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Apr 2021

April 13, 2021 - Tuesday Roundtable

Is social friction around issues like race and gender, as well as class conflict in a crisis-ridden economy simply a product of the struggle for progress, or are these divisive issues being manipulated by America's adversaries? This wide-ranging discussion covers topics ranging from cultural wedge issues, "active measures," universal basic income, and the inherent dignity of productive employment. 

Apr 2021

April 12, 2021

World Tensions Escalate as Serious Cyber-Attack Hits Main Iranian Nuclear Center at Natanz; Tehran Accuses Israel of Aggression; Denials Are Unconvincing; Washington Insists It Had No Role, but US Proximity Talks with Iran on Reviving JCPOA in Vienna May Be Disrupted; 

Blinken Warns Chinese Communists That US is Committed to Defense of Taiwan and Will Assist Ally; Incessant Harassment and Intimidation by Mainland Must Stop!

Faced by Economic Decline and Dwindling Popularity, Putin Masses Russia Troops along Ukraine Border Near Donetsk; Merkel and Macron Must Re-Activate Minsk Process for Peaceful, Negotiated Solution;

White House Insider Tells NYT Biden Team Far Less Influenced by Economic Charlatans of Academe and Their Doctrines than Clinton or Obama; Biden’s New Approach Reflects Prominence of Clear Danger of Extreme Income Inequality, and also Threat from Communist China; Biden Sees Progress of Beijing and Hears Doubts from Allies about Whether US Is Capable of Delivering for Own Citizens; Industrial Policy is Back on the Table; Consensus Is That if Democrats Don’t Help Working People, New Trumps Can Quickly Emerge;

Debate around Party Re-Alignment and Role of Biden Democrats Continues

Reverse Suffered by Union Organizers in the NLRB Election at the Amazon Complex in Bessemer, Alabama Raises Once Again the 1906 Question Posed by the German Sociologist Werner Sombart about Why Class Consciousness Has Remained Relatively Weak in the United States; Reasons Include Decades of Stress on Race and Identity Groups, Not Class Conflict; American Exceptionalism is Wrongly Interpreted as Meaning the Absence of Class Struggle; Obsession with Sectionalism Also Undermines Centrality of Class; Sombart’s Own Explanation about Abundant Roast Beef and Apple Pie Assuring Class Collaboration is Not Applicable and Never Was; Effective Mass Leaders Must Come Equipped with Class-Based Interpretation of Current Situation!

Apr 2021

April 10, 2021- World Crisis Radio

Marking the 156th Anniversary of the Triumph of the Union at Appomattox Court House!

US Must Lead Free World in Comprehensive Boycott of Next February’s Beijing Winter Olympics; Both Pompeo and Blinken Have Condemned Chinese Communist Operations against Uighurs of East Turkestan as Outright Genocide Under International Law, Ending all Business as Usual; Attending Sporting Events in Beijing Would Be a Dangerous Validation of Xi Regime and Sign of Cowardice; Chinese Backing for Murderous Myanmar Junta and other Crimes Confirms This Judgment; Message to Xi Must Be a Warning, Not Appeasement;

McConnell Puts Senate GOP on Collision Course with Their Own Voters by Opposing Increased Taxes on Wealthy Corporations, which Is Supported 65% of US Voters; Trump-Republican Coalition Splinters with Emergence of Biden Republicans; McConnell’s Threats to Large Corporations Show Weakness of His Supply Line; As Biden Put It, How Long Will There Still Be a Republican Party?

Eureka! NYT Columnist David Brooks Discovers Key to Biden’s Powerful Economic Program in His Daring Revival of American System of Political Economy Developed by Alexander Hamilton, Henry Clay, and Abraham Lincoln; System is Based on Dirigism, Not “Free Market” Swindles, and Serving the Public Interest and the General Welfare, not Finance Oligarchy; Components Were a National Bank (NOT a Central Bank), Infrastructure, Public Works, and Internal Improvements Paid for by the Federal Government, and a Protective Tariff to Foster Industrialization and Modernization; Another Columnist Reports that Biden Team Has Concluded that Unless US Moves Away from Weak Government and Market Fetishism, Chinese Could Dominate; This Analysis Has Been Available Here for a Number of Years!

Apr 2021

April 8, 2021

GOP Voter Suppression Frenzy in Georgia and Other States is Integral to Plan for Creeping Coup and Dictatorship after Failure of January 6 Autogolpe; Texas Republican Voter Suppression Bill Advances; But Widening Split Between Big Corporations and GOP Machine over Jim Crow Anti-Voting Laws Can Become a Strategic Assault on All-Important Republican Supply Line of Money from Megadonors to Candidates; If This Supply Line for Demagogues Can Be Disrupted, Extinction Looms for Party;

Chances for US National Survival Increase Markedly with Senate Parliamentarian’s Opinion that Two (2) More Money Bills Can Be Passed Under Simple Majority Formula of Budget Reconciliation in Senate; One is the Infrastructure Bill now Supported by 60% of Voters; The Other Might Be Immigration, Crucial to Having a Sufficient Labor Force to Meet the Chinese Challenge in Coming Decades; Biden Issues Executive Orders for Gun Safety and Fills Top ATF Post for First Time Since Obama Era;

Friday April 9 is 156th Anniversary of Lee’s Surrender to Grant at Appomattox; Recent Study Shows Bad Faith of Lee’s Capitulation Based on His Intent to Restore the Ante Bellum Planter-Centered Social Order, Including the de facto Debt Slavery of Sharecropping and Tenant Farming; Grant’s Greatness Emerges More and More;

Worse than Attending Hitler’s 1936 Olympics: With Death Toll of 570 Civilian Protesters in Xi’s Puppet State of Mynmar So Far, and Continuing Outright Genocide against Uighurs in East Turkestan (aka Sinkiang), Attendance by US and Other Western Nations at Beijing Winter Olympics Starting in February 2022 Is Unthinkable; A Boycott of these Olympics by Free Nations Regardless of Other Factors is Imperative; Beijing’s Impotent Bluster against Boycotts Shows again How Vulnerable Regime Is to Loss of Face;

Apr 2021

April 7, 2021

While Congress Is Still on Easter Recess, Biden Keeps Campaigning for $2.2 Trillion Infrastructure and Recovery; President Challenges GOP to Join Effort or Be Exposed as Party of K-Shaped Recovery;

Biden Touts “Largest Single Investment in American Jobs Since World War II”; Republicans Are Using an Obsolete Concept of Infrastructure: Today’s Infrastructure Includes High-Speed Rail, Water Projects, High-Speed Internet, Clean Water and No More Flints, Home Care Workers for Working Families, Fully Staffed and Modern VA Hospitals, Replacement of All Lead Pipes and Asbestos, and Increased Research and Development Spending;

US Was Leader in R&D for Lithium Batteries, LED Technology, the Internet in General, and the Human Genome Project, and Must Now Lead in Quantum Computing; “Do We Think the Rest of the World is Waiting Around? … Do We Think China is Waiting Around to Invest in this Digital Infrastructure or in Research and Development? I Promise You They Are Not Waiting …” And the Chinese Are Betting that Democracy Will Fail; President is “Sick and Tired of Watching Ordinary People Being Fleeced”;

South Carolina Governor Harvey McMaster, Joined by Lindsey Graham, Claims His State, the Cradle of Secessionism, Has “Constitutional Sovereignty” to Trample on Right to Vote! Sorry Guys, but State Sovereignty Ended at Appomattox Court House in Virginia 156 Years Ago Friday on April 9, 1865, When Lee and His Army Surrendered to Grant; This Verdict was Made Final When the Confederate Army of Tennessee Led by Gen. Joseph E. Johnston Surrendered to Sherman Near Greensboro, North Carolina on April 26, 1865!

Apr 2021

April 6, 2021 - Tuesday Roundtable

Russia and China Reported Running Aggressive anti-US Subversion Operations in Mexico; Biden and Blinken Must Engage Central and Latin American Leaders ASAP;

Biden White House Issues April 6 Clarification that Covid Shots and “Vaccine Passports” Will Not Be Mandated by US Government, Thus Depriving GOP Demagogues of Their Best Scaremongering Issue for 2022;

Communist Chinese Regime Is Seeking to Impose and Administer Worldwide Vaccine Monitoring App Based on the Totalitarian Social Credit System Containing Exhaustive Personal Data; This could be used for US and Worldwide Political Repression; Chinese Methods Involve Intrusive Blockchain Technology and QR Codes; Chinese Approach Amounts to Orwellian Surveillance and Must Be Rejected by International Community; Beijing’s Social Credit Snooping is Unacceptable for World Public Opinion;

Worldwide Social Credit Surveillance Converges with Britain-Chinese Campaign to Replace the US Dollar as Reserve Currency with Funny Money Digital Currency Issued by Central Banks, as Demanded by Carney of Bank of England at Jackson Hole in 2019; The Political Bait Could Be Universal Basic Income rather than JOBS, as in Late Roman Empire!

Apr 2021

April 5, 2021

GOP Senator Roy Blunt of Missouri, a Lame Duck from the McConnell Leadership Clique, Reveals on ABC How the Pluto-Party Intends to Block Biden’s $2.2 Trillion Recovery and Infrastructure Act and Cripple the United States in the Contest with Chinese Communism;

Pretending to Be Concerned about Deficits and Debt, Blunt’s Fake “Bipartisanship” Centers on a Demand to Cut 70% Off the Biden Plan, Leaving at Most a Mutilated Plan to Spend Just Over $600 Billion, Scarcely More than the Yearly Spending in a Routine Highway Bill, Meaning the GOP Would Not Provide a Serious Boost to US Economy in Crisis!

Tax Increases for the Opulent and Predatory Corporations Are of Course Anathema to Mitch-Koch Forces, So Blunt Endorses “Public-Private Partnerships” which Typically Involve Privatization of Taxpayer-Built Public Works and the Imposition of Onerous Tolls; These Methods Have Failed in DC Area with Metro’s Purple Line Collapse and Interstate 270 HOV Lanes with Tolls at Estimated $2 Per Mile in Maryland, Plus Wild Toll Spikes on Highways Around Dulles in Virginia; 

Blunt also Wants User Fees and Higher Gas Taxes, both Brutally Regressive Forms of Taxation that Would Violate Biden’s Pledge of No Tax Hikes for Working People; Federal Highway Trust Fund Is Already Depleted, Thanks to Trump; Blunt also Recommends a National Infrastructure Bank, Possibly Along Lines of the Rohatyn-Lazard Frères Proposal, Allowing Wall Street to Skim Profits; These Measures Are Mostly Regurgitated from Trump’s Fake “Infrastructure Weeks,” Designed for Rent Seekers;

Modern Civilized Consensus is that Roads, Bridges, Subways, and Commuter Rail Are Not Intrinsically Profitable, but Are Indispensable for Other Economic Activity that Is Highly Profitable;

Elder Care and Child Care Are Indeed Infrastructure, as Seen in Example of Two-Income Working Family with Kids and Aged Parents which Needs Assistance with Both to Survive Economically;

Hysteria of Christie on ABC Shows GOP is Betting the Ranch on Voter Suppression; Jersey Ex-Gov Stridently Accuses Biden of Lying About Evil Effects of Georgia Bill; Christie Had Served Trump, Greatest Liar of the Age;

Breaking: Senate Parliamentarian Rules that Democrats Can Pass Two More Funding Bills, Opening Door to Passing $2.2 Trillion Recovery Bill by Simple Majority!

