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Nov 2020

November 25, 2020

In First Thanksgiving Address, Biden Urges National Unity, Hope, and Reconciliation, Calling on Victims of Trump’s Failures In Economic and Pandemic Crises to Take Heart, Shun Needless Risks, and “Hang On,” Since Help is Coming; Repeats that “Grim Season of Demonization”;Is Ending US already a “Great Country with Good People”; Speech Can Be Read as Polemic Against Q-Anon and Related Crackpot Schools that See Satanic Forces at Work All Over; Biden’s Calm Presidential Demeanor Stands in Sharp Contrast to Trump’s Scurrilous Hooliganism;

Rudy Giuliani Attends Whining Session of Defeated Pennsylvania Republicans in Gettysburg, but Trump Begs Off, Preferring to Speak from White House and then Issue Self-Serving Pardon to His Sycophant Gen. Michael Flynn, Who Twice Pled Guilty to Lying to the FBI;

In Twilight of Trump, What is to Become of His Orphans Among the Fanatic MAGA Legions?; Effort is Needed to Wean Dupes Away from Irrational Belief Structures and Help Them to Reconcile Themselves with Secular View of Reality; 

Mayflower Compact of November 21 1620 Committed Separatist Puritans of Plymouth Colony and Their Fellow Travelers to a Majoritarian Social Contract Based on Mutually Agreed on Rule of Law; Colonists Combined Themselves Together “Into a Civil Body Politick…for Our Better Ordering and Preservation” with Authority to Enact “Just and Equal Laws, Ordinances, Acts, Constitutions, and Offices … for the general Good of the Colony; unto which we promise all due Submission and Obedience”; This Likely Represents the World’s First Written Instrument of Government which Places State Power in the Hands of the People, and Not of a Monarch or Other Potentate!

Nov 2020

November 24, 2020

Three Weeks After Election, Transition from Trump to Biden Has Formally Begun, with Representatives of Incoming Administration Present in Almost All Cabinet Departments and Agencies, Including the White House; Biden Popular Vote Total Passes 80 Million, Exceeding Trump’s Support by 6 Million; Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Nevada, and Minnesota Have Certified for Biden, with More to Come; 

Biden Presents Experienced Foreign Relations and Security Nominees with Theme of Rebuilding Alliances Weakened by Trump; Biden Reports Twenty Nations Are Seeking Improved Relations with US After Don Departs; Nominees Pledge to Tell Biden what He Needs to Know, not What He Wants To Hear, in Contrast to Trump’s Adulation Competitions Out of the Pages of King Lear; No Nepotists, Con Artists, or Media Demagogues on List; All Are Likely to Get Confirmed.

Biden Energy Program Includes $2 Trillion in Infrastructure Modernization; Climate Czar Kerry is Recent Convert to Nuclear Energy; In January 2017 Speech as He Left Office on the Eve of Trump, Kerry Observed: “Given the Challenge We Face today, and Given the Progress of Fourth Generation Nuclear: Go for it! No Other Alternative. Zero Emissions!”

Kerry Worked with Bernie Sanders and Ocasio Cortez on Biden’s Energy Task Force; AOC Is Also a Convert, Saying in May that Nuclear is an “Important Element of Our Clean Energy Mix… the Green New Deal Does Leave the Door Open for Nuclear.”

Dem Chair of House Climate Crisis Committee Rep. Kathy Castor Agrees that “If We’re Going to Get to Our Net-Zero Goal as Soon as Possible, Nuclear Needs to Remain Part of the Equation.” This Evolution Gives Concrete Hope that Biden Can Avoid Trap of Dead-End Energy Austerity that Destroyed Carter;

In Georgia, Alt-Right Ultra Trumpists in Frenzy after State is Certified for Biden; They Threaten to Sabotage Perdue and Loeffler in January Runoff!

Nov 2020
Nov 2020

November 21, 2020 - World Crisis Radio

Autogolpe Loses Some Momentum, but MAGA Fanatics Keep Trying: Georgia Finally Certified for Biden with 16 Electoral Votes, but Fraudster Gov. Kemp is still Seeking to Filch Them; Michigan State Reps Visit Trump, and Do Not Openly Embrace His Coup Plan; Monday’s Meeting of State Canvassing Board in Lansing is Next Crucial Moment; Michigan AG Eyes Charges for Attempted Election Subversion; 

US Government Faces Possible Government Shutdown and More Chaos on Dec. 11, with Moscow Mitch Once More the Culprit; Meadows Won’t Guarantee that Closure Can Be Averted; First-Time Jobless Claims Rise to 742,000, Still Depression Levels; 

Christmas Cliff Looms for Sick and Needy, as Mnuchin Proclaims the End of Emergency Spending while Pandemic Rockets Ahead; Even Federal Reserve Wants to Spend More; No More Help for Self-Employed, Gig Workers; No More 13-Week Extension of Jobless Benefits; Eviction Freeze, Student Loan Forbearance, and Withdrawals from Retirement Accounts All Ending; Trump Gang from Super-Spreaders to Super-Scrooges;

Pompeo Meets Taliban to Press for Less Afghan Violence at Appeasement Talks in Qatar Just After 8 Die in Kabul Mortar Attacks; European Leaders in US-Led Coalition Warn that Trump’s Plan to Run for the Exits is Fraught with Peril; 

The Lazy Putschist: Trump Flees Pandemic Discussion at Virtual G-20 Conference to Goof Off on Golf Links while Nation Suffers; This Negates His Oath to Promote the General Welfare and Should Force Him Out of Office; Show Him the American People Are More Teed Off than He Is!

Seventy-Five Years Ago, the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials – Still Applicable Today;

Happy Thanksgiving to Listeners and Friends of This Program!

Nov 2020

November 19, 2020

Scoundrel Time!

Trump’s Multi-State Attempt to Steal Electoral Votes and Stage Coup for Dictatorship Descends Into Theatre of the Absurd with Deranged Press Conference by Giuliani and Friends; Allegations of Plot to Falsify Outcome with Rigged Voting Machines Bought with “Communist Money”; Plan Targets Democratic Cities with Black Majorities; Demand is Still that State Legislatures Junk Popular Votes and Choose Slates of MAGA Toadies as Electors; Grotesque Proceedings Make “Ghouliani” and His Claim of Win into Laughingstock; 

Georgia Hand Recount Confirms Biden Victory; Federal Judge Rejects GOP Bid to Block Certification, Now Scheduled for 5PM Eastern on Friday;

After Dropping Lawsuits in Michigan, Trump Invites GOP Legislature Reps Chatfield and Shirkey to White House Friday in Open Conspiracy to Subvert Legal Nov. 3 Vote; Don Also Convinced Two Wayne County GOP Hacks to Recant Their Votes to Certify Votes There, but Secretary of State Rules It’s too Late; Trump’s Arizona Lawsuits Also Ended; In Pennsylvania, House Orders “Audit” of Election Returns;

Biden Confers with Bipartisan Group of Ten Governors, Pledging Necessary Aid to States; Says that Legal Action May Take Too Long to Be Relevant, But Does Not Rule It Out; Pledges No National Shutdown;

Far From the Battlefield, AOC is already Protesting Fellow Dems When Maximum Unity against Fascism is Imperative;

Matthew Yglesias Challenges Malthusian-Decadent Framework of Trendy Woke Intellectuals, Proposes Demographic Goal of One Billion Americans to Deal with Threat of Totalitarian China!

Nov 2020

November 18, 2020

Fight for the Freedom to Vote! 

Pro-Trump Fanatics Want Reactionary Republican State Legislatures to Shred the Will of the People as Expressed by Votes and Ballots, and Choose Slates of GOP Toadies as Electors to Install MAGA Dictatorship in January;

Hooligans Press for Special Session of Georgia Legislature to Disenfranchise the People and Send A Gaggle of GOP Thugs to the Electoral College; Trump Gang Willing to Pay $3 Million for Partial Wisconsin Recounts in Democratic Strongholds Milwaukee and Madison in Hopes of Overtaking Biden; These Fishing Expeditions Violate the Constitutional Guarantee of Equal Protection of the Laws Anchored in the Fourteenth Amendment, Ironically Established in Bush v. Gore in 2000; 

Two GOP Hacks on Wayne County Canvassing Board Tried to Block Certification of Almost a Million Largely Minority Votes; Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan Guides Successful Effort to Certify Votes; Trump Shysters Demand Pennsylvania Count Be Declared Defective, Threatening Seven Million Votes; Emily Murphy Stoll Holding America Hostage for Don!

