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Apr 2017

April 29, 2017 WCR


Trump’s Reckless Quips About “Major, Major Conflict” With North Korea Reek of Wag the Dog Tactics; Are Bizarre Demands for $1 Billion for THAAD and Bilateral Trade Pact Revision Intended to Sabotage US Alliance With South Korea, Appeasing China’s Xi By Pushing Seoul Into Neutrality?; Economic Boycotts By Beijing to Keep South Korea Defenseless Against DPRK Missiles Are Unfriendly Act of Hegemonism; For War Avoidance, Direct Talks with Pyongyang and More ABM Deployments (THAAD, Patriot, Aegis) Must Start At Once; Trumpcare Fails Again in Congress, While Extortion Against Sanctuary Cities is Frozen By Court; After 100 Days, Loss of 7% Support Suggests a One-Term Presidency

Apr 2017

April 27, 2017

China Fakes Cooperation With Don and Threatens South Korea Over Purely Defensive THAAD Anti-Missile Deployment; North Korean Atomic Bomb and Missile Programs Impossible Without Technology Bootlegged Through China; Stenny Hoyer Urges Democrats Not to Save GOP From Government Shutdown Engineered by Tea Party Fanatics if Ryan Keeps Trying to Destroy Obamacare; Lesson is Never Let Oligarchs Attack You According to Their Schedule and Plan; Trump’s Frantic Maneuvers on NAFTA Aimed at Saving Face; Le Pen Bets the Ranch on Low Turnout in French Vote

Apr 2017

April 26, 2017

Federal Judge Freezes Trump Order to De-Fund Sanctuary Cities, Citing Violations of Separation of Powers Plus Fifth and Tenth Amendments; Ruling Calls DOJ Arguments “Schizophrenic”; Mnuchin and Cohn of Goldman Sachs Peddle Voodoo Tax Cut Bonanza for Top 1%, Reducing Corporate Rate from 35% to 15%, Ending Estate Tax and AMT, and Instituting Territorial System That Would Encourage Job Flight; FY17 Spending Stalled by GOP Refusal to Guarantee Obamacare Subsidies as Friday Midnight Deadline for Government Shutdown Nears; Ryan Still Trying to Wreck ACA By Pandering to Tea Party

Apr 2017

April 25, 2017

White House Drops Demand for Border Wall Funding in FY17 as Another Magical Campaign Promise Goes By the Boards; Government Shutdown Still On for Friday Midnight as Democrats Demand Guarantees for Payment of Obamacare Subsidies with No Sabotage, Black Lung Benefits for Miners, Saving Medicaid for Puerto Rico – So Don’t Let Them Cave; Chaffetz of House Oversight Committee Suggests Ex-NSC Boss Flynn Failed to Comply With Law On Payments from Russia and Turkey; Press Must Stop Sugar-Coating Reactionaries as Conservatives and Nihilists as Nationalists

Apr 2017

April 24, 2017

Anti-Immigrant Demagogue Le Pen Barely Reaches Second Round of French Election, Trailing Macron and Edging Out Fillon by Just 1%; French Political Forces Call for Her Defeat to Avoid Civil Strife and International Chaos; Leftist Mélenchon Poaches Her Youth Vote; Russian Intelligence Factions May Attempt to Rescue Le Pen; To Drain Extreme Right Swamp, France Needs €1 Trillion Infrastructure Program for Five Million New Jobs Financed at 0% by European Central Bank; Alternative for Germany Party Congress in Turmoil; Bannon’s Hopes for Europe-Wide Nihilist Wave Dashed

Apr 2017

April 22, 2017 WCR


Lincoln Said One War at a Time, but Trump Foments Confrontation with North Korea, Russia, Syria, and Iran; Predicts Paris Terrorism Will Benefit Le Pen, But Anti-Nihilist Revulsion May Defeat Her; Trump Enrages Democrats with New Bid to Destroy Obamacare and Inflict Tax Cuts for the Rich; 100 Days May End In Government Shutdown on April 28; Congressmen Shell-Shocked by Town Hall Protests Against GOP Misrule; As Forecast, Gorsuch Casts First Supreme Court Vote to Kill Random Inmate Caught in Arkansas Execution Spree

Apr 2017

April 20, 2017

French Presidential Candidate Macron Leads Eleven Rivals on Eve of Sunday’s First-Round Vote, and Is Favored in Second Round May 7; Anti-Foreigner Wheelhorse Marine Le Pen Falling Behind With Demand to Stop All Immigration and Whitewash of Nazi Collaborators’ Crimes; Her Top U.S. Fan Is Bannon; Suspicious Champs-Elysées Shooting Designed to Stoke Islamophobia; Mnuchin Says No Tax Cuts For Rich Before September, Displeasing Wall Street; White House Needs Budget Deal to Keep Government Going After April 28, But Instead Chases New Ryancare Chimera

