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Nov 2016

November 29, 2016

Syria, Russia, Iran Determined to Crush Terrorist Rebels In Aleppo Before New U.S. Administration is Inaugurated on January 20; Despite Complaints of Defeatists, There is No Substitute for Victory Over ISIS in Mosul; Congressman Price, Nominee for Secretary of Health and Human Services, Offers Only Austerity, But No Real Solution to Problem of Pre-Existing Conditions; At Height of Adventurist October 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis, Fidel Castro Courted World War III By Urging Soviet Leader Khrushchev to Launch Nuclear First Strike Against U.S.

Nov 2016

November 28, 2016

Syrian Arab Army Has Freed Half of Eastern Aleppo from Terrorist Rebels, Dealing “Biggest Defeat” Since 2012 to al Qaeda/Nusra; ISIS Forces in Mosul Have Lost 20% of Their Total Strength to Advancing Iraqi Army; Recounts are an Accepted, Traditional Part of U.S. Election Procedures; Fidel Castro (1926-2016) was Helped to Power in Cuba By Glowing Coverage in U.S. Media, Plus State Department’s 1958 Arms Embargo and Destabilization Ultimatum Against Batista; Among Castro’s Greatest Achievements was 1960 Land Reform to Break Up Large Estates and Distribute 67-Acre Parcels to 200,000 Poor Peasant Families, Ending Absentee Ownership and Triggering Wrath of Miami Emigrés; Strongman’s Son Fidelito Attended P.S. 20 in Flushing, Queens c. 1957

Nov 2016

November 26, 2016


In Time of Anxiety, Time to Rededicate to Concepts of Scientific Discovery, Progress and Optimism That Are the Basis of the American System; Joint ESA-NASA Space Mission Planned to Knock “Didymoon” Asteroid Farther Away from Earth Orbit; Remembering the “Pineapples” of the Seventh Army Air Force at Pearl Harbor with the Lambert-Polmar Defenseless Thesis that Hawaii Commanders Kimmel and Short Failed to Search, Failed to Defend; Dowding Air Defense System with Filter Room of Type That Won Victory for Royal Air Force in 1940 Battle of Britain Were Ordered, But Not Completed

Nov 2016

November 24, 2016

Wall Street Democrats in Retreat, But Sanders-Warren Wing Needs a Program; Exclusive Emphasis on Multicultural Identity Politics (aka “Political Correctness”) is Preventing Democratic Party from Formulating the Mass Traction, Class-Based, Anti-Austerity Economic Demands Needed to Rebuild a Functioning FDR-Style National Coalition Capable of Winning Elections; Diversity is Indispensable, But Not Sufficient: Black Jobs Matter!; Hillary’s “Stronger Together” Slogan was Vague and Feckless; “Free College” or “$15 Minimum Wage Now” Could Have Won the Election; Two Thirds Decline in U.S. Standard of Living Since 1971 is Root of Many Evils and Must Be Remedied; Free Universal Compulsory Quality Education is An Essential Building Block of the American System

Best Wishes for the Thanksgiving Holiday

Nov 2016

November 23, 2016

Lincoln Founded Our Modern Thanksgiving, and His Courage and Determination during the Crises of Secession and Civil War Should Inspire Us Today; Emoluments Clause of US Constitution Plainly Rules Out Acceptance of Titles of Nobility by Federal Officers, and Also Payments by Foreign Governments to U.S. Officials; Anti-Nepotism Statute Is Comprehensive Prohibition of Hiring Relatives to Serve in All Federal Agencies; Infamy of Japanese Internment Camps During World War II Is Not Due to FDR, but to Wall Street Lawyer John J. McCloy, one of Col. Stimson’s “Imps of Satan” Who Overrode Intelligence Advice to Order Camps in Wake of Pearl Harbor

Nov 2016

November 22, 2016

If Immigration Issue Should Arise at Thanksgiving Table, Bear in Mind: Declaration of Independence Sought to Facilitate “Naturalization of Foreigners” and in the words of Jefferson, Franklin, and Adams “To Encourage Their Migrations Hither”; Lincoln’s December 1864 State of the Union Address Saw Immigrants as one of “ Replenishing Streams” Appointed by Providence to Repair Ravages of the Civil War; Between Nov. 19 Dedication Day at Gettysburg and the Annual Antietam Illumination Dec. 3, Time to Look Beyond Difficult Times to Draw Inspiration from the Dedication and Sacrifice of Those Who Fought to Save the Union