With Trump Headed for Defeat, Reactionary Mind Benders Deploy Psywar Strategy to Keep GOP Voters in High Dudgeon Through Early January Georgia Runoffs; Key Gambit is “Great Reset” Peddled by Crackpot Globaloney Theorists of Davos, Switzerland; Current Hyping of Decades of Warmed-Over Environmentalist Fanaticism as Basis of the Post-Covid Dystopia Honors the Davos Demand to Keep Recycling Garbage; Public Backlash Against Energy Austerity Grows, with New Interest in Modern Nuclear Power

Nov 2020

November 17, 2020

Trump’s Autogolpe against Democracy in Action: Local GOP Hacks Block Certification of Election Results in Wayne County (Detroit), Michigan, Where Biden Beat Trump by Overwhelming Margin; Democrats on State Canvassing Board Must Proceed to Full Certification at Once! 

[Late Reports Say Revote Has Unanimously Certified Wayne County for Biden Just After 9pm EST.]

Berserker in the Oval Orchestrates Global Rout of United States: Trump Fires Christopher Krebs, Director of Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) at Department of Homeland Security; Krebs Was Top US Cyber Guardian and Risk Advisor Who Called Recent Election the Most Secure in American History, with No Significant Fraud; Trump Found This Intolerable, So Washington Will Now Be Less Able to Defend Against Foreign Aggression;

Leaks Reveal Peace-Loving Trump Asking for Options to Attack Iran In Meeting Last Thursday; Bombing and/or Cyberattacks Were Considered; Don Momentarily Deterred by Obvious Threat of General Middle East War; 

On Orders from White House, New Pentagon Boss Gen. Miller Announces Pullout of Half of US Forces from Both Afghanistan and Iraq; Trump Sees This as PR, but in Age of Great Power Rivalry, These Moves Are Foolhardy and a Gift to Trump’s Masters in Moscow and Beijing;

Georgia Secretary of State Raffensperger Says Lindsay Graham Urged Destruction of Legal Ballots to Help Trump; Lindsey Issues Indignant Denial;

The Good News: Judy Shelton, Trump’s Unfit Stay behind Wrecker for Federal Reserve Board, Fails to Advance to Final Confirmation Vote in Senate;

In Big Step Forward for Strategic Defense of US against Growing Power of Madman Kim of Pyongyang and Others, US Navy Shoots Down ICBM with Aegis Missile from Destroyer at Sea in Central Pacific

Distant Mirror for Central Asia: Battle of Talas in 751 AD, When the Abbasid Caliphate of Persia and the Tibetan Empire Defeated the Army of the Tang Dynasty, Blocking a Chinese Takeover of Central Asia

Nov 2020

November 16, 2020

Trump Still Refusing to Accept Defeat, Inflicting Grave Damage on United States; Georgia Secretary of State Raffensperger Reports Pressure from Lindsey Graham to Destroy Legally Cast Mail-In Ballots; Time to Deal Georgia GOP Twin Defeats in January 5 Senate Runoff Elections!

In Sharp Break from Trump’s Meetings for Plutocrats Only, Biden and Harris Confer on Public Health and Economic Recovery with Broad Sample of Labor and Management; Biden Demands Orderly Transition Starting Now and Passage of $3 Trillion HEROES Act to Keep State Governments Functioning; Biden Mocks Scott Atlas’ Calls for “Resistance”; Leaders of UAW, SEIU, UFCW Grocery Workers, AFSCME, and Trumka of AFL-CIO “Sang from the Same Hymnal” with Executives from GM, Target, Microsoft, and Gap; 

“Great Reset” With Help from Time Magazine, Aging Malthusian Crackpots of Davos-Based World Economic Forum Are Trying to Push Biden Administration Towards Deadly Energy Austerity; Push is Timed to Coincide with US Transition; Tell Joe the American People Want FDR’s New Deal Economics, Modern Nuclear Energy, Transcontinental Maglev Rail, and a Rising Standard of Living, Not Endless Immiseration;

Tax Wall Street Party Urges Biden to Keep Susan Rice and Samantha Power Out of His Cabinet and White House; After Repeated Antitrust Violation s in US and Europe, Bill Gates Does Not Have the Confidence of the American People and Must Be Kept Out of Any Role in Public Health Policy;

Breaking: Chris Hayes of MSNBC Mentions “The Spanish Term ‘Autogolpe’”

Nov 2020

November 14, 2020 - World Crisis Radio

The Whole World Is Watching: Will It Be Wag the Dog against Iran, Autogolpe, or Legal Transfer of Power to Biden? Destiny of 330 Million Americans Might Now Depend on the Whim of One Mentally Troubled Adventurer; By Acting as Accessories, Republican Party Has Earned Extinction – Let’s Make Sure that They Get It, Starting in Georgia on January 5! 

Decapitated US Government Leaves Window of Vulnerability Wide Open on World Stage; Pompeo Eyed with Suspicion by Macron, Who Promises to Keep Biden Informed of All that Transpires in Monday Meeting; French Views Reflect Recent Terror Attacks by Jihadis; Pompeo’s Visit to Israel Prepared by Veteran Neocon Warmonger Eliot Abrams;

Trump Fanatics Gather in DC’s Freedom Plaza (Capacity 15,000); Few Elected Officials Present Reportedly Include One QAnon Fanatic from Georgia; Not Enough for Coup; Trump Makes Perfunctory Drive-By Cameo Appearance but No Rousing Speech, then Hurries Off to Play Golf; Energy Level Falling; Anti-Trump Forces Wisely Declined Provocation;

One Week After Associated Press Called Election for Biden, Concern Grows of Threat of Public Health Chaos due to Failure to Ascertain Him as Victor; Trump’s GSA Overseer Emily Murphy, Now Sabotaging Transition, Has Been Faulted for Misleading Congress on Trump Hotel and New FBI Headquarters Issues;

Is Time for New 1776 or Rather a New 1865, which Was Already the Second American Revolution?

From Mussolini’s March on Rome in October 1922 to the Pathos of the “Million MAGA March”: The First Time as Tragedy, the Second Time as Farce!

Nov 2020

November 12, 2020

Pompeo Embarks on 7-Nation Middle East Farewell Tour That May Represent Trump’s Last Chance to Unleash Conflagration Targeting Iran, Evidently with Wag the Dog Rationale; Framework is “Abrahamic Accords” Among US, Israel, and United Arab Emirates, Directed Against Tehran for “Countering Iran’s Malign Behavior”; Itinerary Includes Israel, France, Turkey (Snubbed by Turkish Foreign Minister Cavusoglu, He Will Meet Greek Patriarch of Constantinople), Georgia, UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar); 

Homeland Security Still Fighting, Despite New Wave of Purges by Trump, DHS Unit Announces This Was “Most Secure” Election in American History: Trump Is Ousting Christopher Krebs, Director of Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (DHS), Who Fought Subversive Rumor-Mongering Around Elections, “Swatting Voter Fraud Claims Down and Contradicting the President”; Also Fired Are DHS Asst. Secretary for International Affairs Valerie Boyd and Cybersecurity Expert Bryan Ware; These Losses Continue Decapitation of US Government, Blinding It to Foreign Threats and Intelligence;

Beware Bid by Trump’s Shysters to Prevent Certification of Vote in States under Republican Rule in Hopes of Getting Legislatures to Disenfranchise Voters and Validate a New List of GOP Hacks as Electors:

Breaking: Class Consciousness on the March: Obama May Have Finally Understood from Trump’s Sabotage of Constitutional Government that the Only Solution for the Republican Party is Extinction, Not More Concessions to GOP’s Rich Donors at the Expense of Impoverished Americans!

JCS Chief Gen. Milley Says US Forces Are Unique in that They Don’t Take an Oath to a “Tyrant or Dictator”

Nov 2020

November 11, 2020

Tensions Grow in Washington Over Highly Suspicious Pattern of Trump’s Late Term Firings and Incompetent Replacements; Is This a Dream Team for an Autogolpe? Or For a Wag the Dog Attack on Iran? 