Apr 2017

April 19, 2017

Bizarre Tale of Aircraft Carrier Steering Away from Korea Despite Bombastic Hype Leaves Trump, Mattis, McMaster and Spicer with Egg on Their Faces; This Plus April 13 Unauthorized CENTCOM Statement Adds Up to Worst Military Chaos Since Rogue B-52 of September 2007; Kelly Tells Congress To Change Immigration Laws or “Shut Up”; Rep. Joe Crowley of Queens Reminds Him Capitol Hill “Is Not Boot Camp”; Strong Showing By Ossoff in Georgia 6 Is Wake-Up Call For GOP Power Monopoly; Is Chaffetz Leaving Congress To Dodge Russiagate Hearings?; Reactionary Camp in Turmoil as Fox News Fires O’Reilly

Apr 2017

April 18, 2017

Ossoff Leads in Early Returns from Georgia 6; If Forced To Second Round, Democrat Must Articulate Program for Economic Recovery and Full Employment, Not Just Anti-Trump; Feinstein Urged by Californians to Fight Harder; Unfinished Business: Democrats Have So Far Proven Incapable of an Autopsy to Account for Hillary’s Defeat in November 2016; Comey and Wikileaks Were Key Wreckers, But Not the Whole Story; How Michael Anton of the Trump White House Misrepresents Machiavelli; A Brief Guide to Watergate-Speak That Will Surely Come in Handy During the Months Ahead

Apr 2017

April 17, 2017

Tax Day Protests Joined by At Least 125,000 in 200 Cities as Spring Protest Season Kicks Off; Time to Demand Wall Street Sales Tax as Answer to U.S. Budget Crisis; Syria Bounce Proving Short-Lived for White House; Will Democrat Ossoff Win Outright in Tuesday Special Election in Georgia?; Erdogan Garners Meager 51% in Turkey Referendum on Authoritarian Regime as OSCE Calls Process Substandard; Anti-Immigrant Marine LePen Losing Momentum Before First Round of French Election Sunday; Lichtman Study on Impeachment Published This Week Puts Spotlight on Russiagate

Apr 2017

April 13, 2017

North Korea May Stage Nuclear Test Saturday, Creating Another Potential Wag The Dog Moment; Assad Rejects White House Allegations of Gas Attack in Syria As “100% Fabricated”; U.S Still Offers No Convincing Proof; Russia Vetoes Anti-Syrian Resolution at United Nations; Are Superpower Tensions Partly a Mutual Deprecation Society That Suits Both Sides?; Nikki Haley’s Histrionics Recall the Debut of Sarah Palin; Republicans Running Scared As Democrat Ossoff Rides Anti-Trump Backlash Towards Next Tuesday’s Vote in Georgia 6; Recalling the Origins of Maundy Thursday

Apr 2017

April 12, 2017

North Korea Threatens U.S. With Nuclear Retaliation as Trump Brags of Approaching “Armada”; Trump Foreign Policy Advisor Was Reportedly Target of FISA Warrant Starting in Summer 2016, Implying Probable Cause; White House Distributes Four Pages of Allegations Against Syria, But Still No Proof, Despite Another Challenge From Putin; With Tillerson in Moscow, Russia Faults “Primitiveness and Loutishness” of Washington Rhetoric, Sees U.S. Syria Policy as a “Mystery”; Danger of Wider War by Miscalculation Grows in Northeast Asia and Middle East

Apr 2017

April 11, 2017

G-7 Foreign Ministers Not Buying Syrian Crisis Hyped By White House: UK-US Plan For More Sanctions Rejected, With Italy, Germany and France Opposed; Impartial OPCW Proof Demanded; Putin Warns of Imminent Chemical Weapons False Flag Provocations Targeting Assad; Bannon Admonished, But Trump Tax Plan in Chaos

Apr 2017

April 10, 2017

U.S. Cruise Missile Attack on Shayrat Air Base Is Cynical Bid to Preserve Terrorist Enclaves in Syria, Prolonging Butchery; Still No Proof Implicating Assad in Gas Attack: Nikki Haley Claims “It’s Classified!”; Moscow Issues Stern Warning on Eve of Tillerson Visit; How Many Cruise Missiles Were Downed by Syrian-Russian Air Defenses?; NSC Boss McMaster Was Right-Hand Man to Neocon Gen. Petraeus During Bush’s 2007 Iraq Surge: Is This Faction Pushing for Ground Invasion?; Polls Downgrade GOP Chances in Special Elections in Kansas 4 Tomorrow and Georgia 6 Next Week