Apr 2021

April 3, 2021 - World Crisis Radio

Chinese Communist Party-WHO Joint Report on Origins of Covid Virus is Crude Beijing-Dictated Whitewash with Key Interviews and Records Denied and Alarming “Lack of Complete, Original Data and Samples”; Study Alleges without Proof that Laboratory Leaks Are “Extremely Unlikely” as Likely Causal Hypothesis; The Tired and Inadequate Story about the “Wet Markets” is Warmed Over and Dished Up Again to Muddy the Waters;

Report is Criticized as Inadequate by 14 Nations, Including US, UK, Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Israel, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, South Korea, and Slovenia, Who Call for a “Transparent and Independent Analysis and Evaluation, Free from Interference and Undue Influence, of the Origins of the Covid-19”; Substantive Issue is That Origins of Pandemic Must Be Known to Enable Effective Measures against Future Outbreaks of Contagion; Even WHO’s Tedros Concedes Investigation Was “Not Extensive Enough” and Will Have to Continue;

Centers for Disease Control Chief in Former Administration Dr. Robert Redfield Tells CNN that China Covered Up the Beginnings of the Pandemic; Redfield, a Leading Virologist, Believes Most Plausible Etiology for Virus is Laboratory Leak in Wuhan;

US State Department Was Aware in 2017 of Problematic Situation in Wuhan Lab; At Least Two Later Cables Suggested Wuhan Military Lab, a Center for Bat Virus Research, Suffered from Lack of Trained Personnel to Provide Sufficient Safeguards against Mishaps; Redfield Stresses that Lab Workers Often Contract Respiratory Diseases They Are Working On;

Former GOP House Speaker Boehner Provides First-Person Account of How the Lunatic Chuckleheads of the Tea Party Sabotaged the Legislative Process in Congress by Seeking to Disrupt, Not to Govern

Apr 2021

April 1, 2021

Popular Reaction to $2.2 Trillion Infrastructure and Recover Bill is Generally Favorable, but Corporate Media Like the Washington Post Go Negative, Headlining that the Initiative “Draws Opposition”! 

Wall Street Minions at New York Times Imagine “Finding Common Ground” is Task of White House; But American People Need Measure Passed, and Do Not Care about Technicalities of GOP’s Parliamentary Cretinism; Likely Solution is Budget Reconciliation to Bypass Saboteurs; 

Globalization Started under Reagan with Enormous Redistribution of Wealth from Workers and Middle Class to Parasitical Finance Oligarchs which has Continued Since; Biden’s Hundred Days Have Already Begun Turning that Looting Process Around;

Not Having Any Convincing Arguments against Biden’s Landmark Recovery Bill, GOP Demagogues Fall Back on Typical Trite Republican Canard that Not Everything in Bill Meets their Moronic-Nominalist Definition of Infrastructure; GOP Does Not Know Latin and Have Never Heard of an Omnibus Bill?; Current Tactic Reveals that Republicans are True Heirs of the Southern Confederacy, whose 1861 “Constitution” Banned Omnibus Legislation, Prescribing that Every Bill “Shall Relate to but One Subject, and that Shall Be Expressed in the Title” (Article 1, Section 9.20); Missouri Slaveholder Sen. Thomas Hart Condemned Omnibus Laws as “An Unmanageable Mass of Incongruous Bills, each an Impediment to the Other.”

Best Wishes for Easter!

Apr 2021

March 31, 2021

Biden Delivers the Most Significant Speech on National Economics and Strategy since FDR’s Garden Hose Speech Launching Lend-Lease Program on December 17, 1940; Today’s Landmark Address in Pittsburgh Is First Half of Once-in-a-Generation Reconstruction Plan; Today’s Measures Amount to $2.2 Trillion over 8 Years Paid for in 15 Years by Taxes on Corporations and Earners Making More than $400,000; Arguments from GOP Saboteurs Are Indistinguishable from those of Foreign Bots; As Biden Notes, Enemies of America Fear Modern Infrastructure in this Country;

Package Includes: $115 Billion for Rebuilding 20,000 Miles of Roads, the Largest Key Bridges, and 10,000 Smaller Spans; $85 Billion for Mass Transit; $80 Billion for Amtrak Renaissance; $174 Billion for Electric Vehicles; $45 Billion to Eliminate All Lead Pipes in US; $45 Billion for Clean Drinking Water; $56 Billion to Modernize Water Systems; $100 Billion to Give All Americans High-Speed Broadband; $100 Billion for Electricity Grid; $16 Billion to Seal Gas and Oil Wells and Mines; $213 Billion for Housing; $100 Billion for Schools (Fed Should Buy the $50 Billion of Bonds Included Here at 0% for 100 Years); $25 Billion to Build or Improve Child Care Facilities; $400 Billion to Care for the Disabled and the Elderly; $30 Billion to Fight Future Pandemics!; 

Funding to Come from Raising Federal Corporate Income Tax from Trump’s 21% to 28%, plus 39.6% of Earnings over $400,000; All Purchases Must Be Made in USA with Union Pay Scales; No Deductions but Penalties for Offshoring and Runaway Shop; Global Minimum Tax of 21% for Overseas Operations; Biden: Build Modern Infrastructure or China will East Your Lunch; Make Wall Street Contribute with 1% Sales Tax on All Financial Transactions!

Breaking: After US Joins 14 Nations in Rejecting the Fake WHO/PRC Covid Origins Report Largely Dictated by China, BBC Correspondent is forced to Flee from Mainland to Taiwan

Mar 2021

March 30, 2021 - Tuesday Roundtable

Five Experienced Activists Critique the Utopian Fantasy Described on the World Economic Forum Website ( ); The World Economic Forum Cannot Be Allowed to Dictate the Future Vision of the United States. In This Episode, the Panelists Propose Bold Reality-Based Improvements to Propel Us to a Brighter Future.

Roosevelt Delivered His First Fireside Chat Eight Days after Taking Office March 12, 1933, Laying Out a Vision for the Future That Inspired the Polity. “You People Must Have Faith; You Must Not Be Stampeded by Rumors or Guesses. Let Us Unite in Banishing Fear.” Now in 2021, Activists’ Duty Is to Steer the Biden Administration Away from the Disastrous Consequences Inherent in Both Trump Fascism and Davos Oligarchy.

Considering the Optimistic Signs of the Economy Reopening, $1.9trillion Stimulus, and New Deal Policies on the Horizon, Why Are Mental Health Issues like Suicide and Anxiety on the Rise? Americans Need Bold FDR-Style Projects to Elevate Them Out of This Depression.

Mar 2021

March 29, 2021

From Bessemer to Pisa to Leipzig: In Powerful Move for International Labor Solidarity Capable of Ending the Dark Age of Globalism, German Trade Union VERDI Starts Four-Day Pre-Easter Strike at Six Amazon Locations in Germany, Demanding Union Recognition and Collective Bargaining Rights; Last Week, Italian Unions Had Staged One-Day Sit-Down Strike in Amazon Facilities There; Today Marks Final Day of Voting in NLRB Election at Bezos Warehouse in Alabama, with Results Expected in Weeks;

Morally Insane US Media Take Lessons from Ted Cruz and other GOP Demagogues on Humanitarian Management of Mexican Border;

Strong Backlash Emerges against Republican Bid to Rob Georgia Citizens of Their Right to Vote; Boycotts of Complicit Companies Becoming More Likely; Press Reports Implicate Reactionary Koch Forces;

Taiwan Container Ship Floated to Open Suez Canal, Thanks to Supermoon Apogee and Powerful Dutch Tug;

Behind the Falsifications of the “Lost Cause,” Overwhelming Evidence of Slavery as Main Reason for Secessionism and Civil War as Shown by Contemporary Documents from Congress, States, and Secessionist Leaders like CSA Vice President Alexander Stephens; 

Breaking: In Possible Criminal RICO Probe of Vote Fraud, Fulton County, Georgia DA Willis Hires Racketeering Expert and other Staff; Issues Include Trump’s Phone Call to Secretary of State; Subpoenas Reported as Imminent

Mar 2021

March 27, 2021 - World Crisis Radio

Support Builds for Amazon Workers in Struggle to Obtain Union Representation in NRLB Election Ending Monday; Sanders, Barber Attend Rallies in Bessemer, Alabama; At Stake is a New Era of Militant Civil Rights Unionism on Ruins of Globalist anti-Worker Policies of Last Three Decades; Contest Pits Six Thousand Largely Black Workers against World’s Most Infamous Finance Predator; Bezos’ Beijing-Style Micromanagement of Workers by Algorithm Destroys Human Dignity and Must Be Stopped; Alliance of Revived Labor Movement with Democratic Party Could Stabilize US Politics for Many Years; Time for Multi-Billionaire Oppressors to Lose One for a Change!

Defeated in January 6 Bid for Dictatorship by Autogolpe, Republicans Fall Back on Gradual Creeping Coup through the Institutions, with Voter Suppression and Vote Fraud as Key Weapons; Georgia GOP Seeks to Cancel XV Amendment to Stop Black Voters; Move Condemned by Biden as Atrocity and Attack on Constitution; Blatant Gestapo Tactics against Black Legislators Likely to Trigger Backlash against Party; Trump’s New Lost Cause Narrative of to Disguise Failed Coup is a Tissue of Lies;

Xi’s Favorite Myanmar Junta Kills Over 100 in Worst Repression Yet of Protests against February Coup; Blinken Condemns Horrifying “Reign of Terror”; PRC Diplomats Keep Lying about Uighurs of East Turkestan; Pentagon Contracts for Mid-Course Defense Signal New Phase of Anti-Ballistic Measures;

Biden to Announce More Specifics of $3 Trillion Infrastructure and Industrial Policy Bill in Pittsburgh on Wednesday; No to Buttigieg’s Gambit of a Regressive “Mileage Tax”;

Best Wishes for Passover!