Esper, An Opponent of Using Active Duty Troops Against Peaceful Protests, Is Being Replaced by Low Intensity Special Forces Expert Gen. Chris Miller; Will Miller’s Counter-Insurgency Skills, Learned in Afghanistan, Now Be Deployed against Americans Protesting Fascist Rule?; 

Miller’s Top Aid and Chief of Staff is Trump Minion and Conspiracy Freak Kash Patel, a Key Director of Trump’s Pentagon Purge and Planner of Rep. Devin Nunes’ Infamous March 2017 Midnight Ride To Block Probes of Trump’s Russia Links; 

Patel Crony Ezra Cohen-Watnick Is Don’s Choice for Acting Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence and Security, Moving Up from Acting Assistant Secretary of Defense for Special Operations and Low-Intensity Conflict; Cohen-Watnick, a Top Dog at the Special Operations Command, Had Served Confessed Felon Gen. Michael Flynn and Ousted AG Jeff Sessions; Cohen Watnick Contributed to the Nunes Midnight Ride to Halt Investigations of Trump;

Another Promotion Goes to White House Operative Michael Ellis, Now Made General Counsel to the National Security Agency Against the Opposition of NSA Director Gen. Paul Nakasone, Who Is Not a Trump Lackey; Ellis is Yet Another Alumnus of the Devin Nunes Midnight Ride; 

Gen. Anthony Tata is New Acting Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Policy; Tata was Fox News Commentator and Conspiracy Theorist Who Failed to Get Senate Confirmation in Spring 2020; He Had Posted Deranged Emails Calling Obama a Moslem and Terrorist, Inveighing Against a Deep State Cabal, and Threatening to Execute Ex-CIA Director Brennan by Various Means;

CIA Director Haspel and FBI Director Wray May Be Next to Fall; Reports Say Any Mention of Biden or the Presidential Transition by Staffers at Robert O’ Brien’s National Security Council Team is Grounds for Immediate Firing;

Biden Now Leads Trump by 5.2 Million Popular Votes; Otherwise, Trump Administration Is Catatonic as Today’s Covid Cases Set New Record Beyond 145,000; Federal Judges Must Re-Discover Rule Eleven Sanctions to Use Against GOP’s Avalanche of Frivolous Lawsuits;

Nov 2020

November10, 2020

At Supreme Court Hearing on Obamacare/ACA, Contest Is Trump and Texas vs California-Led States Seeking to Defend Health Care in Midst of Pandemic; Roberts and Kavanaugh Signal Doubts that GOP’s 2017 Repeal of Individual Mandate Dooms Entire ACA; How Does Texas Have Standing in Case that Does Not Harm Them?; Surprising Moderation of Alito; California AG Becerra Voices Cautious Optimism About ACA Survival; But Beware Reactionary Justices Who Would Follow Trump if He Held Onto Power!

Autogolpe Updates: Trump Still Insisting He Is Election Victor; Moscow Mitch, Blunt, and Other GOP Hacks Playing Along; GSA Boss Refusing to Cooperate with Biden Campaign on Premises, Intelligence, and Funding; DNI Ratcliffe Decrees No Contact with Incoming Administration; Pompeo’s Open Contempt for Voters Stokes Rebellion Among Human Rights Experts of Foggy Bottom; Georgia GOP Bigwigs In Frenzied Attack on State’s Pro-Biden Vote Count;

In Self-Assured and Presidential Speech, President-Elect Biden Tells Nation that Trump’s Defiance of Transition Laws is “Embarrassment” for Trump that Will Mar His Legacy; Trump’s Sabotage Is Not Hampering Work of Transition, Biden Reports; Reporter: Will GOP Cooperate? Biden: They Will! 

Washington in Shock After Trump’s Highly Suspicious Firing of Defense Secretary Esper; Was Don’s Purpose to Remove an Obstacle to Deploying Active Duty against Peaceful Protesters; And Is This Part of a Coup Plot?

Richard Pilger, DoJ’s Head of Election Crimes Branch, Resigns in Protest Against AG Barr’s Engraved Invitation to 93 US Attorneys To Falsify Election Results in Favor of Trump;

“Bad Memories” Are All that Remain: Russian TV Talking Heads Lament Defeat of Their Protégé Don; Kremlin Ally Zhirinovsky Still Wants to Make Trump More Dependent on Moscow and “Milk Him Like A Cow”; Others Whine That Trump Never Delivered on Moscow’s Demands on State Visits and Lifting Sanctions Because of Resistance in Congress; Fearing Biden, Another Warns It May Be Time to “Get Ready to Be Disconnected from SWIFT!” [International interbank payment system]

Nov 2020

November 9, 2020

Is Trump Unleashing an Autogolpe against US Constitution? Ominous Signs Multiply: Trump’s Defense Secretary Esper Brusquely “Terminated” by Tweet; Pentagon Boss Had Publicly Rejected Trump’s Bid to Use Cover of Insurrection Act to Deploy Federal Troops Against Peaceful Protesters; Replacement is Christopher Miller, Current Head of National Counterterrorism Information Center; Firing of Esper Introduces Chaos Factors at Worst Possible Time, with China’s Aggressor Xi Considering Attack on Taiwan; 

Trump Hack Emily Murphy of General Services Administration and Her Pro-Trump Agency Counsel Trent Benishek Are Still Refusing to Issue Ascertainment Triggering Start of Trump to Biden Transition, Withholding Federal Money, Communications, and Offices Needed ASAP by Incoming White House Team; USAID Rebels Against Biden Requests;

Moscow Mitch Backs Trump’s Frivolous Vote Fraud Law Suits; Georgia GOP Bigwigs Want to Purge Secretary of State for Insufficient Fanaticism in Service of Trump; AG Barr Tells US Attorneys to Find Anti-Trump Conspiracies Around Election;

Mobilize to Win Both Senate Runoffs in Georgia on January 5 to Give Vice President Kamala Harris the Tie-Breaking Vote for Biden’s Cabinet Appointments and Reform Legislation of Hundred Days!

From the Black Soldiers in the Union Army to Clyburn’s Role as Key Sponsor of Biden: The Black Community as Conscience of America; 

Breaking: Meadows, Carson, and White House Staffers Diagnosed with Covid After Packed Election Party; Facing Breakdown of Hospital System, Utah’s GOP Governor Declares Covid State of Emergency!

Nov 2020

November 7, 2020 - World Crisis Radio

Breaking: Biden-Harris Take Presidency with 279 Electoral Votes by Winning Pennsylvania and Nevada; AP and Networks Make Call At 11:25 AM EST Based on Raft of Philadelphia Votes; Trump and Minions Refuse to Concede, Promising More Lawsuits and Obstruction; Honest Judges Should Impose Severe Rule Eleven Sanctions on Trump’s Legal Henchmen for Filing Frivolous Lawsuits; Election Spotlight Now Turns to Struggle To Seat Two New Democratic Senators in Georgia In January;

Dancing in Streets of US Cities with Music, Joy and Laughter as Americans Celebrate End of the Nightmare; Merkel of Germany, Macron of France, Conte of Italy, Irish Prime Minister, Modi of India, Trudeau of Canada, Sanchez of Spain and Many Other Heads of State and Government Congratulate Biden-Harris; Don’s International Isolation Means Other Nations Will Not Grant De Jure Recognition to an Illegal Trump Regime; Biden-Harris Need a Coup Watch and Close Attention to Possible Troop Movements; Keep the General Strike Option Ready in Case of New Machinations by Trump’s Fascist Judges;

Thanks to Trumps’ Genocidal Policies, Americans Are Now Dying at Rate of Almost One Per Minute; To Save 100,000 Lives or More Before January 20, Let Trump Cop a Plea Deal in Spiro Agnew Tradition and Leave Office at Once for Exile and Oblivion; Then Have Pence Push Through Pelosi’s $3.2 Trillion HEROES Act 

Tasks for Biden: Re-State the US Security Commitment to Taiwan to Deter Aggression by Beijing During US Transition; Tell UK’s Boris Johnson No Trade Accord with US if He Goes for Illegal No Deal Brexit at End of December, Which is Threat to NATO and to World Economic Stability;

Keystone State of Pennsylvania Helped Saved the Constitution at Gettysburg in 1863, and Is Now Helping to Save It Again; Way Is Clear for New Birth of Freedom Foreshadowed by Lincoln;

Nov 2020

November 5, 2020

US on Verge of Regime Change as Trump’s Vote Totals Falter, His Court Actions Fall Flat, and His Propaganda Machine Begins to Disintegrate as He Spouts Goebbels-Style Big Lies About Counting;

Rupert Murdoch Dumps Obnoxious Parvenu Trump, with Whom He Clashed Over Fox’s Arizona Call on Tuesday: Rupert’s New York Post Tabloid Headlines: “Downcast Trump Makes Baseless Election Fraud Claims in White House Address”; In Desperation, Don Jr. and Eric Peddle Wild Charges Against Election Process; Threats of Violence Heard from MAGA Circles;

Don’s Incredible Shrinking Vote: His Lead in PA Shrinks to 26k, Down from 600,000 Early Wednesday at Height of Red Mirage; Biden is Gaining by Over 10,000 Votes Per Hour with a 70% Preponderance for Dems, with Several Hundred Thousand Ballots Uncounted; In Harrisburg, Lt. Governor Expects State To Go to Biden with 20 Electoral Votes, Enough To Give Victory to Biden; Beware: Barr Claims Right to Send Armed G-Men Into Places Where Votes Are Being Counted;

Biden Lead Down to 11k in Nevada; In Georgia, Biden is Within 0.1% or 1,600 of Overtaking and Passing Don; Trump Republican Purdue Slips Below 50%, Setting Up a Double Runoff for Senate in January which Could Be Decisive for Control of US Senate;

Die Welt of Hamburg Compares Trump to a Roman Emperor of the Low Empire; But Which One?