Gettysburg Electric Map Now Back in Operation in Hanover PA Thanks to a Monumental Community Effort

Nov 2016

November 21, 2016

Former French Prime Minister Fillon Leads in First Round of Rightist Primary With Program of 48-Hour Work Week (Up from 35 Now), Late Retirement, Firing 500,000 Government Workers, Higher Taxes, More Prisons; This is Confirmation of Worldwide Tendency of Finance Capital to Ratchet Down Wages and Living Standards; With U.S. in Eclipse, Could Angela Merkel Assume Leadership of the Western World?; Precedents Include Watergate-Era Brandt-Brezhnev Deal of 1973, Schmidt-Giscard Axis of Resistance Against Unpredictable Carter-Brzezinski Duo; British-Chinese Alliance Now a Year Old, Could be Most Formidable Bid for World Power; British Intelligence Hyperactive, Especially in Washington

Nov 2016

November 19, 2016


Iran Nuclear Deal is Key to Peace in Coming Years and Must Be Maintained; Many Trillions in Modern U.S. Infrastructure on WPA/PWA Model Needed Immediately, Paid for by 0% Century Bonds Bought by the Federal Reserve; Financial Deregulation Will Lead to Another Asset Bubble Like 2007-2008; Practical Test for Rapprochement with Russia Remains Creation of Joint Integration Group to Coordinate Russian and US Attacks on ISIS and al Qaeda Terrorists in Syria; “Almost Collision” of Aircraft Shows Urgency of Superpower Cooperation; Memo to Identity Liberals of Democratic Party: Defense of Representative Government Requires Full Employment With 40 Million New Jobs for All Americans; No to GOP Privatization of the Social Safety Net or Government Agencies; Remembering Lincoln, Seward, Tsar Alexander II and the Russian Role in Thanksgiving; Get Briefed Here to be Prepared for Those Arguments Around the Thanksgiving Table!

Nov 2016

November 17, 2016

Will it Be Goldman Sachs All Over Again in Jockeying for Secretary of the Treasury?; Corker, Nikki Haley, Giuliani, and Bolton Reportedly Competing for State Department; Iraqi Forces Find 250 More Victims of ISIS Atrocities in Mosul, Showing Why Aleppo Must Be Liberated Quickly From al Qaeda; The Best Help Obama Can Give Merkel is to Stop the War In Syria, and Let Refugees Go Home; In a Positive Sign, Congressman Tim Ryan of Ohio Challenges Pelosi for Democratic House Minority Leader: Why Not a Public Debate?; Topics for the Thanksgiving Table I: Where Did the Modern Thanksgiving Holiday Come From?

Nov 2016

November 16, 2016

In Trump Transition, Entire Christie Faction, Including Transition Chair, General Counsel, and National Security Expert Mike Rogers Ousted; Needed Rapprochement with Moscow Won’t Work if Russophobes Get Key Posts Here; Time to Commit to U.S.-Russian Bilateral Joint Integration Group to Use Air Power on Terrorists; Medicare and Medicaid Along with Obamacare In Grave Danger from GOP Ideologues, Threatening the Health Care of 150 Million Americans; Even FAA is Now Target for Privatization; The Swamp Strikes Back: Promised Purge of Washington Power Brokers Goes Nowhere as McConnell, Ryan, and Schumer Are Returned to Office; Only Pelosi Might Face Challenge; New DNC Chair Must Project Mass Traction Economic Demands

Nov 2016

November 15, 2016

Austerity Fanatic Paul Ryan Re-Nominated by House GOP to Be Speaker; His Watchword “Be Bold, Go Big” Foreshadows Drastic Cuts in Budget and Entitlement Spending; Bolton Nomination Would Endorse G.W. Bush Foreign Wars and Signal that Rapprochement with Russia is Not Serious; Republican Feeding Frenzy Over Political Patronage Posts; Disarray Heightened as Christie, Mike Rogers, Ben Carson Are No Longer in the Running; Protest Demonstrations Continue, Now Augmented by Strong Backlash Against Bannon Appointment; Trump and Putin Reportedly Agree to Pursue Better Relations-Don’t Let the Syrian Terrorist Rebels Get in the Way!