Mar 2021

March 25, 2021

Democracy, Not Autocracy: Biden Presents Policy of Outclassing China and other Dictatorships with Investments in Modern Infrastructure that Can Improve the Productivity of Labor; Xi Bent on World Domination, but Warned of Intense Competition; No Meddling with Human Rights; Filibuster is Barbarous Relic from Jim Crow South, Needs Reform, and Must Go If GOP Uses it to Foment Chaos; 

Biden Condemns GOP Avalanche of Voter Suppression Laws as Un-American, Sick, and Despicable; He Talks Bi-Partisanship from the Bottom Up, Less with Hill GOP; Will Consult NATO Allies before Further Action on Afghanistan;

Trek to Border Occurs Every Year, but Trump Destroyed Existing System; His Executive Orders Had only Negative Consequences and Have Been Rescinded; US Will Act to Remedy Most Intolerable Situations in Central America; Accommodations for Asylum Kids will Improve, with 1,000 Relocated this Week and 5,000 Beds at Fort Bliss, Texas; Biden Promises 200 Million Shots by 100-Day Mark; 

Press Corps in Crisis in Post-Trump Era, with Posture of Exaggerated Rudeness and Hostility to New Administration, Focusing on Border Issues to Exclusion of All Else; They Cannot Grasp Biden’s Remarks on Politics as the Art of the Possible, and the Need for Timing and Exact Priorities;

Biden Meets with Historians: Reports Say He Wants to Accelerate Ambitious Programs of Mass Traction Economic Reforms, Avoiding the Traps Set by Nihilist GOP During Obama Administration, when Price of Illusory Bipartisanship Was Impossibly High; They Need to Brief President on James Monroe, Who Successfully Liquidated an Existential Threat to US Survival in the Form of the Rotten Federalist Party, a Gang of Plutocrats Open to Treasonous Collaboration with the British during the War of 1812 and the Imposition of Dictatorship; This Was Prelude to Era of Good Feelings;

Breaking: Georgia Enacts Monstrous Neo-Confederate Voter Suppression and Disenfranchisement Law Banning Water and Food Deliveries to Voters Waiting on Line at Polling Places!

Mar 2021

March 24, 2021

National and International Support Grows for Alabama Amazon Workers as Decisive Vote Nears;

“Bessemer is the New Selma”: Rev. William Barber of Poor People’s Campaign Backs Push for Collective Bargaining and Union Representation in Final Phase of NLRB Election Ending Monday, March 29; Calling for Black-White-Hispanic Unity, Moral Mondays Leader Barber Explained: “The Whole Goal of Racism is to Keep the Poor White Masses and the Poor Black Masses Separated. If You Can Figure this Out, You Can Build a Fusion Coalition to Lift Up All Workers….Workers Need a Union and a Contract!”; Local Tradition is Militant, Multi-Racial Civil Rights Unionism;

Workers’ Grievances Include Computer-Driven Speedups, Limited Bathroom Breaks, On the Job Harassment and Gaslighting; Ex-Sen. Doug Jones, Union Reps from AFL-CIO, SEIU, AFT, Flight-Attendants CWA, Offer Support; Enactment of Protect the Right to Organize (PRO) Act Urged, So Call Your Senator; 

In Italy, Transport Unions FILT-CGIL and FIT-CISL Lead 48,000 Amazon Workers in 24-Hour Sit-In Strike at Shipping Warehouses Across Country;

North Korea Starts Firing Short-Range Missiles; Japan Commits to Helping US Defend Taiwan against Attack by Beijing; Biden Pentagon Issues Contracts Worth $7.6 Billion to Build Ballistic Missile Defense Against DPRK and Beyond; Next Generation Interceptor Will Help Provide Mid-Course Defense; 

Biden Hanging Tough against Regressive Carbon Tax or Gasoline Tax in Upcoming Infrastructure Bill, New York Times Complains

Mar 2021

March 23, 2021

After Latest Gun Massacre in Boulder, Biden Calls for Background Checks and Ban on Assault Weapons; Extremist Cruz Leads the GOP Pack in Slandering Any and All Gun Safety Reforms as “Ridiculous Theater”; If Senate Republicans Now Insist on Carrying Out Their Usual Despicable Routine, Will This Finally Convince All Concerned that “Bipartisanship” is an Impossible Chimera?; Priority Must Be to Pass $3 Trillion Public Works Recovery Bill by Budget Reconciliation, While Ending the Filibuster and Enabling Gun Safety Legislation in the Process;

Eyes of World on Monday’s NLRB Election at Amazon Shipping Center in Bessemer, Alabama Where Jeff Bezos, the World’s Richest Man, Treats His Employees Like Serfs in One of Worst Union-Busting States; Union Organizers Seeking to Win Over Last Undecided Workers; 

Biden Should Put Jerome Powell on Warning that Federal Reserve will Be Called on to Help Finance $3 Trillion Infrastructure and Modernization Bill, Even if GOP Senate Blocks It; FDR Did This in 1940 When Fascist Threat Came from Abroad; Today’s Fascist Threat Comes from Within, Feeding Off Poverty and Despair;

Chinese Government Stunned by First-Time Coordinated Sanctions by EU, Five Eyes, and US: This Was Something Trump was Somehow Never Able to Do

In Fourth Israeli Election in Two Years, Fragmentation of Splinter Parties Increases, Leaving Formation of Next Government Uncertain; Netanyahyu’s Likud Party Leads with About Half of Necessary Majority, Just Two Weeks before He Enters the Next Phase of his Ongoing Corruption Trial; Jury Still Out on Worldwide Left Turn Signaled by Biden Win

Mar 2021

March 22, 2021

Biden Administration Reportedly Preparing Next Step in Hundred Days in Form of Some $3 Trillion for Recovery Plan Including Infrastructure, Energy, Advanced Manufacturing, and Human Capital; 1 Million Housing Units, Rural Broadband, Free Community College, Universal Pre-K, Better Child Care and Permanently Expanded Child Tax Credit; Measure to Be Paid for by Raising Corporate Income Tax from 21% to 28% and Hiking Income Tax over for Income Over $400,000; Former PA Governor Rendell Sees Best Infrastructure Bill Since Eisenhower Built the Interstate Highway System;

Mitch McConnell Warns of “Trojan Horse” To Implement Tax Increases for His Donors; Biden Must Hang Tough against GOP Sabotage; Key Points Are Taxing Wall Street Speculators and Forcing the Federal Reserve to Provide 0% Long-Term Financing;

An Historical Pivot Point for the US Labor Movement Just a Week Away: Amazon Warehouse Workers in Bessemer, Alabama Are Voting on Unionizing Their Workplace with RWDSU, with Result Due on Monday, March 29; Implications for 1.2 Million Amazon Employees: Warehouse Workers in Baltimore, New Orleans, Portland, Denver, and Southern California Eye Organizing Drives; Mood Enhanced by Biden’s Backing of Right to Unionize; Teamsters Plan to Organize Underpaid Delivery Drivers; Construction Unions May Organize Amazon Building Sites; Time to End a Quarter Century of Union Busting by Megabillionaire Bezos; A Whiff of Strike Wave in the Spring Air!

Sanctions from US, UK, European Union, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand Slam Beijing’s Attack on Uyghurs in Chinese Turkestan; Blinken Condemns “Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity in Xinjiang” by PRC

Mar 2021

March 20, 2021 - World Crisis Radio

Diplomatic Clashes with Russia and China Confirm Reality of Three-Block World with US and Allies Arrayed on Defensive against Totalitarian Aggressors; Increased Belligerence of Moscow and Beijing Suggests Domestic Disaffection After Regime Failures and Crackdowns on Opposition; US Alliance System Emerges as Decisive Asset, in Sharp Contrast to Trump’s Unilateral Rage and Greed; Biden Shows that Appeasement Is Over; Austin Hints US Edge Eroded by Futile Neocon Wars in Middle East

Democrats Must Act Immediately to Disrupt GOP’s Creeping Coup Apparatus Before It Can Consolidate for 2022 Takeover of Congress; Filibuster Must Be Abolished; No More Republican Purges of Voter Rolls and Other Vote Fraud Tactics; Vigilance on Loyalty in Military; House Opens Door to Citizenship for Dreamers by 228-197 vote;

Myanmar Generals Show World the Grim Future that Awaits Beijing Satellites with Over 200 Killed in Anti-Coup Protests and Pervasive Use of Huawei’s Facial Recognition Technology

Michael Cohen Completes Eighth Session with Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, Expects More Visits, Says Charges May Be Imminent in Trump Organization Case;

Tax Wall Street Party Condemns Upsurge in Racist and Xenophobic Violence.

Mar 2021

March 18, 2021

Frank and Heated Exchange Between Chinese and US Foreign Ministers at Anchorage Conference; Beijing Reps Reject Criticism of Their Policies towards Hong Kong, Tibet, East Turkestan, South China Sea and Taiwan as Meddling in Their Internal Affairs; Blinken Says these Policies are Threats to International Peace and Security; Pledges to Get Tough on Communist Party Abuses; Talks to Continue into Friday;

Putin Obviously Relishes Chance for Public Quarrel with Biden, Suggesting Serious Concerns in Kremlin about Declining Popular Support for Regime in the Wake of Pension Cuts and Sinking Standard of Living; Biden Warns of Another Round of Sanctions by Washington;

Trump’s Tariff-Based Challenge to PRC Has Failed, Requiring a New Approach Based on Rebuilding Supply Chains Beyond Reach of Made in China 2025; Key Areas Include Pharmaceuticals, 5G Telecommunications, and Rare Earths Needed for Advanced Electronics; Instead of Follies of Free Market, Imperative Now is Industrial Policy to Promote Production for Strategic Need; Australia Bids to Replace Beijing’s Rare Earths, Breaking Attempted Monopoly;

From Tarpley’s Library: 1937 Historical Novel Recounts the Moral Impact of $1 Billion in Profits on a Detroit Inventor and His Neighbors; The Industrialist Goes from Pacifism in August 1914 to Anti-Semitism, Union Busting, and Nazi Sympathies Two Decades Later; His Neighbor Goes to Work in His Auto Plant and His Son is Mercilessly Beaten by Factory Goons

Mar 2021

March 17, 2021

After Defeat of January 6 Attempted Autogolpe, GOP Regroups around Plan for Cold Coup or Creeping Coup Designed to Establish Dictatorship in Two Years; Scenario Includes Subversion of Military Units as Suggested by Army Memo Supplying Reasons to Refuse National Guard Defense of US Capitol; Republican Assault on Voting Rights Shows Intent to Seize Congress through Voter Suppression; Senate Filibuster Can Sabotage Biden’s Measures to Pacify Domestic Privations and Conflicts: GOP Attorneys General Start Legal Challenge to Rescue Plan over Ban on Using Federal Money to Fund Tax Cuts for GOP Parasites;

US Hits More Chinese Functionaries with Sanctions on Eve of Yang-Blinken Foreign Ministers’ Meeting in Alaska;

DNI Avril Haines Reports that Kremlin Peddled Slanders against Biden through Politicians and Media to Help Trump in 2020 Election; Biden Repeats that Sanctions Loom Next Week in Solar Winds Hack Attack;

Breaking: Biden Accepts That Putin is “Killer” with “No Soul,” Signaling End of Four Years of Groveling Appeasement under Trump; Russian Ambassador to Washington Recalled in a Huff;

Best Wishes to All for St. Patrick’s Day!