Will Guy Fawkes Day Mark the End of Trump Campaign’s Hopes?

If Biden Takes Georgia, the Nixon-Thurmond Southern Strategy Will Finally Be Over!

Nov 2020

November 4, 2020

Trump Proclaims His Program for Dictatorship: In Deranged 2am Tirade, He Anoints Himself the Victor, Alleging Efforts to Defraud American People by His Opponents; His Campaign Will Go to the US Supreme Court to “Stop the Voting”; His Line that the Election is Being “Stolen” Is Now the Party Line of Many GOP Diehards;

Biden on Track for Biggest Popular Vote Total in US History; Electoral Votes Currently Stand at 253 for Biden vs. 214 for Incumbent; With Wisconsin and Michigan Already Won, Biden Can Quickly Reach Attain 270 Electoral Votes and Thus Win the Presidency by Taking Arizona (11 EV) and Nevada (6 EV); Fox Showing 264 for Biden, with Arizona Already Included; 

Huge Overhang of Uncounted Early Votes in Pennsylvania Should When Counted Add to Biden’s Winning Margin; Dems May Also Take Georgia and North Carolina; 

Facing Defeat at the Hands of Voters, Trump Campaign Launches Last-Ditch Frivolous Lawsuits against Democracy in PA, MI, and GA; 

Trump Mouthpiece McGahn Says These Gambits May Fail to Obtain Cert; Former WI Gov. Scott Walker Calls Any Attempt to Reverse Vote Count “a High Hurdle” for GOP; Sen. Peters (MI) Survives, with Senate Now 47 D to 48 R and Moscow Mitch Likely to Retain Power; 

Biden’s 100 Days Must Feature Mass Traction Economic Demands for the Benefit of All the People!

Breaking: 9pm Arizona Vote Report Leaves Biden with 3% Lead; More from Maricopa Tonight

Nov 2020
Nov 2020

November 2, 2020

On Election Day, Vote to Free American from the Nightmare of Trump and Trumpism; Fate of US and World Is Riding on This Election; Almost 100 Million Americans So Far Have Made Clear that They Believe in Voting and Majority Rule, Unlike the Aspiring Great Dictator; 

Trump Claim of Victory Would Be Seen as Signal to Fascist Gangs to Attack, Providing a Pretext for Martial Law and Halting of Vote Count; Dems’ Legal Defense Chief Bob Bauer Says They Are Ready; Federal Judge Rejects Attempt by Texas GOP to Shred 125,000 Drive-Thru Ballots;

Experienced Political Operatives and Pollsters Predict That Trump’s Defeat Could Be Obvious by About Ten O’Clock Tuesday Evening; They Predict Alternatives Come Down to a Skinny Biden Win with About 300 Electoral Votes, or else a Biden Landslide Victory; Biden Warned Never to Concede or Capitulate; Carville Urges that Biden Declare Himself the Winner Early in the Evening to Beat Trump to the Draw;

Biden’s Simplest Path is Winning Clinton States, Plus Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, along with North Carolina or Georgia as Insurance Against Surprises Elsewhere;

Democrats Expected to Gain 10 to 15 Seats in House; GOP’s Senate Majority Likely to Evaporate; Total Wipeout for Republicans Could Put GOP on Path to Extinction as National Force; 

At This Point, Any Riot is a Pro-Trump Riot, and Must Be Denounced and Isolated; Deranged Ultra-Left Provocateurs Tout Plans to Shut Down Washington Without Waiting for Election Result; Their Posturing is Grist for Propaganda Mill of Alt-Right!

Oct 2020

October 31, 2020 - World Crisis Radio

Polling Inspires Cautious Optimism that Would-Be Dictator Can Be Defeated; Persons of Good Will Must Devote Every Waking Hour to Defense of Democracy with Biden; 91 Million Americans Have Now Voted;

Record 100,000 Covid Cases and 1,000 Deaths on Friday Give the Lie to Trump’s Mantra that US Has Turned the Corner;

Trump Machine Prepares Legal Obstructions to Negate the Will of the People, with Focus on Attacking Blue Wall of PA, MI, WI; US Postal Service Thoroughly Sabotaged by GOP Stooge DeJoy;

Don’s Mouthpieces Will Work in Tandem with Gangs of Fascist Hooligans Encouraged to Harass and Intimidate Voters while Posing as Poll Watchers; Fascists Planning to Attack Elections in Oregon, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania; National Guard Deployed in Philadelphia; Democratic Governors and Mayors Must Not Hesitate to Deploy Guard if Riots Erupt; Any Riot Now S a Pro-Trump Riot, Allowing Him to Impose His Brand of Martial Law to Stop Voting; Oath Keeper Honcho Blusters His Phalanxes Will Arrest Deep State if Biden Wins;

Declaring “No Alternative,” Trump Clone BoJo Institutes Lockdown Light with Schools Open in England and Across UK, Citing Threat to NHS Hospital System; Promises 80% of Wages Will Be Paid; Move Follows Similar Restrictions by Italy, Spain, France, and Germany;

A Mirror for Kushner and Kayleigh: France’s Marshal Pétain Worked During 1930s to Weaken France, and Helped Impose Surrender in 1940: He Knew Fascists Were an Unpopular Minority Which Could Take Power Only in Wake of Huge National Defeat; After 1940 Crushing of France, Pétain Ended Democratic Republic and Set Up Vichy Fascist Regime as German Puppet State; Same Pattern Can Be Seen with Covid Today;

Breaking: Friedman of New York Times Calls on Biden to Form National Unity Government to Include Top Republicans after Trump Defeat; But Long Overdue US Party Re-Alignment Requires that GOP Quickly Follow Federalists, Whigs, and Knownothings into Oblivion; GOP as Party of Trump Enablers Has Earned Extinction, So Let’s Be Sure They Get It This Year; Incorrigible Republicans Cannot Be Salvaged or Break Habits of Plutocracy and Sabotage of Public Interest; Next US National Party System Should Be Centered on Social Democratic Moderate Democrats Contending with Ultra-Left Progressives for FDR New Deal Mantel, with Right-Wing Extremists Withering on Vine as Corporate Money Goes Elsewhere; Moving US Political Axis to Moderate Left Would Be Boon to World!

Oct 2020

October 29, 2020

Four Days before General Election, US Proceeds Toward Fateful Choice between Freedom and Fascism; Vote Now by Any Available Means to Make Sure You Get On the World-Historical Scoreboard; 

Biden and Trump Campaign in Critical Swing State of Florida, Where Democrat Has Narrow Lead; Pandemic Ravages Upper Midwest, Posing Existential Threat to Trump’s Support in Wisconsin and Elsewhere; 

After Atrocity Shooting of Black Citizen Walter Wallace Jr. by Philadelphia Cops, Protests Multiply, But Provocateurs Also Move in, Fomenting Widespread Looting and Violence; Trump’s Demagogy Seizes in Situation; 11 People Shot and Scores of Police Injured; Highly Suspicious Van Found with Propane Tanks, Torches and Possible Dynamite; Gov. Wolf and Mayor Kenny Have Mobilization National Guard; Situation Must Be Pacified Quickly for Sake of National Election; Philadelphia DA Krassner Warns Proud Boys and Other Trump To Stay Away or Be Jailed; After Failure of anti-Hunter Biden Offensive, is GOP Eyeing Riots and Martial Law as Ways to Interfere with Vote?