Nov 2016

November 14, 2016

Will Trump Jettison Syrian Terrorist Rebels, and Cooperate with Russia to End Five Years of Fratricidal War?; Peace in Levant Would Relieve Refugee Crisis in Europe; Jihadis Plan Future as Saudi Mercenaries; Harry Reid’s Comments on President-Elect Are Protected by Speech and Debate Clause, Article I, Section 6 of U.S. Constitution; Gov. Cuomo Proclaims New York a Refuge, Won’t Allow Federal Government to Attack Immigrants in State; Republicans Divided Over Priebus and Bannon Appointments as Anti-GOP Protest Demonstrations Continue; Hillary’s Popular Vote Lead Approaching 2 Million; About 110,000 Votes Among Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin Could Have Flipped These States, Giving Presidency to Democrats

Nov 2016

November 12, 2016


Trump a Minority President with No Clear Mandate and a Ready-Made Opposition; Will He Jettison Unrealistic/Magical GOP Ideology, Including Obamacare Repeal?; Legitimate Policy Goals Include Rapprochement with Russia to End Syrian War and Robust Infrastructure Program Paid for by Wall Street and Federal Reserve, not Working Families or Entitlements; With Hillary Winning Popular Vote, Democratic Defeat is Tactical, Caused Less by Sociological Trends than by Comey-FBI Meddling, $3 Billion in Free TV, Gutting the Voting Rights Act, and Clinton’s Own Neglect of Rust Belt as Described by Rep. Debbie Dingell; Democrats Must Go Beyond Collecting Identity Group Interests to Assert Nationwide Mass Traction Economic Demands to Benefit All the People; Economic Populism Can Beat GOP Cultural Populism; Party Realignment Still Happening as Trump Resembles Carter in Reverse; By Controlling All Branches of Government, GOP is Left Holding the Bag for Popular Rage in 2018 Congressional Races; Heavy Street Fighting in Mosul as Iraqi Army Pushes Back ISIS

Nov 2016

November 10, 2016

The Only Thing We Have to Fear is Fear Itself; As Minority President, Trump Should Pursue Rapprochement with Russia and Massive Job Creation Through Infrastructure Spending; His Biggest Opponents Will Be Ryan and Fellow House GOP Fanatics; Attempt to Launch Mass Deportations, Appoint Special Prosecutor to Jail Hillary, and Abolish Obamacare Would Immediately Isolate New Administration; Unrepresented Majority of American Voters Protests With Robust Demonstrations in a Dozen Cities; Transition Team Member Kris Kobach of Kansas Ominously Promises “One of the Sharpest Transitions,” a 180 Degree Turn for U.S.; Will Trump Appoint Democrats and Republican Rivals to Cabinet, as Other President Have Done?; 100,000 Americans Joined Obamacare on Wednesday, Voting With Their Feet Against GOP Plans to Strip Them of All Medical Coverage – Demand Medicare for All!

Nov 2016

November 9, 2016

Trump Takes Presidency By Small Margin in Electoral College; Hillary Clinton Leads in the Popular Vote; Weak Victory Confers No Mandate; Democrats Gain Two Seats in Senate, Six Seats In House; GOP Will Control All Three Branches of Government, and Will Be Held Solely Accountable; Factors in Republican Survival Include FBI Meddling by Comey and Giuliani, the Gutting of the 1965 Voting Rights Act by Scalia Court, and an Estimated  Billions in Free Cable TV Time for GOP Nominee; Third Party Candidates Gary Johnson and Jill Stein Did Immense Damage to American People

Nov 2016

November 8, 2016

West Coast, Alaska, and Hawaii Voters Should Be Sure to Vote; Good Weather and Higher Turnout Mark Election Day, Favoring Democrats; Fate of Civilization Hangs in the Balance; Main Issue in Campaign is Whether Transition from Sixth or Southern Strategy (1968-2008) Phase to Seventh U.S. Party System Will Be Completed and Consolidated – Or Aborted Into an Authoritarian Regime; GOP Likely to Forfeit Senate Majority and Take Losses in House; $12 Minimum Wage on Ballot in Arizona, Colorado, Maine, Washington; ISIS Reeling in Mosul and Raqqa as Illusion of Caliphate Recedes

Nov 2016

November 7, 2016

For the Sake of Civilization, Vote the Democratic Line from White House to Dogcatcher; Not Just Defeat of Current GOP Candidates, But Structural Shift in Electoral College for Coming Decades At Stake; Latino Voters Asserting Their Rights as Never Before; Senate Likely to Flip to Democrats, But Don’t Give Up on House; Comey and Giuliani Network in FBI Forced to Back Down from Further Meddling in Vote; Democratic Ticket Likely to Win Over 312 Electoral Votes; ISIS Control Over Mosul and Raqqa Doomed, Negating GOP Theory of US Impotence; Beware Cultural Populism That Masks Ryan-McConnell Plans for More Privatizations and Extreme Low Wage Economy; Good Weather Expected in Much of Nation, But Michigan and Ohio Need to Vote Early to Avoid Rain