Mar 2021

March 16, 2021

Daniela Walls Hosts a One-on-One Conversation with Portland Youth Rachael Nahshon; Feeling That Biden Was Chosen to Perpetuate Neoliberalism, Nahshon Says Biden Could Redeem Democratic Party as a Whole if He Delivers Even One Big Ticket Life-Changing Reform; The Self-Described “Bernie Bro”  is Disaffected by Neoliberal Austerity Era, Imperialism, Lack of Influential Government Spending and Increased Privatization;

The Neoliberal Era Extends into a Workspace Lacking Purposeful and Meaningful Jobs; Youth Workforce Exploited Despite Higher Wages and Insurance Benefits; Another Dire Consequence of the Neoliberal Era is the Silicon Valley PR Machine Belittling Bachelor Degrees in the Humanities; 

Politicians Having Traversed the Neoliberal Era Are Viewed Skeptically Unless They Enact Life-Changing Actions Immediately; Without Radical Change, Left-Leaning Youth May Be Forever Unmotivated to Return to Voting; Rather Than Crumbs, a Few Life-Changing New Deal Policies Will Have a Bigger Impact on Youth Morale;

9/11 a Pivotal Moment of Disillusionment with the Neoliberal Era;

Why Did So Many Young Leftists Pursue “Socialism” in Response to the Grinding Forces of Austerity, Globalization and Our “Gig Economy”, Rather Than Revisiting the New Deal? How Do the “Bernie Bros” Contrast Today with the Biden Administration’s Goals and Priorities, and Is There Room for Accommodation, or Has Demoralization Taken Hold of Young Leftists in the Wake of the Trump Era?

Topics Discussed Include:

$15 Minimum Wage

Abolishing Student Loan Debt in Order to Start a Life

Public Works Most Wanted by the Next Generation

Affordable Healthcare

Private Prison Reform

Government's Investment in Technocracy

Free State College...

Mar 2021

March 15, 2021

Recovery May Really Be Just Around the Corner: National Mood in Flux as Rescue Plan Kicks In; Faced with the Reality of Serious Cash Arriving in the Hands of Their Immiserated Voters Against the Will of the Party, the Hooverized GOP Falls Back on an Insipid Broth of Wedge Issues and Trivia; They Will Also Block Immigration Reform at Any Cost, Playing into the Hands of the Chinese Communists; GOP Threatened by a Midterm Vote on the 1934 Model, When FDR Democrats Rode the New Deal Successes of the Hundred Days to Expanded Majorities, Gaining 7 Seats in Both House and Senate;

Goodbye, Horatio Alger: New Research by Rank and Eppard Shows that Upward Socioeconomic Mobility, a Vital Ingredient of the American Dream, Has Collapsed: Virtually All European Countries, including Even Britain, are Greater Lands of Opportunity that US under the Wall Street Yoke; In Denmark, Chances of Rising from Lowest 20% to Top 20% Are Almost Twice as High than in US, by 15% to 8% Margin; In US, Top 5% Hold 75% of Assets, while Lowest 60% Own Just 1% of Wealth; Life Expectancy in US Varies by Plus or Minus 20 Years, Depending on Zip Code; So Who Dares Argue that Rescue Act is Excessive?

From The Library: A Late Renaissance Treatise Rooted in Observation of the Roman Republic with Lessons for Political Science in the Early Modern State, Complete with Separation of Powers, Checks and Balances, and a Class Analysis Distinguishing Feudal Aristocrats, Patricians, Urban Middle Class, Plebeians, and Peasantry that is More Accurate than Marx; Class Consciousness is Indispensable for Effective Politics;

Putin Acts Out His Vitriol Towards the West with His Wisecrack that the January 6 Hooligan Attack on the US Capitol was “a Stroll”!

Mar 2021

March 13, 2021 - World Crisis Radio

First Rescue Checks Already Arriving In Hands of Beleaguered Taxpayers, Marking Historic Paradigm Shift Wrought by American Rescue Plan in US Government Methods of Dealing with Economic Crisis: No More Trickle Down, Over-Financialized, Laissez-Faire, pro-Wall Street, Monetarist, Rescue Bills; Demand Now is for Meaningful Direct Cash Payments to those who Need Them, with Built-In Safeguards against Poaching by Wealthy Parasites; The Ideological Hegemony of this New Deal Approach Must Be Consolidated; 

Reagan Refused to Admit there was Poverty in US, but Biden Has Launched the Biggest anti-Poverty Program Since Nixon Destroyed LBJ’s War on Poverty; Democrats Mark New Law with Rose Garden Reception at Mid-Point in Biden’s Hundred Days; By Contrast, Trump’s First Big Reception was Macabre Celebration of 1-Vote House Approval under Budget Reconciliation of Repeal Bill to Kill Obamacare on May 4, 2017 – the Last of Don’s Hundred Days; In the GOP Tax Scam of December 2017, Speaker Ryan Bragged that the Miniscule $1.50 Average Benefit to Working Taxpayers would Buy an Order of Small Fries, a Hotdog at Costco, or a Costco Yearly Membership Fee; Biden Bill Offers a 20% Increase in Income for Lowest 20% of Wage Earners, or $5,600 for Family of Four;

Republicans are the Opposite of a Party for Working People: Real Wages Stagnated from 2017 to 2020, while Real Fringe Benefits Fell by $.15 per Hour and Total Real Compensation Decreased by $1.61 per Hour, a Wretched Outcome for the Self-Styled Blue Collar President;

Biden Calls on Traditional Pacific Allies with Re-Activation of Quadrilateral Security Dialogue or Quad, Supported by US Plus Suga of Japan, Modi of India, and Morrison of Australia; Promising Start Shows Sinister Folly of Trump’s America Alone Anti-Diplomacy;

In Brazil, Lula da Silva Defeats Judicial Frameup and Returns to Lead Mass Opposition against “Moronic” Policies of Failed Demagogue Bolsonaro; 

Chinese Communists Continue Demolition of Hong Kong Democracy and Threat to Taiwan!

Mar 2021

March 11, 2021

Biden Signs $1.9 Trillion American Rescue Act into Law; First Direct Deposits Could Start Arriving by This Weekend, White House Says; Lowest 20% of Wage Earners Could See 20% Increase in Family Income; $5,600 Provided for Family of Four; In TV Address, President Promises Vaccines Available to All Adults by May 1, Hopes for Normalcy by July 4; “I Need You to Help Beat the Virus”; 77% of Nation Say Worst is Behind Us, Up 20% Since Inauguration; New Law Represents Biggest Anti-Poverty Program Since LBJ;

New York Times Forced to Acknowledge Collapse of Supremacy of Central Banks over Elected Governments, a Key Ideological Tenet of Globalization: Politicians Now Favor Cash Payments to Individuals, Seen as Far More Effective and Politically Popular than Federal Reserve “Tinkering”; Criticism of Obama for Letting “Pointy-Headed Technocrats Help by Obscure Interventions in Financial Markets” including Quantitative Easing to Buy Toxic Derivatives to Inject Cash in the Overall Economy; 

But Public Interest Demands that the Fed Provide $5 Trillion in 0% Multi-Decade Credit Stimulus to Finance Ambitious Capital Investment in Public Works and Infrastructure;

With almost 50 Hong Kong Legislators on Trial in Communist Kangaroo Court, Beijing National People’s Congress Violates Treaty with UK by Ending Any Semblance of Democracy in Hong Kong: 1,500 of Xi’s Retainers Will Appoint One Third of Hong Kong Legislature and Chief Executive; Remaining Two Thirds Will Be Screened to Exclude all but “Patriots”;

Life in a Beijing Puppet State: Mynmar Generals Slay 11 Protesters with Live Fire Today, Total of 70 since Burmese Coup

Mar 2021

March 10, 2021

In Historic Victory for America’s Working Families Just 50 Days into New Administration, House Approves Biden’s $1.9 Trillion American Rescue Act by 220-211 Vote; Once Again, not a Single Republican Vote for Public Health and Economic Recovery; Latest Poll Shows 75% Support for this Bill, including 60% of Republicans, with Only 18% Opposed, Leaving GOP Once Again on Wrong Side of History; Top Democrats Plan National Road Tours to Make the Case for Measure; 

GOP’s Chances for 2022 or 2024 Comeback Suffer Major Setback; Reactionaries Talk Dr. Seuss and Mr. Potato Head, not Urgent Needs of Impoverished Voters; Omnibus Measure is Practical Equivalent of Many of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Fifteen Major Bills of the First Hundred Days; Next May Come Multi-Trillion Jobs and Infrastructure Program, or else Schumer’s Plan for US Investments in Industrial Policy, Semiconductor Production, 5G without Huawei, Rebuilding Reliable Supply Chains, and other Ways to Defeat Made in China 2025, Beijing’s Recipe for World Domination;

Biden’s Use of Defense Production Act Allows Vast Acceleration of Public Health Measures, soon to Include Other Nations; Economic Globalization and GOP Free Market, Anti-Government Ideology are in Rapid Decline;

Judge Merrick Garland Confirmed for Attorney General in Senate by 70-30 Vote, with even Mitch Assenting; 

From Tarpley’s Library: In Studies of Character Types, Three Recent Categories Stand Out: The Tradition-Directed, Typically Rural Farmers who Follow the Agricultural Year; The Inner-Directed, Strong Personalities who Possess an Inner Gyroscope of Morality and Duty Inculcated by Parents and Educators, which Can Resist Negative Peer Opinion; and the Other Directed, Weaker Personalities Who are Equipped with Sensors to Obey Shifting Signals from Shifting Peer Groups; This Last Group Has Grown in Post-1945 America!

Mar 2021

March 9, 2021

Turn of the Tide is At Hand in Battle against Economic and Public Health Emergencies: Final Approval and Signing of $1.9 Trillion Rescue Bill Expected on Thursday; Stimulus Checks to Begin within Days; Economic Recovery Within Reach by Mid-Year;

Crisis of British Monarchy Could End the Position of Prince Charles as Leading Patron of World Climate Fanatic Movement and Sponsor of Crackpot Malthusian Theories; As Charles is Increasingly Discredited, Proponents of Climate Apocalypse Will be Weakened; The Inherent Paganism or Pantheism of Charles’ “I Talk to My Plants” Interview Endangers His Hypothetical Role as King in Heading Up the Church of England and Spiritual Leader of the World’s 85 Million Anglicans and Episcopalians;

From the Tarpley Library: Strong Residues of Self-Destructive Confederate Ideology in Current Anti-Regulation and Anti-Authoritarian Ideology; Confederacy Saw Itself as Based on Exacerbated Individualism, in which Observing any Routine Rules or Guidelines Meant that All Freedom was Instantly Gone; The Union, by Contrast, Developed an Effective Military Machine Staffed by Specialists, a Process Lee Could not Comprehend; Confederacy Succumbed in Large Part to Phobia against Organization; No Social Pressure to Help the War Effort with Manufacturing; To the Contrary: Manufacturers were Ostracized by Polite Society;

The departure of Sen. Blunt of Missouri Adds Up to Five GOP Senators Quitting in 2022, 10% of Mitch’s Caucus;

Breaking: Trump Wants All Money Raised among Republicans to Flow into His Own Pockets; He Wants to be Paid for All Use of His Image and Likeness, Thus Imposing an Onerous Tax on the Campaigns of Future GOP Candidates!