Looking Back at 2000: Biden and Rest of Party Must Know that No Concession to Trump Will Be Acceptable to Rank and File Voters Under Any Circumstances Whatsoever; Instead, Country Needs Determined Will to Fight Through to Victory for Constitutional Government Under Biden, Not Dictatorship by Financier Oligarchy and Its Puppet; 

How Lincoln Defied Supreme Court Chief Justice and Traitor Roger Taney to Save Washington, and Rejected Dictatorship of Supreme Court at Opening of Civil War-

Breaking: US Exceeds 85,000 Cases Today, the Worst Toll Ever; In Georgia, Ossoff Excels in Debate with Sleazy Sen. Purdue

Oct 2020

October 28, 2020

Rogue Supreme Court in Overdrive to Micromanage Election Blatantly in Favor of Trump GOP; But 75 Million Americans Have Already Voted; Time to Vote in Person and Stop Relying on US Postal Service, Now Crippled by Sabotage of Trump and DeJoy; DC Federal Judge Emmet Sullivan Orders Rollback of DeJoy’s Ruinous Measures;

Tectonic Shifts Are Ongoing: CNN-SSRS Poll Released This Evening Poll Has Biden Ahead by 12% Nationwide;

Cook Report Now Classifies Texas as Toss-Up for President; Cook Sees GOP Loss of 5 to 8 Seats as Possible, Potentially Yielding Democratic Majority of 52-55 Seats; 

Washington Post-ABC Poll Shows Biden Ahead in Michigan by 51 to 44; In Shocker, Same Poll Puts Biden Ahead in Wisconsin by Lopsided Score of 57 to 40; Shift Might Be Due to Covid Explosion in State;

538 Finds This an Outlier but Plausible Based on Lesser-Known Surveys, Including Recent Gravis Polls Giving Biden Leads of 14 Points in Minnesota and 13 Points in Michigan; RABA Research Says Biden Leads in Iowa by 4%, Making State a Tossup; Last Days of Trump Pompeii;

Dow Falls 943 Points Wednesday, For Total Loss of 1,800 Points This Week; Causes Feature Blocking of Aid and Stimulus Package in Congress by Moscow Mitch and 20 GOP Austerity Ghouls; Wall Street Reacts to Restrictive Measures by Italy, France, and Germany; 

Anniversary of Comey Day 2016 Has Come and Gone, But GOP’s Campaign of Vilification Against Biden and Family Has So Failed to Deliver on Promises of Bombshell Revelations, Causing Don’s Media Coalition to Splinter;

In Address to French Nation, Macron Takes Full Responsibility for Outcome of Fight Against Pandemic; Notes That French Government Study of Herd Immunity Method Preferred by White House and Found It Would Cause 400,000 Additional Deaths, and had to be Rejected with Prejudice

Oct 2020

October 27, 2020

Struggle to Turn Out the Vote and Get the Votes Counted Takes Center Stage; Will Federal Judges Become Toadies and Lackeys of Trump?; 

Pre-Barrett Supreme Court Voted 5 to 3 That Wisconsin Cannot Count Mail-In Ballots Received After Election Day; Wisconsin Supreme Court and Federal District Court Had Established New Deadline Allowing Ballots To Be Received Six Days After Polls Close; Writing for Reactionary Majority, Gorsuch Sneers that Covid Pandemic Was Not Enough Reason to Loosen Usual Deadline, No Matter How Many Cases are Diagnosed in Wisconsin;

Kavanaugh Finds Gorsuch Opinion Insufficiently Reactionary; He Ominously Lauds Rehnquist’s Assertion in Bush v. Gore (2000) that Federal Judges Must Prevent State Courts from Overruling State Legislatures; Parroting Trump, Kavanaugh Raves that States Should Avoid “the Chaos and Suspicions of Impropriety” that Would Come from Counting All Votes; Move is Widely Seen as Kavanaugh’s Confirmation as a Right-Wing Extremist Eager to Help Steal the Election as Part of Trump Coup; Kagan, Bryer, and Sotomayor Reply that Until The State Has Officially Certified the Outcome, There is No Result to Flip, Only Exit Polls; 

Purcell Principle Dictates that US Supreme Court Should Not Strike Down State Election Laws, Especially on Eve of Election Day, Meaning that Pennsylvania’s 3-Day Grace Period For Vote Counting After November 3 Must Not Be Undermined; 

Former Attorney General Holder Urges No More Mail-In Ballots, Given DeJoy’s Sabotage; Immediately Bring Your Ballot to the Board of Elections, Put It In an Official Drop Box, Vote Early in Person, or Vote In Person on Election Day; 

At FDR’s Favorite Resort of Warm Springs, Georgia, Biden Develops Theme of National Healing with Sequel to His Speech at Gettysburg; Summing Up Main Ideas of His Campaign, He Calls for All Hands on Deck to Fight Pandemic, Economic Crisis, Obamacare, Prescription Drug Prices, and Racial Conflict; 

Signs That Pro-Trump Dark Forces Are Already Preparing Violent Riots in Large US Cities for Election Day and Beyond As Backdrop to Struggle to Count the Ballots; Pro-Trump Police Networks Reportedly Foment Insubordination;

From the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse Who Fought FDR in the Late 1930s to the Six Reactionaries of Today!

Oct 2020

October 26, 2020

Barrett Confirmed for Supreme Court by 52-48 Vote in Senate; Ultra-Reactionary Majority of Republican Legal Positivists Takes Shape on High Court; GOP Orgy of Rule Breaking Must Set Stage for Reform of Hijacked Court, Adding Justices; New Extremist Majority is Designed to Enable a Trump November Coup and Resulting Dictatorship; Perversion of Judiciary Was Key Feature of Fascist Regimes Like Italy in 1920s and Germany in 1930s; Expect Atrocities Against Constitution and General Welfare within Days!

More Plans for Second Term Dictatorship: Trump Wants to Fire Esper of Pentagon, Wray of FBI, and Haspel of CIA; Replacements Are Guaranteed to Be Worse; Don Plans Purge of Federal Civil Service and Removal of Safeguards Against Partisan Thuggery; Ronald Sanders, a Trump Appointee on Civil Service Commission, Resigns in Protest;

Europe and US Face Exponential Growth of Pandemic, as Spain and Italy Implement New Countermeasures; White House Chief of Staff Meadows Admits US Defeat in Pandemic That Trump Cannot Control; Herd Immunity Rules; On Campaign Trail, Trump Again Suggests that Contagion is Political Hoax Against Him That Will Disappear on November 4; US Deaths Pass 225,000;

Biden to Campaign in Georgia, Visiting Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Polio Treatment Center at Warm Springs;

Note to Media: Stop Helping GOP by Calling Them Conservatives! Most Are Reactionaries, with Not a Few Fascists!

Breaking: In Harbinger of Horrors to Come, pre-Barrett Supreme Court Stops Wisconsin from Counting Mail-In Ballots Arriving after Election Day;

Oct 2020

October 24, 2020 - World Crisis Radio

Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin at the Crossroads of World History as Struggle Enters Final Ten Days; Time to Vote Trump Out for the Sake of the Nation and of Humanity!

Are You Better Off Now? Manufacturing Jobs in These Three States Plus Ohio, North Carolina, and Minnesota Have Been Reduced by Over 188,000 under Trump After Increasing by over 126,000 in Obama’s Second Term; Three Quarters of Americans Want Another Package of Economic Stimulus and Pandemic Relief Now, But 20 Senate GOP Ultra-Reactionaries Are Blocking Needed Action; Two Thirds Welcome Biden’s Plan to Reach 97% Coverage with a Public Option as Employer-Based Insurance Becomes Scarcer; Trump’s Super-Spreader Rallies Are the New Trail of Tears: Friends Don’t Let Friends Attend!

With 84,000 New Infections Reported on Friday, US Rounds the Turn to All-Time Daily Record for Highest Number of Covid Cases During Current Pandemic; Europe on Path into Grim Winter; President of Poland Tests Positive; Italy, Spain, UK, and France Eye More Restrictions;

Moscow Mitch Breaks Senate Rules, Pushes Toward Confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett on Monday; No More Fascist Judges!

Trump Gang Laying Groundwork for Political Purge of Federal Civil Service If He Wins Second Term; As Defeat Looms, Feuds Break Out in Trump Camp: “De Facto Chief of Staff” Lou Dobbs Calls for Defeat of Lindsey Graham for Not Using His Committee to Slander Biden; Wray and Barr Are Still Targets of Don’s Wrath!

