians Debate “Most Bizarre Recent 24 Hours” and “Surreal Disarray”; More on Andrew Jackson as Foe of American System

May 2017

May 1, 2017

White House and House Republicans Still Trying to Destroy Obamacare to Loot $1 Trillion to Finance Tax Cuts for Super-Rich; Ryan Fears More GOP Defections After Next Week’s Recess and Town Hall Meetings; Trump Appeasement of China’s Xi Now Combined With Compliments for North Korea’s Kim; In Desperate Last-Minute Maneuver, Le Pen Betrays Promise to Exit Euro; Andrew Jackson Helped Cause Civil War by Blocking Infrastructure and Wrecking Bank of the United States, Stopping Industrial Development in South and Leaving Fanatical Slaveholders With Monopoly on Political Power