Mar 2021

March 8, 2021

Oprah Interview with Harry and Meghan Sussex Opens Biggest Crisis of British Monarchy since Forced Abdication of Hitler Appeaser King Edward VIII in December 1936; Institutional Racism and Stigma of Mental Health Problems On Grotesque Display Among Royals and Palace Courtiers; Biggest Loser in Revelations is Heir Apparent Prince Charles, Who Emerges as Denying His Son Emotional Solidarity Amidst Fear that Meghan Would Share Fate of Diana; Charles is One of World’s Leading Malthusian Austerity Fanatics, an Inspiration of the Al Gore Ideology, and a Leading Sponsor of the Great Reset; His Sinister Role May Help Millions to See the Destructive Character of Climate Demagogy;

American Rescue Plan Goes Back to House Tuesday, and Should Be Passed by Mid-Week; Sanders Sees Most Significant Legislation in Favor of Working People in Recent Decades; Crush the Pandemic to Get Schools and Businesses Back to Normal; Child Poverty to Fall by 50% after Years of Republicans Who Argued that Poverty was Non-Existent; 

$15 Minimum Wage Will Follow; Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Hundred Days Passed 15 Major Bills, but this Omnibus Bill is Worth at Least Half a Dozen;

More from Tarpley’s Library: Dante; 

Best Wishes for International Women’s Day

Mar 2021

March 6, 2021 - World Crisis Radio

First Landmark Legislative Success of Biden’s One Hundred Days!

In Decisive Defeat for Republican Sabotage Strategy, Senate Passes American Rescue Act by 50-49 Vote, with Sullivan of Alaska not Voting; Not One GOP Vote for America’s Welfare and Progress; Way Now Clear to Defeat Pandemic and Restore Economic Activity; Schumer Delivers all Democratic Factions, from Bernie to Manchin;

Compromise Yields $300 per Week Extra Jobless Benefit for Six Months Through September 6; Provides $1,400 per Taxpayer up to $75,000 in Income and $2,800 for Married Filing Jointly Up to $150,000; First $10,200 of Jobless Benefits Made Tax-Free; 100% Subsidy of COBRA Health Insurance Premiums for Displaced Workers Through September 30;

$350 Billion for State and Local Governments to Provide Police, Fire, Health, and Other Services; $130 Billion for K-12 Schools, Including Hiring Nurses and Other Personnel; $40 Billion for Colleges and Universities, Including Food, Housing, and Computer Equipment for Needy Students; 

$14 Billion for Airlines and $8 Billion for Anti-Virus Measures in Airports; Future Student Loan Forgiveness Made Tax-Free; $10 Billion for Rural Broad-Band Internet; $8.5 for Rural Hospitals; 

$25 Billion for Restaurants and Bars; $7.25 Billion for Paycheck Protection Program; Eviction and Foreclosure Freeze Extended through September where Federal Financing is Involved; 

$46 Billion for Covid Testing, $14 Billion for Vaccine Distribution and Immunization, with Community Centers and Mobile Units; Financial Assistance to Subsidize Obamacare Premiums; Money to Induce a Dozen Red States to Join ACA Medicare Expansion;

Increases Child Tax Credit from $2,000 to a Fully Refundable $3,600, Helping to Cut Childhood Poverty by S0me 50%; $30 Billion for Rent and Utilities to Low-Income Households; Door Opened for Paid Leave; Unfinished Business Includes Urgently Needed $15 Minimum Wage, Rejected by 8 Dems;

Measure Now Goes Back to House for Final Approval Slated for Tuesday, then to Biden; Time for House Ultra-Lefts to Show Great Realism and not Make the Perfect the Enemy of the Good!

Mar 2021

March 4, 2021

As Senate Debate Begins, Republicans Using Bankrupt Obstructionism to Slow Passage of Biden’s $1.9 Trillion Pandemic Rescue Bill; Deranged Sen. Johnson Insists on Overnight 10-Hour Reading Aloud of 628-Page Bill; 

Threats to Force Reading of All Amendments will Prolong the Agony of Voterama; But Time is Running out for Those Who Need $1400 per Taxpayer, $400 Per Paycheck Jobless Supplement, and Freeze on Evictions and Foreclosures from Federally Financed Housing; Will All These Be Amused by GOP’s Antics?; Note to Republicans: Humanity Cannot Live on Wedge Issues and Culture Wars Alone!

David Schor Rightly Warns That If White Leftists in Democratic Party Insist on Appealing to Latino and Black Voters Based Strictly on Identity Group Profiles, This Is Likely to Be Much Less Effective than Broad Economic Demands and Public Investment; 

If Democrats Throw Cuomo under the Bus, They Will Be Weaker in 2022 and 2024; Time to Put Defeating Republicans at the Center of Strategy; Voters May Be Looking a Tough Guy Who Can Deal with Trump or Other GOP Thugs; 

Tarpley’s Library Continues into the Dante Year with The Divine Comedy, the First Modern Masterpiece of World Literature; Issues Include Choice of a Translation or Original Text Edition, Accessing the Princeton and Digital Dante (Columbia) Websites; Usefulness of the Grandgent-Singleton Annotated Edition; Dante Was a Political Leader Who Fought for Reform of Italy Under Emperor Henry VII of the Holy Roman Empire and Died in Exile from His Native Florence 700 Years Ago This Year

Mar 2021

March 3, 2021

$1.9 Trillion Rescue Bill Reaches Senate, Where It Must Be Approved by Congress over Next Ten Days; Moscow Mitch Raves That Any Cut is a Good Cut; Welfare of American People Threatened by GOP Sabotage, but Schumer Seems to Have the Votes;

Gen. William Walker of DC National Guard Testifies to Congress that Quick Reaction Force was Removed from His Control by Army Secretary on January 5; Gen. Walker Joined Capitol Police Chief Sund to Request Reinforcements from Defense Department, but Help Was Withheld from 1:49pm to 5:08pm; This Outrageous Three-Hour Delay Must Be Investigated in the Pentagon of Miller, Kash Patel, Cohen-Watnick, Sec. of Army McCarthy, Gen. Piatt, and Gen. Charles Flynn; Some Said They Did not Like the Optics of Troops at Capitol, and Demanded a Strategic Concept for Straightforward Mission;

Nuclear Power Making a Comeback as Biden Administration Readies an Estimated $3 Trillion Infrastructure Bill; Kerry and Gates Talk Mini-Reactors; But To Compete with China and Russia, US Must Have Full-Sized, Ultra-Modern Reactors to Replace Aging Pre-1980 Equipment; The Irrelevance of Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, and Fukushima;

Tarpley’s Library Debuts with William L. Shirer’s Rise and Fall of the Third Reich (1960) and Daniel Guerin’s Fascism and Big Business (1939, 1965); Reading These Studies Offers Dozens of Points of Comparison with Recent US Experience

Mar 2021

March 2, 2021

Wall Street’s Corporate Media Mobilize to Oust New York Governor Cuomo after He Is Accused of Misbehavior; But Due Process Must Be Maintained; Goal May Be to Eliminate Cuomo as Contender for 2024 Democratic Presidential Nomination Widely Perceived as Tough Enough to Duke it Out with GOP Bullies; Seven State Legislators Want Him to Resign, Mostly Representing the Democratic Socialists; Wiser Democrats Hesitate to Attack Cuomo, Remembering How Sen. Gillibrand Antagonized the Party Base When She Was the First Senator to Call on Al Franken to Resign, Ending Her Hopes for the Presidency; “Don’t Franken Cuomo” Proliferates on Twitter; Time to End Fratricide of Democratic Party Leaders; 

On Today’s Class War Battlefield, Offices Like Governor of New York Are Valuable Positions For Fighting Back against GOP Insurrectionists;

US and EU Each Slam Russian Officials in Navalny Poisoning; Presence of Novichok Confirmed by France, Germany, Sweden, and UN Anti-Chemical Warfare Agency; Response of Hacking, Election Meddling, and Terrorist Bounties Still to Come;

Having a Plan is One Thing, but Carrying it Out is Another-Ask von Moltke the Younger; Biden’s First 100 Days Plan Is A Good One, So Stick To It!

Mar 2021

March 1, 2021

Report Shows Role of Chinese Communist Cyberwarfare in Attacks on Electricity Grid of India; People’s Liberation Army “Red Echo” Unit Allegedly Introduced Malware Code at Multiple Points; A Few of these Codes Thought to Have Triggered October 2020 Blackout in Mumbai Metropolitan Area; Blackout Came in Context of Chinese Aggression in Himalayas; Key Problem is Indian Reliance on Dubious Chinese Technology like Huawei; Biden Seen Pushing PLA Stocks out of US Stock Markets; We Chat and Confucius Institute Cases Still Pending; Sanctions vs Putin Clique Expected in Poisoning of Navalny;

With Listless, Low Energy Speech, Trump Attempts CPAC Comeback after Failed Putsch; He Flirts with Third Run for President, but Main Focus is Revenge against 17 Congressional Republicans Who Voted for Impeachment and Removal; This Internal Strife Will Be a Source of GOP Weakness Going Forward; Trump Wins Straw Poll with Lackluster 55%, Far Short of Acclamation; This Vote Was Won by Paul Clan Five Times over Past Decade; Plans for Voter Suppression Were Central Theme of Conference;

At the Close of Black History Month, Remembering the Decisive Contributions of African-Americans in the Union Army and Navy with 175 Regiments and 210,000 Troops and 20,000 Sailors for 10% of Entire US War Effort; USCT Fought with Distinction at the Petersburg Crater, Chaffin’s Farm, and Nashville; They Faced Confederate Massacres and Atrocities if Captured, as at Fort Pillow; Harriet Tubman’s Role in Union Army Intelligence

Breaking: Biden Endorses Right of Bessemer, Alabama Amazon Workers to Vote for Unionization!; Will Bezos Back Off or Double Down?