Apr 2017

April 8, 2017 WCR


Seeking to Save Syrian Terrorist Rebellion of ISIS and Nusra from Impending Collapse, White House Embraces False Flag Gas Provocation as Pretext for Attack on Assad; Domestic Policy Defeats and Abysmal 35% Approval Add to Attractions of Classic Wag the Dog Adventurism; Support for “War President” Posturing Could Cause Addiction to Aggression, With Escalation Toward General Nuclear War, Starting with DPRK; Consternation Among MAGA Dupes; Gorsuch Nomination Passes 54-45 Thanks to Nuclear Option; Exactly A Century Ago, Woodrow Wilson Shocked His Dupes By Entering World War I; US Commander Pershing was Favorite General of Wall Street and House of Morgan

Apr 2017

April 6, 2017

In Abortive Flight Forward From Crumbling Domestic Agenda and Russiagate Indictments, Trump Readies Bombing Attack on Syria Using Pretext of Gas Atrocity By al Qaeda-Nusra, Not Assad; Crocodile Tears in Rose Garden; Clash of U.S. and Russian Warplanes Could Escalate Towards World War Three; Severe U.S. Losses Would Trigger Escalation; McConnell’s GOP Rent-A-Mob Subverts Senate Rules; Gorsuch Vote Set for 6pm Friday; Permanent Austerity Dictatorship In Sight with Gorsuch Joining New Gang of Five Majority to Strangle Voting Rights, End Collective Bargaining, Favor Billionaires

Apr 2017

April 5, 2017

Bannon Removed From National Security Council; Trump Rushes to Pin Alleged Syria Gas Attack on Assad Government, Without Proof; At United Nations, Nikki Haley Threatens U.S. Unilateral Aggression Against Damascus in Worst Neocon Style; Tillerson’s Laconic Response to North Korean Missile Launch Holds Similar Threat; Russia Plausibly Argues that Gas Came from Al Qaeda Chemical Weapons Factory Near Idlib Bombed by Syrian Air Force; Sen. Merkley in All-Night Filibuster Against Gorsuch; Cloture Vote and McConnell’s Attempted Nuclear Strike on Senate Rules Likely for Thursday

Apr 2017

April 4, 2017

Senate Now Debating Gorsuch Nomination With 44 Democrats Backing Filibuster; Only Angus King of Maine Still on the Fence; McConnell Threatens Nuclear Option to Cut Off Debate; Gorsuch is Part of Trump’s Plan to “Absolutely Destroy” Federal Regulations; April 6 Marks One Hundredth Anniversary of Tragic and Unpopular U.S. Entry Into World War One; Woodrow Wilson Betrayed His 1916 Re-Election Promise to Keep U.S. Out of War After Ambassador Walter Hines Page Warned Him That UK and France Would Soon Collapse, Bankrupting Their Morgan Creditors; A Useful Reminder of How Candidates Lie

Apr 2017

April 3, 2017

Democratic Filibuster Against Gorsuch Supported By 42 Senators, One More Than Needed to Prevent Cloture; Menendez and King Still Undecided; Judiciary Committee Minority Exposes Gorsuch’s Judicial Activism, Legislating From Bench, Favoritism for Monied Interests, Contempt for Average Americans, and Evasion During Hearings; Whitehouse Reviews Skein of Recent 5-4 High Court Decisions Favoring Wealthy and Powerful; Will Gorsuch Join New “Gang of Five”?; Gorsuch’s Crusade Against Federal Regulation Would Roll Back “Forty Years of Law,” Dismantle “Administrative State”

Apr 2017

April 1, 2017 WCR


Thirty-Six Democratic Senators Now Pledged to Filibuster Gorsuch This Week; Five More Needed to Reach Necessary Minimum of Forty-One; Ten Still Undecided, and Two Supporting Cloture; Time to Call Mitch McConnell’s Bluff on “Nuclear Option”; Pre-Emptive Surrender Not an Option in Face of Permanent Austerity Dictatorship; Former NSC Director Flynn Will Plead Fifth Amendment if Not Granted Immunity; Nunes Was Given Documents by White House Staffers in Juvenile Information-Laundering Stunt; Trump Foolishly Antagonizes House GOP Tea Party Caucus, Who May Soon Hold Key to Impeachment