Nov 2016

November 5, 2016


Iraqi Forces Advancing South of Mosul; Iraq’s Largest Christian Church, Liberated by anti-ISIS Offensive, Resumes Services After Liberation; Successful Offensive Again Exposes GOP’s Anti-American Defeatism; In Turkey, Dictator Erdogan Jails Kurdish Opponents and Press; Will Giuliani Faction of FBI Attempt More Pre-Election Provocations?; Preliminary Estimate: Clinton Will Win With More Than 312 Electoral Votes; Democrats Will Control 50-50 Senate with Tie-Breaking Vote of Vice President Kaine; House GOP Faces Substantial Losses and Possible Split Between Conceders and Non-Conceders; Closing Arguments About Freedom, Economics, and Culture: Article III, First, Fifth, Sixth, and Fourteenth Amendments In Grave Danger;

Vote This Weekend to Get Ahead of Possible Nov. 7-8 Cyber-Meddling and Provocations; Florida Early Voting Continues Through Sunday

Nov 2016

November 3, 2016

“The Fate of the Republic Is In Your Hands” – So Vote! ISIS Honcho el-Baghdadi In Last-Ditch Appeal to His Doomed Forces in Mosul; Hillary Doing Better in Polls Tonight than Obama at this Time in 2012; GOP Mythographers Fabricating Fable About FBI Indictments Against Clinton Foundation People as Means of Keeping Suckers on Board in the Face of Looming Defeat; Closing Arguments Part I: Nine Ways Americans Are Losing Their Freedom to Republican Authoritarian State; Scholastic Magazine Poll of K-12 Students Shows Clinton Winning 57% to 43%, with 439 to 99 votes in Electoral College—Is This the Map of the Future?

Nov 2016

November 2, 2016

Barrage of Anti-Clinton Leaks From FBI Poses Question: Will Americans Allow Secret Police to Choose the Next President?; Obama Rebukes Comey; How Spooks Have Meddled in Elections, From Benghazi 2012 to Comey 2016; GOP House Leader Ryan Has Vowed to Privatize Social Security, Lowering Benefits; Pence Demands Destruction of Obamacare, But Has No Substitute for 23 Million Insured; Hybrid Poll Using Opinion Survey Plus Early Voting Shows Hillary Leading by 8% in Florida Thanks to 28% of Votes from Registered Republicans; Objective Survey Using Gas Price, Family Income, Home Prices While Ignoring Candidates and Personalities Gives Incumbent Party (i.e. Hillary) Victory with 332 Electoral Votes; Your Right to Vote: Use It Or Lose It!

Nov 2016

November 1, 2016

Iraqi Forces Fighting ISIS inside Mosul, Refuting GOP’s Desperate Defeatist Demagogy; “Constitutional Crisis”? GOP is Fomenting Three: Rebellion in FBI, Withering Away of Supreme Court, and Military Backlash Against Illegal Orders; New York Times Splits: One Group Tries to Absolve GOP Nominee of Complicity with Russian Dark Forces, While Another Exposes Trump Tax Maneuvers; Eichenwald, Farenthold, Gabriel Sherman, Barstow et al. Rendering Yeoman Service to U.S. as Muckrakers; CNN’s Critique of Donna Brazile a Grim Joke; Comey’s Halloween Prank Failing, With Limited Impact in Polls; Congratulations to President Michel Aoun of Lebanon, Who Is Uniting Christians and Shiites to Rescue His Long-Suffering Country

Nov 2016

October 31, 2016

Lawless FBI Factions Attempting to Keep Moribund GOP Ticket Alive by Administrative Coup; Media Hysteria vs Hillary Baseless; Weiner’s Computer Kept Hidden From Comey By Underlings for 27 Days; FBI Boss Commented on Emails Sight Unseen; Want to Live in a Country where the Secret Police Picks the President?; Many Papers Call for Comey’s Resignation; Holder, Mukasey, Gonzalez, Thompson and Other Former High Department of Justice Officials From Both Parties Condemn Comey’s Violation of Traditional Guidelines; Obama White House Signals No Support for Feckless and Corrupt FBI Director