Note on Method: Reactionary Austrian Economic Theory Claims that a Depression Cannot Be Fought and Stopped by Timely Government Measures, But Must Rather Be Allowed to Rage to Its Full Fury, Maximizing Unemployment, Until It “Burns Itself Out”; Compare this to the Malthusian-Genocidal “Herd Immunity,” Now Dominant in the White House Court of Miracles: The Word Once Again is Don’t Try to Crush or Defeat the Virus, but do the Minimum, Don’t Test, Let Covid Wash Over Society, Maximizing Infections Especially Among the Young, Until the Pandemic Has Burned Itself Out; The Class Basis of These Dangerous Theories Is the Same!

Oct 2020

October 22, 2020

Biden and Trump Meet for Final Debate; Meeting May Mark Trump’s Swan Song; Falling Short of Their Pre-Debate Hype, Trump Surrogates Fail Again to Deliver the Hunter Biden Scandal Material They Have Been Touting; Trump’s Guest and Star Witness Tonight is Disgruntled China Trade Veteran Bobulinsky, Who Claims to Have Been a Business Associate of Hunter;

Result: So Far, Virtually No Exhibits or Documents Regarding the Alleged Corruption or Turpitude of the Bidens Are Available in the Public Domain; So Where’s the Beef?;

Trump’s Rage and Bluster Suggest Increasing Nervous Tension in Light of Pessimistic Polls; White House Handlers Fear Don May Show Up in Guise of Yosemite Sam

Biden Should Ignore the Fascist Clown Show and Hammer Mass Traction Economic Issues: Trump GOP Wants to Destroy Entire Obamacare-Affordable Care Act, with Devastating Consequences for 190 Million Americans; Trump’s Attack on Social Security Payroll Tax Would Bankrupt Pensions and Medicare During Next Presidential Term; Trump’s Refusal to Support an Anti-Pandemic Mobilization Has Caused Tens of Thousands of Needless Deaths; 80% of Trump’s December 2017 Tax Scam Has Gone to Plutocrats and Predatory Corporations, Not Working Families; $15 National Minimum Wage is Long Overdue; Moscow Mitch is Still Blocking Pelosi’s $3.2  Trillion HEROES Act, Needed to Support State Governments and Public Health Measures

Oct 2020

October 21, 2020

On Fox, Dana Perino Repeats Warning to Campaign Spokesman Murtaugh that Trump In Any Case Cannot Hope to Build Election Momentum Based on Totally Unsubstantiated Allegations Against Hunter Biden; But Trump Keeps Trying Anyway; 

A Distant Mirror: The Attempted Coup d’État of the Bankrupt Aristocrat Lucius Sergius Catiline in 63 BC; He Gathered a Base of Impoverished Veterans and Debt-Ridden Adventurers to Demolish the Roman Republic; The Plot Included A Camp for Armed Militia North of Rome; Catiline Was Defeated by the Orator Cicero Using Public Denunciation of the Plotters’ Activities and Strategy;

Breaking: Another Bungled October Surprise?: Trump’s DNI Stooge Ratcliffe Hypes Wave of Crude Threatening Emails Received by Democratic Voters in Pennsylvania, Florida and Other States; Ratcliffe Attributes Op Mainly to Iran, and Tries to Spin Emails as Anti-Trump Ploy; But FBI Director Wray Remains Aloof; 

Within Hours, Reports Surface Trump is Enraged at Wray’s Failure to Deliver Frameups against His Political Foes; Don Wants to Install a Total Toady as Replacement; 

Oct 2020

October 20, 2020

Brennan, Clapper, Hayden, Panetta and Other Intelligence Veterans Condemn New York Post’s Alleged Hunter Biden Email Revelations As Having “All the Classic Earmarks of a Russian Disinformation Operation” and Being “Consistent with Russian Objectives” of Creating Political Chaos in the US, Deepening Political Decisions, Undermining Biden Campaign, and Helping Trump Get Elected; Reports Surface of Months of Preparation for Current Phony Laptop Op; Key Role of Giuliani Points to Dirty Pro-Trump Faction of FBI; Where Finally Are Supposedly Incriminating Tapes?

Would Be Dictator is Losing It as Election Defeat Approaches: He Bluntly Orders Barr to Start Witch Hunt Against Bidens; Still No Word About What Crime, If Any, Might Be Charged; Meadows Tells Federal Judge That Trump Tweets Have No Legal Standing, Meaning They Are Just Random Demagogy;

Fate of US May Depend on Very Bad Weather for November 3: As Democrats Bank Large Proportions of Mail In Votes and Early Votes, Trump GOP Becomes More Dependent on Votes Cast on Traditional Election Day: Rainstorms and Blizzards At That Time Could Be Decisive Factors for Turnout; The Distant Mirrors of Benjamin Franklin’s Traitor Son, and of French Chemist Antione Lavoisier, Executed During the Reign of Terror of the French Revolution;

Breaking: NYT-Siena Poll Gives Biden 9 Point Lead; Finds Americans Favor A New $2 Trillion Pandemic Relief and Stimulus Package, 72-21; But Moscow Mitch Chooses This Moment to Order Trump Not to Compromise with Pelosi!

Oct 2020

October 19, 2020

Clumsy Pro-Trump October Surprise Ploy via New York Post Slanders Falling Flat; NY Times Reports Fox News Refused to Serve as Vehicle for Unproven Stories About Mystery Laptop; NY Post Reporter Who Finally Wrote Story Allegedly Refused to Let His Name Be Used in Byline; Leading True Believer Is Notorious Stooge Ratcliffe of ONI;

Mark Thiessen of Fox News Warns Trump Camp That Hunter Biden’s Escapades Will Not Be Winning Issue in This Crisis; He Suggests that Trump’s Last Hope Might Be 14% of 2016 GOP Voters Who Imagine They Are Better Off Economically, But Don’t Like Trump’s Scurrilous Hooliganism: If Trump Could Clean Up His Act, He Might Get Them Back; But Mystery Laptop Caper and Torrent of Vile Abuse Negate This Approach;

Reactionary Sen. Ron Johnson Floats another Innuendo against Hunter Biden; He Should Be Censured Like Joe McCarthy and Expelled from Senate; 

Judge Stops Trump Plan for Cutting Food Stamps for 700,000 Families; Trump May Turn Out to Be First President with Negative Net Job Creation since Herbert Hoover; 

Good Viewing for Pre-Election Season: Political and Cultural Lessons of the Tragedy of European Fascism, and a Very Timely Warning for US Today;

“Let Them Eat Scotus”: Moscow Mitch Condemned by Bishop William Barber for His Septic Cynicism and Lust for Power as Poverty Spreads; Yahoo News-New Gov. Poll Registers 11 Point Lead for Biden, 51-40; UpShot Gives Biden 4% Lead in Florida; Your Right to Vote: Use It or Lose It!

Oct 2020

October 17, 2020 - World Crisis Radio

Twilight of Trump: Don Was Warned by US Intelligence and NSC Director that Scandal Materials Against Hunter Biden Dished Up by Bannon and Giuliani Were Likely Russian Intelligence Fabrications; 

First Time as Tragedy, Second Time as Farce: Crude Attempt by Trump Gang to Repeat the Hillary Clinton Email Scandal of 2016 Is Failing to Gain Traction, NY Post Exposé Going Over Like Lead Balloon; Scant Interest for Umpteenth Warmed-Over Ukrainian Scandal as October Surprise;

Another 900,000 First-Time Jobless Claims; Widespread Immiseration Looms for Holiday Season, as Moscow Mitch’s Sabotage of Pandemic Relief Bills Continues; Joni Ernst of Iowa Still Does Not Know the Price of Corn and Soy Beans!