Feb 2021

February 27, 2021 - World Crisis Radio

House Passes $1.9 Trillion Emergency Pandemic Rescue Package by 219-212 Vote; Measure Includes $15 Federal Minimum Wage, with Pelosi Defying Reactionary Senate Rules; Reforms Can Create 7 Million Jobs and Cut Child Poverty in Half; All Republicans and Two Democrats Oppose the Bill, Despite Polling that Shows 76% of Americans, 60% of Republicans, 90% of Democrats, and 71% of Independents in Support, Biden Calls on Senators for Immediate Approval; Republicans again on Wrong Side of History; Administration Must Not Delay $3 Trillion Infrastructure and Public Works, Using the Federal Reserve for 0%, Long-Term Credit;

Democrats Must Have Strong Anti-Austerity Achievements for All Americans to Run on in 2022, while Absurd Myth of GOP as Party of Working People Under Blue Collar Billionaire is Reduced to Dust and Ashes; Kamala Harris Must Override Staff Opinion on Model of Earlier Vice Presidents Humphrey and Rockefeller;

What New Hell Slouches towards Orlando to Be Born? GOP Ogres on Parade at CPAC Annual Meeting; Event Grovels Before Golden Trump; 

Fight the Looming Austerity Dictatorship of the Unelected, Unaccountable Senate Staffer; Senate Rules Are Not a Suicide Pact to Benefit the Grim Reaper; Now is the Time for the Progressives to Engage; 

Signs of New Energy in Probe of January 6 Coup Attempt; FBI Closing in on Accused Cop Killer; Lesson from 1920 Fascist Kapp-Putsch is to Deter Repeat Performances by Making Sure Ringleaders Go to Prison

Feb 2021

February 25, 2021

Like the Guy Fawkes Gunpowder Plot under the British Parliament in November 1605: Captain Pittman of US Capitol Police Warns Hill Committee that Pro-Trump Gangs are Planning An Explosive Attack on House Chamber when Biden Addresses Joint Session of Congress; 

One Million Pages of Trump’s Financial Records and Tax Returns Are Now in the Physical Possession of Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance after Delivery by Mazars; Vance’s Office is also Investigating Bannon Role in Shady Border Wall Financing Scheme; No Sign Yet of US Intelligence Study of Jamal Kashoggi Murder Promised by DNI Avril Haines; Crown Prince MBS is Reportedly Center of Probe; 

730,000 First-Time Unemployment Claims Show that Rescue Bill is urgently Needed; 

Historians Pussyfoot Around the Plain Fact of Fascism in USA, Undeniable after Assault by Violent Fascist Gangs on US Capitol; Yale’s Snyder Still Won’t Go Beyond “Pre-Fascism,” Itself Equated with “Post-Truth”; Writing Last August, David Bell of Princeton Declined to Label Trump as Fascist; Most Academics Can’t Understand the Material Basis of Democracy or the Role of Economic Breakdown in Setting the Stage for Fascist Power;

Breaking: In Grotesquely Incompetent Finding, Senate Parliamentarian Opines that $15 Minimum Wage Should Not Part of Vital $1.9 Trillion Pandemic Rescue Bill; This View Can Be Voided by Vice President, So Kamala Harris Would be Well Advised to Override It if she Aspires to Higher Office

Feb 2021

February 24, 2021

House Set to Vote Friday on $1.9 Trillion Pandemic Rescue Bill; Latest Poll Shows 76% of All Voters and 60% of GOP Support Rescue Bill, But Republicans under Mitch are Determined to Wreck the Measure; Hill Awaits Ruling from Senate Parliamentarian, Who Holds Fate of US in Her Hands; Minimum Wage Helps Federal Budget by Reducing Reliance on Food Stamps and Local Welfare by Low-Wage Workers, So Pass it under Budget Reconciliation!

Q Anon True Believers Assert that Mar a Lago Now Houses a Duplicate, Parallel White House Governing US Under Trump’s Command, Meaning that Biden was Never Really Inaugurated; Because of Q Anon’s Abysmal Batting Average in Predictions, Another Big Public Test for the Pro-Trump Oracle is Fast Approaching: They Claim that Trump is Still in Power and Preparing a Comeback in the Form of His Own Inauguration for His Second Term on March 4, the Pre-FDR Inauguration Day; But Will Q Deliver?; If GOP Merges with Q Anon, will Reactionary Camp be Stronger or Weaker? 

This Rejection of Reality Recalls the Pretenders Who Claimed They Were the Rightful Heirs to European Thrones; Most Frequent Examples Were Found in Tsarist Russia, from the False Dimitri During the Time of Troubles to the Don Cossack Emilian Pugachov, Who Spearheaded a 1770s Peasant Insurrection on the Lower Volga Against Catherine the Great; Pugachov Assembled a Court of Miracles that Tried to Duplicate the Imperial Court in St. Petersburg: Pugachov Claimed to Be Tsar Peter III, the Husband Eliminated by Catherine; There Were also Fake Courtiers and Fake Nobles; Paintings Show How Capital Punishment was Meted Out by Rebels; Pugachov Did Not Last Long;

Feb 2021

February 23, 2021

US Attempting to Reverse International Damage Wrought by Trump Regime; EU Announces Imminent Sanctions against Four Unspecified Russian Officials Implicated in Poisoning of Opposition Leader Navalany; US Expected to Join In with Major Counterstrokes against Kremlin by Invoking the Magnitsky Act and/or US Laws Against Chemical Weapons Proliferation;

Defense Secretary Austin Orders Review of Force Posture Regarding China and Pacific; Study is Directed by Long-Time Biden Aide and China Hawk Ely Ratner; Chinese Diplomats Assume Vitriolic and Strident Tones as Foreign Minister Yang Denies Existence of Genocide Camps; Austin also Probing Fascist Networks in US Military, Culminating in Standdown; B-1 Bombers in Norway and 2 Aegis Destroyers in Black Sea Show Solidarity with Allies; 

Answer to DPRK Missile Buildup is in Orbit Lasers, not Vain Attempts to Get Kim to Disarm;

In Myanmar, a General Strike Protests Putsch by Generals Backed by Chinese and Russian Imperialists; Strikers Appeal to United States for Protection; Blinken Promises Firm Action; Yellen Talks of Escalating Sanctions against Putschists; 

With Trump’s Tax Returns on the Way from Mazars Accountants to DA Cyrus Vance and Pomerantz in Manhattan, a Concrete Possibility of Criminal Trial of Former Tenant of White House for Banking, Insurance, and Tax Fraud; Don’s Multi-Decade Battle for Financial Secrecy Ending in Utter Disaster;

On January 6, ex-Capitol Police Chief Sund Claims Key FBI Warning Never Reached Him; Pentagon Bigwigs Blocked Calls from Sund, DC Metro Police and Hogan to Deploy DC National Guard to Hold Off Fascists; Outrageous Excuses About Not Liking the “Optics” and the Planning Were Offered by DoD; Questions about the Role of Lt. Gen. Charles Flynn, Brother of Trump’s Fired NSC Boss Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, Who Was on the Scene-

Feb 2021

February 22, 2021

Corporate Media Hype Perspective of Economic Growth This Year Higher than the Meager 1.9% per Year of Past Two Decades; Wall Street Sees Convergence of Falling Death Rates Due to New Vaccines, Biden’s $1.9 Trillion Emergency Aid Bill, and Pent-Up Demand After Lockdowns; 

Biden Said to Be Preparing to Launch $3 Trillion Infrastructure Spending Package Centering on Infrastructure, Energy, Domestic Manufacturing, and Care for Children and Seniors; Use 1% Wall Street Sales to Prevent Zombie Bankers and Hedge Fund Hyenas from Filching Rescue and Stimulus Money; Don’t Borrow from Wall Street, but Get Cash from Federal Reserve at 0% over Whatever Maturities Are Required; Don’t Let Pedantry of Senate Parliamentarian Sabotage America’s Future by Ruling that $15 Minimum Can’t Pass Through Budget Reconciliation;

In Grotesque Spectacle of Hypocrisy, Trump Stooges Cruz and Hawley Feign Deep Concern over Future Politicization of Department of Justice under Nominee Merrick Garland; Cornyn still Obsessed by Steele Dossier!; In House Hearings, Boebert and other Republicans Pledge to Block $1.9 Trillion in Emergency Aid and the American People Be Damned;

Press Repeats Fallacy of Healthy US Economy in 2019, Ignoring New York Fed Policy of Injecting Trillions of Overnight Loans to Prevent Crash of Wall Street Market Starting in September 2019;

Supreme Court Won’t Stop Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance from Getting Trump’s Financial and Tax Records for Criminal Probe; Justices also Won’t Tamper with Pennsylvania Ballots, with Alito, Kavanaugh, and Thomas Dissenting;

Biden White House Commemorates 500,000 Pandemic Victims; This Total Approaches the 620,000 Total American Dead in the Civil War of 1861-1865, Up to Now the Most Deadly American Tragedy

Feb 2021

February 20, 2021 - World Crisis Radio

As Post-Trump Era Begins, Signs of Positive Turn in Direction of World Events Away from Fascist Nihilism, Pessimism, and Despair Towards Rationality; World Affairs Starting to Stabilize under Biden as US Abandons Wrecking Role of Last Administration; Russian and Chinese Designs for International Anarchy Can Now Be Checked; Claims by Totalitarian Powers of Decline and Decadence of US Democracy Refuted;

NASA, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and European Partners – Meaning Federal Government and US Allies, Not Parasitical Billionaires – Accomplish Spectacular Feat of Landing Mars Rover Perseverance on Mars after 300 Million Mile, 6 Month Voyage; Perseverance is Most Capable Rover Ever, Equipped with Helicopter and Drill for Underground Samples; Mars Rocks will be Collected; Steady Stream of Fascinating Photos and Data Expected Over Coming Months; Free World Beats Out China to Red Planet;

US Economic Recovery Now within Reach as Biden Shows Determination to Pass $1.9 Billion Rescue Bill despite GOP Sabotage; $15 Minimum Wage is Now Central Issue; 

Republican Party in Crisis as Trump Attacks Mitch, Who Embodies GOP’s Vital Money Pipeline from Reactionary Megadonor Billionaires to Candidates and Advertising; Texas-Cruz Debacle Is Case Study of Bankruptcy of Anti-Government, pro-Speculation Thinking Under Globalization;

US Returns to World Affairs at NATO, G-7, and Munich Security Conferences; State Department Working to End Genocidal Yemen War Trump Enabled MBS to Unleash; 

A Bad Day for the Kremlin and Beijing: Biden Proclaims US Will Respect NATO Article Five Pledge of Mutual Aid for Allies, Stresses End of America First aka America Alone; Discusses Need for Public Health Cooperation and Joint Opposition to Beijing and Moscow; Europe Welcomes Junking of Trump Interlude; Concept of “Westlessness” as Discussed at Recent Munich Conferences Is Obsolescent; 

Traditional American Optimism Rooted in Leibniz and Franklin: Scientific Knowledge Exists, Can Be Acquired, and Can Improve Human Life and Human Civilization;

Feb 2021

February 18, 2021

In Masterpiece of Engineering and Telemetry, NASA Mars Lander Successfully Touches Down on Red Planet after Seven-Month Voyage with Most Advanced Rover Ever; NASA and Jet Propulsion Laboratory Successfully Solved Problem of Decelerating from Interplanetary Cruising Velocity to Landing Speed in Just Minutes; Parachute and Complex “Sky Crane” Combine for Flawless Landing; Rover “Perseverance” is Vast Improvement over Earlier Designs; Mission is to Search for Evidence of Former Life Forms in Martian Terrain;

Cultural Importance of NASA’s Success Includes Revival of Reliance on Human Reason as against Fascist Irrationality and Q-Anon Mysticism; Scientific Optimism is American Way from Benjamin Franklin to Today; Decline of the West is not Destiny; Decadence of Democratic Nations is Greatly Exaggerated by Dictatorships;

“Go Big”: In Friday Meeting of Revived G-7 (UK, France, Germany, Italy, Canada, Japan, and US), Biden and Yellen to Press for Heavy-Duty Stimulus to Speed Recovery and Revive Free World Economies; Coordinated Worldwide Response to Pandemic, Including Vaccine Production, PPE and Supplies, and Meeting Chinese Threat through Investment and Economic Growth; Huawei Must Be Banned from Western Economies;