Nightmare Winter of 2020-2021 Now Clearly Visible; Center of Contagion Shifts to Europe; France Hits 32,000 New Cases in One Day; Virus Making Comeback in Italy; Field Hospital Goes Up in Prague, Czech Republic; US Experiences Biggest Flare-Up Since August; Trump Still Catatonic; 

Absolute Majority for New Zealand’s Labour Party PM Ardern Running on Platform of Compassion and Successful Measures Against Pandemic is Bad Omen for Trump, Who Utterly Lacks These Capabilities Much in Demand Among Voters Everywhere;

Nausea: Low Ratings for Trump’s Town Hall on NBC-CNBC-MSNBC Compared to Biden’s ABC Appearance Point To Widespread Boredom and Disgust For Don’s Macabre and Mendacious Road Show Among Beleaguered Voters Who Need Effective Help, Not His Whining and Self-Pity; With His Treatment Cocktail Costing About $140,000, Don’s Promise to Deliver It For Free to Those in Need is the Hollowest Demagogy Yet; Trump Talks of Fleeing Abroad, But Most Americans Cannot Not Afford the Trip; Biden on Trump: He Has Gone Around the Bend, Is Living in a Dream World; 

In Kyrgyzstan, Embattled President Jeenbekov, Driven into Hiding on Charges of Cold Coup by Rigging the Latest Election, Has Announced His Resignation, Citing Danger of Civil Strife;

Breaking: Votes Cast So Far Number 22 Million in 45 States, But GOP’s Fascist War on Voting Continues; Republican Militias Eye Anti-Voter Violence Around November 3; Total Election Turnout Appears Headed for 160 Million; Votes Cast So Far by Registered Democrats Exceed Republicans by 18%; Moribund GOP Sees Handwriting on the Wall!

Oct 2020
Oct 2020

October 14, 2020

Judge Barrett Discredits Herself with Fantastic Claim She Did Not Know About Trump’s Pledge to Destroy Obamacare/Affordable Care Act; She Also Failed to Mention Her Signature on Strident Anti-Roe Petition in Original Questionnaire She Submitted to the Senate; Many of Her Answers Suggest She Will Function as Handmaid for Trump’s Expected Coup d’État; Moscow Mitch Might Attempt to Pass a Placebo Covid Relief Bill with Minimal Benefits to Relieve Political Pressure on His Beleaguered Members as Collapse of the GOP Senate Majority Looms;

Making a Mockery of Trump’s Claims of Diplomatic Prowess with North Korea, Pyongyang Regime Displays New Submarine-Launched Ballistic Missile and a New Liquid-Fueled Heavy ICBM that Can Hit US; This Country Urgently Needs Strategic Defense Based on Lasers; After Taiwan’s Ten Ten Day Celebration, Beijing Aggressors Issue New Invasion Threats; US Must Restate Commitment to Free China;

Pelosi Confirms that Trump Regime Policy is the Genocidal “Herd Immunity” Insanity which Has Dramatically Failed in Britain, Sweden, and Elsewhere; Herd Immunity Spells Abject Capitulation to the Covid Virus, Abandoning All Expensive Countermeasures and Courting Millions of Additional Cases; Basic Fallacy Is that Post-Infection Antibodies Are Supposed to Confer Immunity; But Such Immunity May Be Non-Existent or Tragically Brief, Making All the Terrible Sacrifices Pointless; White House Economic Honcho Kudlow of Wall Street Endorses the Crackpot Great Barrington Declaration, Current Focus of Malthusian Irrationalism; Program Claims to Care for the Vulnerable, Especially the Elderly, but Dotard Trump Is Incapable of Protecting Himself; Trump’s Public Health Guru Dr. Scott Atlas Peddles Herd Immunity to Azar of HHS; 

Pelosi Correctly Counters: To Solve the Economic Crisis, the First Step is to CRUSH THE VIRUS!; Fifteen Million Voters Have Already Cast Ballots!

Oct 2020

October 13, 2020

Disregarding Constitution and Laws, Barrett Refuses to Condemn Voter Intimidation, Opening Door to Armed Fascist Militias at Polling Places; She is Indifferent to Federal Statutory Ban on Voter Intimidation at 18 USC 594 Cited by Klobuchar; Barrett Cannot Say Whether President Has Power to Delay Presidential Election, a Timetable Which is Clearly Set by Constitution Itself; She Refuses to Endorse Peaceful Transfer of Power Between Administrations, and Will Not Commit to Recusing Herself in Cases Growing Out of Trump Machinations Around 2020 Election; Agnostic on Whether President Can Pardon Himself; Her Nomination Must Be Rejected!

Sen. Whitehouse Exposes Sinister Machinery which Has Produced Trump’s Judicial Nominees: the Federalist Society Has Been Decisive in Picking Judges, with Judicial Crisis Network Campaigning to Get Them Confirmed, with the Creation of Desired Case Opportunities and Orchestration of Phalanxes of Friend of the Court Briefs Telling Judges How to Vote in Key Cases; Goals of This Apparatus Include Allowing Unlimited Anonymous Dark Money in Campaigns; Marginalizing the Jury in Civil Cases; Weakening Regulation and Regulatory Agencies; and Relentlessly Eroding Voting Rights; Supremes Give Trump Permission to Halt Census At Once; Sotomayor Dissents, Citing Irreparable Harm Involved;

The Defeat of Trump and the Extinction of the Republican Party Loom Closer: Carville Argues That Democrats May Capture Georgia Legislature, Creating a Blue State on the Eve of Re-Apportionment; Cornyn in Trouble in Texas; Alaska Seen as Longshot Possibility for Dems; Veteran Operative Forecasts Florida, North Carolina, Georgia, and Ohio Results Will Be Known by 10:30 PM Eastern on Election Day, Eliminating Trump from Contention with No Chance to Game the Courts!

Oct 2020

October 12, 2020

In Senate Judiciary Committee, Sen. Whitehouse and Dem Members Slam “Slap Dash” Hearings Called in Obedience to GOP Megadonors Despite Pandemic to Launch Extremist Ideologue Amy Barrett as a “Judicial Torpedo” to Destroy the Affordable Care Act; Her Protestations of Impartiality Reek of Hypocrisy; Dems Seek to Flip One Seat on Committee or Two Seats for Floor Vote to Stop Barrett Nomination;

Barrett’s Fanatical Hostility to Affordable Care Act/Obamacare Is Threat to Lives and Health of 20 Million Who Are Insured Through Exchanges, 17 Million Insured Under Medicaid Expansion, and 129 Million Who Need Protection f or Pre-Existing Conditions; GOP Senators Attempt Diversions by Railing at Non-Existent Anti-Catholic Campaign;

Biden Leads Trump by 12 Points in ABC-WaPo Poll; Trump Behind by 8 in Michigan; Biden Ahead by 10 in Wisconsin; Trump’s Itinerary Shows His Weak Points of Florida, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Iowa; Biden on the Offensive, Campaigns Among Workers in Ohio; Former Trump Voter: “He Lies Like a Rug”;

Barrett’s Doctrines of Originalism and Textualism Are Varieties of Bankrupt Legal Positivism and the Rejection of Natural Law as Summarized in Preamble; Her Preference for Formalism and Contempt for Outcomes, Results and Justice Are an Open Door for Dismantling Health Care and Roe, after Rubber-Stamping Trump’s November Coup!

Oct 2020

October 10, 2020 - World Crisis Radio

From Kremlin to Beijing, Foreign Enemies Studying Chaos and Disarray of Trump Regime in Search of Opportunities for Aggression;

Another Superspreader Event at White House Headlined by Trump; Still No Clean Bill of Health from Doctors for Don Eight Days After He Entered Walter Reed; At Least Three More Contagious Events Planned for This Coming Week; Average of National Polls Show’s Biden’s Lead Slowly Increasing to About 10%; Observers See Unprecedented Bloodbath for GOP;

Trump Quarreling with Barr, Pompeo, and Wray Because Biden, Obama, and Wray Have Not Yet Been Framed Up;

Today Is Ten Ten Day, Marking The National Day of the Republic of China on Taiwan; Anniversary Commemorates the Wuehang Uprising of October 10 1911, which Ended the Ching (Manchu) Dynasty, Leading to Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s Establishment of the Republic of China as the First Republic in Asia on January 1, 1912;

Moscow Mitch and GOP Senate Austerity Ghouls Reject Latest Emergency Pandemic Relief and Stimulus Compromise of $1.8 Trillion; Sources Say Most Republicans in Senate See “No Political Benefit to Themselves” in Providing Aid, Which Is Shunned in Reactionary Rural States; Wall Street Poised for Dive when Speculators Conclude No More Liquidity Will Be Available


Oct 2020

October 8, 2020

Pelosi and Jamie Raskin Set to Announce a New Commission of Medical and Other Experts Ready to Offer Opinions on When the President Is Unfit to Exercise Power; This Is the Body Foreshadowed in the XXV Amendment, But Not Implemented Until the Current Emergency; If Trump’s Sabotage of Stimulus Blows Out Financial Markets, GOP Support to Dump Trump Might Be Forthcoming; 