At NATO Defense Ministers’ Meeting, Pentagon Chief Austin Renews US Commitment to Atlantic Alliance after Years of Wrecking and Provocations by Trump; German Defense Minister Warns against Cut and Run from Afghanistan; Biden and Blinken Must Convince Munich Security Conference (aka Wehrkunde Society) to Unite Against the China Threat;

State Department Working to Shut Down Genocidal Yemen War that Trump Approved; Houthi Rebels Dropped from US Terrorist List; US Navy Freedom of Navigation Ops in Taiwan Straits are More Intense under Biden than Trump; US, France, Britain, and Germany Show their Flags in Far East; Russians Launch Crazy Ivan Maneuvers against French Planes over Black Sea; 

Biden meets AFL-CIO Leader Trumka and Other Union Chiefs; Administration is Purging Trump’s Union-Busters from NLRB and Federal Impasse Panel; Key Votes on $1.9 Trillion Covid Rescue Bill and $15 Minimum Wage Imminent-

Feb 2021

February 17, 2021

In Milwaukee Town Hall, Biden Presses Case for $1.9 Trillion Pandemic Rescue Bill, Including $15 Per Hour Minimum Wage to Create 7 Million New Jobs and Put Coming Recovery on Stable Basis; He Cites 69% Support for Rescue Bill Shown by Latest Poll; Sees KKK-Type Groups as Biggest Domestic Terror Threat; Capitol Attackers are Demented and Dangerous; No Defunding of Police, but More Resources; He Told Xi that US Will Demand Human Rights for Uighurs of East Turkestan, and Promises Repercussions if Beijing’s Oppression Continues;

A Stunning Example of Republican Malfeasance and Incompetence: Texas ERCOT Power Authority Wanted Deregulation and Austerity, so They Failed to Weatherize and Winterize Energy Production; When a System Using Equipment Designed for Temperate Climate Had to Contend with Extreme Cold, Many Components Failed; ERCOT also Reflects Desire of Greedy Financial Interests to Avoid Federal Regulation; But an Isolated Grid Has Problems Bringing in Electricity from Neighboring States;

China Has Been Buying Up Energy Assets in US, Starting with Oil, and Broader Implications of Chinese Control of US Power Generation Must Now Be Investigated; Committee on Foreign Investment in US (CFIUS) Must Get Busy Repatriating Domestic Energy Resources Now Controlled by Genocidal Beijing Communist Regime; 

Rep. Benny Thompson and NAACP Sue Trump under Grant-Era Ku Klux Klan Law of 1871; Rush Limbaugh, a Protégé of Buckley and Roger Ailes, Dies at 70; Official GOP Continues to Splinter

Feb 2021

February 16, 2021

Biden Wisconsin Speech Demands Congress Proceed to Early Passage of $1.9 Trillion; Protection against Foreclosures Expires on March 15, Giving Lawmakers a Clear Deadline; $15 Minimum Wage is Essential; In Washington DC Area, TV Ads for Extended Open Season for Obamacare at Lower Premiums Show Effects of Executive Orders;

NBC News Reports that US and Western Intelligence Agencies Cannot Rule Out Origin of Covid Virus in Wuhan Laboratory; This Undermines WHO’s Beijing-Inspired Whitewash of Pandemic Origins, which Ruled Out Lab Events and Suggested Zoonotic Sources, but Conveniently Outside of China; G-7 and NATO Meetings This Week Must Press for Full Disclosure;

GOP Internal Strife Continues, with Eleven Hill Republicans Censured So Far by Party Committees;

Breaking: Trump Attacks McConnell as “Dour, Sullen, Unsmiling, Political Hack” Who Has No Credibility against Beijing Because of His Extensive Chinese Business Interests; This is an Indirect Swipe at Mitch’s Wife Elaine Chao, a Member of Trump’s Cabinet; Trump’s Self-Destructive Folly: His Outburst Threatens to Cut Vital GOP Money Supply Line from Megadonors to Candidates, which Runs Through McConnell; Disrupting Money Logistics is Threat to GOP Survival!

Feb 2021

February 15, 2021

On Presidents’ Day 2021, Reaching Back 200 Years to Salute the Neglected Accomplishments of President James Monroe, who Pushed the Degenerate Federalist Party to Extinction During His Two Terms (1817-1825); Federalists Like Republicans Were Rotten Plutocrats who Pursued New England Secessionism with the Hartford Convention of 1815, and Were Devoted like GOP to Monarchy and Dictatorship; Monroe Revived Key Parts of the Hamiltonian American System Program of Economic Development, Creating the Second Bank of the United States, Facilitating an Era of Infrastructure Building that Included the Erie Canal, and Fought the British at Their Zenith After the Napoleonic Wars; 

After the Defeat and Discrediting of Trump, Beware Classic Tendency of US Finance Oligarchy to Attempt to Salvage a Fascist Movement from Wreckage of GOP; But Centrifugal Forces Are Strong: With 250 Rioters Already Indicted, Fascist Gangs Appear Paralyzed by Awareness They Have Been Thoroughly Infiltrated by Government Agents; Pelosi’s Proposed 9/11-Style Commission May Expose Additional Perps;

On Day 26 of Hundred Days, Decisive Issue is Passing the Biden Economic Program, Starting with $1.9 Trillion Pandemic Rescue Bill, Including the Full Increase of the Federal Minimum Wage to $15 per Hour; No Concessions to Climate Fanatics, nor to China, nor to GOP; Minneapolis Now Hiring Replacement Cops, Showing Unworkability of Agitation to Defund Police

Feb 2021

February 13, 2021 - World Crisis Radio

Pyrrhic Acquittal for GOP by 57-43 in Trump Trial: Republican Extinction is Brought Closer as Party Suffers 7 Defections: Burr, Cassidy, Collins, Murkowski, Romney, Sasse, Toomey; McConnell, Maneuvering Frantically Between Billionaire Megadonors Horrified by Don and Devoted Fascist Hooligans in Party Base, Votes to Acquit on Irrelevant Technicality, but Then Concedes that Case Against Trump Is Proven, Making Him Deserving Criminal Prosecution; But Constitution is Not a Suicide Pact; GOP Is Politically and Ideologically Bankrupt; Trump Stooges Cruz and Hawley Come Out Reviled and Discredited; Nikki Haley Astutely Takes Lead for 2024 Nod by Repudiating Trump;

Senate Votes 55-45 to Call Witnesses; Raskin Succeeds in Stipulating McCarthy Call for Help as Damning Evidence, but Cannot Break Stonewall of GOP Witnesses: “The Witnesses Have All Gone Cold,” Suggesting They Would Fight Subpoenas in Court Over Months, Helping McConnell’s Strategy of Blocking Biden;

Trump May Think He’s Going to Iowa, but Schumer Suggests Dems May Use Fourteenth Amendment (Section 3, Disability Clause) to Declare Him as Rebel in Violation of Oath to US and Bar Him from Future Office by Simple Majority Vote; 

Trump Must Now Face Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance Jr.’s Financial Probe, and Atlanta DA Fani Willis’ Investigation of His Violation of Georgia Election Law Through Threatening Phone Calls to State Government Officials;

Trump’s Cynical Contempt for Lives of Pence and His Family in Setting Them Up as Targets for Lynch Mob Has Alarmed GOP Bosses, Since Pence Is Their Direct Line to Evangelical Leaders and Voters; As January 6 Arrests Pass 200, Pro-Trump Fascist Gangs Are on the Hotseat;

Congress Must Now Enact Biden’s $1.9 Trillion American Rescue Bill, and also Approve Enhanced Obamacare Subsidies;

On Presidents’ Day, Lessons for Biden from James Monroe (In Office 1817-1825), Who Presided Over Extinction of the Degenerate Federalist Party, which Ceased to Exist During His First Term, Opening the Celebrated Era of Good Feelings; Monroe Was Re-Elected in 1820, Running Virtually Unopposed; After Hartford Convention, Federalists – Like GOP Today - Were Regarded as Party of Treason; Monroe Pursued National Unity from the Grass Roots Up, not Through Cynical Federalist Politicians; He Realized Federalists After 1815 Were Determined to Overthrow the Constitution and Install a Monarchy or Dictatorship, Just Like the GOP Today; Monroe Denied Federalists Cabinet Posts, Patronage Jobs, Sought-After Appointments, and Federal Recognition; On His National Goodwill Tour and Especially in Boston, ex-Federalists Flocked to Meet Monroe and Beg Absolution for Their Numerous Political Crimes, as GOP Should Do Now; Monroe Implemented American System Demand for Second Bank of the United States along Hamiltonian Lines; Under Monroe, Internal Improvements and Infrastructure Advanced Powerfully, Including the Decisive Erie Canal (1821); He Also Promulgated the Monroe Doctrine, Drawn Up by John Quincy Adams-

Feb 2021

February 11, 2021

Rapid Extinction of GOP Hangs in Balance as Verdict in Trump Trial is Expected this Weekend; Acquittal Will Condemn Once-Proud Party of Lincoln to Garbage Can of History; Fulton County Georgia DA Fani Willis Is Pursuing a Criminal Probe of Trump’s January 2 Phone Call Illegally Demanding 11,780 More Votes from State Officials;

Better Late than Never: Resident Historiographer John Meacham, an Acolyte of the Bush and McCain Liberal Republican Factions, Acknowledges Very Late in the Game that Understanding Trumpism Requires Study of Europe in the 1930s, Something He Admits He Has Been Resisting for Years; Remote Comparisons to King and Tsar Are Indeed Far Afield in Early Twenty-First Compared to Duce, Fuhrer, Caudillo and Vozd; Tax Wall Street Party Has Had Absolute Unwavering Clarity on this Issue Over Last Five Years; Democratic Impeachment Managers Please Take Note;

This is What Trump Has Done to America: Managers Focus on Trump’s Culture of Violence over Years; He Shows No Remorse and Took No Action During Fascist Takeover of US Capitol; Rep. Degette Asks: What New Horrors Await Us?; Main Point: Trump Threat Continues!

House Managers Rest after Two Days of Powerful Arguments and Audiovisual Aids; World Reactions, Especially from Strategic Foes Russia and China; Trump’s Likely Shoestring Defense by Low-Budget Team Reflects Don’s Contempt for Constitution and Laws; 

Lesson of GOP Depravity is To Avoid Fascist Dictatorship, There Must Never Again a Be a Republican President or a Republican Congress; Convicting Trump Would Be a Valuable Step towards Pacification;

Note to Biden: Best Non-Partisan Phase of American History Came After Rapid Collapse of Federalists After 1815; James Monroe of Jeffersonians was Elected President in 1820 Running Unopposed for Second Term; Monroe Incorporated Vital Parts of Hamiltonian Program, Including the Second Bank of United States, Internal Improvements of Infrastructure, and the Monroe Doctrine Launched  by John Quincy Adams

Feb 2021

February 10, 2021

Impeachment Managers Show January 6 Fascist Assault on Capitol Occurred at Moment When Trump Had Run Out of Non-Violent Options to Overturn 2020 Election; Dramatic New Films Leave No Doubt about the Homicidal Intent of the Fascist Mob; Trump’s Cynical Indifference to the Survival of Pence and Family; White House Organized the Mob, Knew The Fascists Were Eager for Violence, and Spurred Them on to Capitol Hill; Trump’s Malfeasance and Non-Feasance While Rioters Controlled Building; His Conviction is Imperative;

Saving the Postal Service After Trump’s Massive Sabotage: Democrat and Former Obama Official Ron Bloom Elected as Chairman of the USPS Board with Support from Biden, Setting the Stage for Constituting a Democratic Majority and Ousting Saboteur Louis deJoy as Postmaster General; Congress Must Roll Back Hastert’s 2006 Wrecking Plan Requiring Pre-Payment of Medical Costs, which Aims at Bankrupting the Post Office as a Prelude to Privatization and Asset-Stripping; DeJoy Has Ruined On-Time Delivery Performance Since Taking Over Last Summer, and is Planning Further Wrecking of the Agency; If Transition is Delayed, Biden Must Not Hesitate to Simply Fire deJoy;

From Catiline to Berlusconi: How Insolvency and Loss of Social Status Lead to Radicalization; 60% Rioters Arrested Reveals Foreclosures, Crushing Debt, and Troubled Finances; Parallels to Perot’s 1992 Base of Stock Brokers, Real Estate Brokers, and Insurance Brokers, and their Dependence on Finance Capital; Middle Class Dropouts Risk Falling into the Lumpenproletariat;

Feb 2021

February 9, 2021

Trump Finally in the Dock!

Senate Votes 56-44 to Affirm Constitutionality of Trump Impeachment; Murkowski, Romney, Collins, Sasse, Toomey, and Now Cassidy Join Democrats; Ever Devious Mitch McConnell Votes to Let Trump Run Wild;

Sum Total of Argument by Trump Attorneys is that He Is Immune from Trial Because He Is Now a Private Citizen, So Senate Action Now Amounts to a Bill of Attainder, which Is Expressly Forbidden by the Constitution; But This Amounts to an Illegal January Exception in the Final Phase of a Lame Duck President’s Term: When You Are About to Give Up Power, Try a Bloody Fascist Putsch and Maybe You Can Stay in Power, with No Impeachment to Fear; Plus, If You Succeed You Will Be Immune Under DoJ Opinion that President Cannot Be Indicted; Parallels to the Purge Movies Abound;

GOP Lawyers Bewail Attempted Disenfranchisement of 74 Million Trump Voters, but Have No Qualms with Their Own Plan to Disenfranchise 82 Million Biden Backers;

Hastings and Belknap Precedents Show That Ex-Officials Were Frequently Impeached; Reactionary Legal Theory Has Been Based on Textualism and Originalism, But Trump Attorneys Failed in this Regard;

Don’s Leadoff Counsel Caster Filled His Hour with Crackerbarrel Anecdotes of Homespun Philistinism to Hide Utter Lack of Arguments; Angry Legal Pedant Schoen Acts Out Anger and Twists Himself Into a Pretzel to Avoid Clear References to Disqualification In Constitution; Raskin, Neguse, and Cicilline Highly Effective for Democrats;

GOP Racist Whataboutism Targets Maxine Waters, Eric Holder, Al Green and other Pro-Impeachment Black Democrats; Always the Victim, Trump Whines About Poor Quality of His Defense; His Lawyers Made No Claim Today that He Won the Election; 

Bernard Bailyn’s Ideological Origins of the American Revolution Becomes an Issue; Constitutional Convention Was Indeed Wary of Ochlochcracy and Mob Rule, Based on the Horrors of Oliver Cromwell in the English Civil War

Feb 2021

February 8, 2021

Biden Presses Congress to Advance $1.9 Trillion Pandemic Rescue Bill Despite GOP Sabotage; Congressional Republicans Are Trying Obstructionism at Every Turn; But Democratic Opposition to $15 Minimum Wage is also at Work; House Progressives Fight to Keep $15 Alive; Bernie Sanders Is Doing Yeoman Service; Many Republican Governors Favor the Bill, which has $350 Billion for States, Counties, and Cities;

Media Clowns Are Still Babbling about Bipartisanship – Somebody Remind Them that the Iraq AUMF, Possibly the Worst Bill in Recent History, was Backed by a Thoroughly Bipartisan Coalition! Constant Mantra Shows Political and Moral Bankruptcy of Corporate Media in Post-Trump Era; 

Larry Summers, Who Helped Inflict Devastating IMF Shock Therapy on Yeltsin’s Russia, is Trying to Scare the Public with the Bugaboo of Inflation, which Has Been Dormant in Recent Years; But Inflation Is Most Feared by the Rich, not by Those Who Are Crushed by Debt;

Trump Trial on Tuesday: After Preliminary Votes, a Four-Hour Debate on the Constitutionality of Convicting and Disqualifying an Ex-Tenant of the Oval; GOP Argument is Patently Absurd; Writing in Wall Street Journal, Key Republican Lawyer Demolishes Premise of Trump’s Defense; Decision on Witnesses Comes Later;

Desperate for a Leftist Riot to Enable Another Round of Whataboutism, GOP Sympathizers Hype Insignificant Street Protests in Logan Circle Area of Capital; Real Message is Need to Establish Civilian Climate Corps and Works Progress Administration with Job Creation Paid for by Fed!

Feb 2021

February 6, 2021 - World Crisis Radio

With Trump Impeachment Trial Imminent, Biden’s Programs for Public Health and Economic Recovery Gain Support; Choice for GOP: Impeach and Disqualify Trump Before He Is Indicted for Federal and State Infractions, or Face Early Extinction;

AP-NORC Poll Shows 61% Approval for Biden, including a Quarter of Republicans; 74% Have Confidence in Biden’s Handling of the Pandemic, and 65% Trust His Approach to Rebuilding Economy; 54% Want No More of Trump’s Wall; In Party Poll, 48% Favor Democrats, 23% Like Trump’s Hypothetical “Patriot Party”; 17% Are Backing GOP; 14% Respond with “Other”; Dems Must Obtain $15 Minimum Wage;

Putin’s Nomenklatura Dictatorship Seriously Shaken by Two Weekends of Pro-Navalny Demonstrations; US Demands Navalny’s Release; BBC Finds Widespread Rape and Torture of Moslem Uighur Women in Despot Xi’s East Turkestan Concentration Camps; Any US Official Who Argues that Washington Should “Cooperate with Beijing on Climate” Should Be Fired for Appeasement;

Biden Take Notice: After Their Treason in the War of 1812 Hartford Convention, the Federalist Party Became Extinct, Opening the Way to the Era of Good Feelings under the Presidency of James Monroe; Today’s Path to National Reconciliation Passes Through Collapse of GOP as Contender for Power in Washington;

The Reward for Franklin D. Roosevelt’s 100 Days of Fighting the Herbert Hoover/GOP Depression: In 1934 Mid-Term Election, Democrats Took 313 Seats in House for a Gain of 9, Leaving Just 117 Republicans; In 48-State Senate, Democrats Took 69 Seats with a Gain of 9, with Only 25 Republicans Surviving; These Are Best Results for Any US Party in Modern History, Proving the Power of a Strategy that Favors Working People Over the Forces of Organized Money!

Feb 2021

February 4, 2021

Biden Launches New Foreign Policy Based on Reconstruction of Alliances; Breaking Sharply with Trump’s Appeasement Line, US Demands Russia Release Jailed Opposition Leader Navalny; This Can Be Based on Human Rights Basket Three of Helsinki Final Act of 1975; No More US Military Role in the Genocidal Saudi War on Yemen, which Has Generated Some 233,000 Dead and Inflicted Food Insecurity on 20 Million More; This Trump’s War; No Blanket Charge of Terrorism against the Shiite Houthi Rebels; US Demands that Burmese Generals Give Up Power and Refrain from Violence; Communist China Emerges as Main Sponsor of Mynanmar Coup; Biden Confident US Will Prevail over Beijing; 

Defense Secretary Austin will Carry Out Worldwide Review of US Military Posture; No Reductions in US Forces in Germany before this Study Has Been Completed; Focus is Broadened to Include Indo-Pacific;

Biden Must Go Full Speed Ahead to Pass $1.9 Trillion Pandemic Relief; GOP Gambits All Boil Down to Sabotage and Delay; No Need for Romney’s Weak and Inadequate “Family Security Act”, Since Biden’s Own Child Tax Credit Increase Can Already Cut Child Poverty by about 50%, Far More than Romney’s Plan; Question Remains: How Many Americans Are Supposed to Die in Search of Chimera of Bipartisanship, Meant only to Prop Up the Moribund GOP, Prime Vehicle of Sedition;

Warren Wants New Education Secretary Cardona to Use Administrative Cancellation to Wipe Out $50,000 per Debtor in Student Loan Debt; Move Would Win a Whole Generation as Democratic Voters; Pay for it with a 1% Wall Street Sales Tax!

White House Briefing Suggests that US Concern about Covid Vaccinations Goes No Further than the American People, which Is Hardly the Language of Alliances and Cooperation; Psaki Strikes the Wrong Tone Again;

National Bolsheviks and Fascists for MAGA: Lead Impeachment Manager Raskin Notes that “Extremist Elements in Russia and Germany View the Storming of the Capitol as a Great Victory for 21st Century Fascism;” 

Breaking: Rep. Greene Banished from House Committees by Vote of 230-199, with 11 Republicans Joining Democrats;

Feb 2021

February 3, 2021

On Eve of Trump’s Second Impeachment Trial, Signs of GOP Division: Echelon Insights Poll Shows Support for Trump 2024 Candidacy Has Declined by 20% Since December; In Rare Reversal, Fox News January Ratings Are Surpassed by CNN and MSNBC; House Republican Conference Declines to Oust Liz Cheney, 145-61; Reactionary Networks Ignore Funeral of Capitol Police Officer Sicknick, Slain by Fascist Gangs on January 6; Democrats Finally Take Over Majority Control in Senate; House to Vote Thursday on Stripping Marjorie Taylor Green of Committee Assignments; Advocacy of Homicidal Violence against Elected Official Amply Justifies Her Ouster; GOP Gang of Ten Senators Failing to Gaslight Biden; 

Republican Governor Jim Justice of West Virginia Recommends Going Big on Biden’s $1.9 Trillion Pandemic Relief Bill, Showing that Measure Already Has Broad Bipartisan Support, So No Need to Make Concessions to Gang of Ten; $15 Minimum Wage is Non-Negotiable;

White House Wisely Reiterates Support for Space Force, with Promise of Press Briefing; Executive Order Seeks to Re-Unite Families Torn Apart by Trump Administration;

Breaking: Canada Designates Proud Boys as Terrorist Group; US Must Act Now!

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