Deranged Trump Demands Barr Arrest Obama, Biden, and Hillary; He Attacks Harris as “Communist” and “Monster”; Department of Justice Is Making It Easier for Barr’s Minions to Use Arrests Around Election Day to Sabotage the Vote; Trump Threatens FBI Director Wray for Not Approving His Crackpot Russiagate Theories;

Trump Skedaddles From Second Debate with Biden Next Week, Claiming He Fears Having His Mike Muted; By Dodging Virtually All Questions While Maintaining His Stoic Demeanor, Pence Takes His Place As One of the Great Sanctimonious Hypocrites and Liars of World History; Kamala Harris Coins Lasting Phrase of This Debate in Reference to GOP Health Care Wreckers: “They Are Coming For You” If You Have Pre-Existing Conditions and Need Health Coverage;

State Attorney General Dana Nessel, 2 US Attorneys, State Police, and Local Police Arrest 13 Armed Extremist Fanatics in Michigan; One Group Planned to Arrest Governor Kathy Whitmer and Put Her on Trial for “Treason” Over Shutdown of Gymnasiums; Plotters Said to Have Photographed Governor’s Vacation Home and Bridges for Explosive Devices to Divert Police Away from Crime Scene; Provision Made to Open Fire on Officers Arriving on the Scene; Second Group Planned to Assassinate Police Officers In Their Homes; Life Sentences Possible For Several Would-Be Killers Under State’s Felony Firearm Law; Prime Mover Appears to Be the “Wolverine Watchmen,” Thought to Be a Faction of the Boogaloo Boys; Were These The Addressees of Trump’s Infamous “Liberate Michigan” Tweet, or Are They Poll Watchers in Training?

Oct 2020

October 7, 2020

Last Days of Pompeii at Trump White House As Staffers Despair After Trump’s Latest Debacles; In Hours After Torpedoing Any Hope for Aid, Stimulus, or Pandemic Relief Before November 3 Election, Trump Goes Berserk with Twitter Frenzy in Demagogic Attempt to Muddy the Waters; His Contempt for His Gullible Supporters Is Boundless; No Chance for Protections Against Evictions, Foreclosures, and Utility Cutoffs under Current Regime; 

Concern Increases that Trump’s Manic and Hyperactive Behavior is Being Determined by Side Effects of Dexamethasone;

Trump Cratering in Polls, with Biden Ahead Almost Ten Points in National Averages; Lindsey Graham Reeling After Revealing GOP Plan to Cut Social Security Benefits to Maintain 2017 Tax Scam for Rich; South Carolina Slips into Toss-Up Category; McSally, Gardner, Perdue, Ernst, Collins, Daines, and Tillis All in Danger, Putting Senate Up for Grabs;

GOP Noise Machine Still Whining About How Trump Got Criticized After Public Overtures to Putin’s Russia and Recruiting of Pro-Kremlin Spooks into His Campaign; 

Pope Francis Issues Encyclical Letter “Fratelli Tutti,” Evidently Timed to Coincide with US Elections; Pontiff Launches Powerful But Veiled Warning Against Trumpism and Populism on World Stage; Text Criticizes “Myopic, Extremist, Resentful, and Aggressive Nationalism” with “New Forms of Selfishness and a Loss of the Social Sense Under The Guise of Defending National Interests”; In Realm of Religion, Pope Says Some Feel Encouraged to Support “Narrow and Violent Nationalism, Xenophobia, and Contempt”; He Adds that “Racism Is A Virus that Quickly Mutates and Instead of Disappearing, Goes Into Hiding, and Lurks in Waiting”; 

Breaking: ABC New Cites Internal FEMA Memo Reporting that 34 People Connected to White House Are Now Infected by Covid

Oct 2020

October 6, 2020

US Administration Decimated by Trump’s Foolhardy Posturing and Malfeasance: Trump Speechwriter and Anti-Immigration Ideologue Stephen Miller Tests Positive for Covid; Most Members of Joint Chiefs of Staff Now Quarantined After Coast Guard Admiral Attended Reception for Gold Star Families at White House Attended by Trump;

Instability on Steroids: Qualified Medical Opinion Points to Dangerous Psychological Side Effects of Trump’s Dexamethasone, a Steroid Which Has Been Associated With Mood Changes Including Mania, Aggression, Psychosis, and Loss of Insight into Their Own Confusion, Especially in Older Subjects; Pelosi Speculates that Steroids Have Negative Impact on Thinking Processes;

Concern about Impairment Increased Today by Trump’s Abrupt Decision to End Negotiation Until After the Election with Pelosi and Congressional Democrats concerning Pandemic Relief and Stimulus Package; Democrats Wanted $2.2 Trillion, Down from Original $3.3 Trillion in May; Mnuchin Had Upped GOP Bid to $1.5 Trillion; Dow Index Fell by 375 Points, Reflecting Wall Street’s Dismay; Funding is Urgently Needed To Avoid Collapse of Jobs and Incomes Across US Economy; 

Trump’s Surprise Move Came after Most Urgent Appeal Yet by Federal Reserve Chairman Powell, Who Called for Generous Stimulus, With No Fears for Inflation; Astounding Step towards Political Self-Destruction Spreads Consternation through GOP and Campaign Staffs; 

In Eloquent Gettysburg Speech, Biden Outlines the Unbearable Costs of Division as Against National Unity; 

Breaking: Pence Defers to Sen. Harris’ Request for Plexiglas Barriers in Wednesday Night’s Vice Presidential Debate; Reports Concede Trump Has Not Been Getting Tested Daily, Showing His Contempt for the Needs of the State; Trump Scores Largest US Trade Deficit in 14Years!

Oct 2020

October 5, 2020

Trump Returns To White House After 72 Hours At Walter Reed with Vainglorious Gesture of Removing Mask; His Concern Was Film of His Triumphant Return, Not The Lives and Health of the Staff; Medical Observers Appalled At Gratuitously Foolhardy Behavior, Clearly Dictated by Image Obsession; Is He Struggling to Breathe?

Dr. Vin Gupta Tells MSNBC Trump May Well Have COVID Pneumonia, Which Can Include Feeling Great but Then Requiring Intubation in As Little as an Hour; 

Trump’s Attending Physician Dr. Conley Cites HIPPA Privacy Rules to Hide Facts About Condition of Trump’s Lungs As Revealed by Chest X-Rays, MRIs, CT Scans, etc.;

Trump’s Treatment Is A Pharmacopeia Never Before Administered, Which Has Included Oxygen for Presumed Hypoxemia (Low Blood Oxygen) and Dexamethasone, A Powerful Steroid Typically Used to Prevent Lung Inflammation in Later Phases of Illness; But Dexamethasone Can Also Induce Manic and Euphoric Ideation, as In This Case; Trump Crows That He Feels Twenty Years Younger; Don Jr. Reportedly Sees Don as “Acting Crazy,” But Ivanka and Kushner Want to Encourage Trump to Be Trump; 

Dexamethasone Alone Should Dictate That Pence and the Cabinet Invoke the XXV Amendment to Relieve Don of His Duties as Commander in Chief; Pence Should Stay at the White House to Guarantee Continuity of Government; But GOP Enablers and Toadies Do Nothing; 

At Least 14 Cases Among White House Staff, Including Press Secretary and Two Deputies; Did Amy Coney Barrett and Her Husband Contract COVID in Late Summer, Before Her September 26 Debut; 

Biden Delivers Outstanding Speech in Florida; Appeals to Hispanics and Haitians; Promises Nationwide Mask Mandate in All Federal Buildings and in Interstate Travel in Cars, Planes, Trains, Busses, and Ferries, Followed by White House Conference of Governors and Mayors;

Public Has a Right to Know Times of Trump’s First Positive Test, Last Negative Test, Lung Condition, and Viral Load, All Embargoed by His Spin Doctors; Somebody Tell Dr. Conley That Timelines Intrinsically Look Backward!

Oct 2020

October 3, 2020 - World Crisis Radio

Regime’s Foolhardy Management of Pandemic Comes Home to Roost as United States Government is Crippled by Numerous Covid Cases; If Republicans Can’t Protect Their Leader, How Can They Protect Country?;

Despite His Reported Reluctance, Trump Hospitalized in Bethesda; His True Condition Not Clear; Pence Must Stop Campaigning and Stay Quarantined in White House to Ensure Orderly Succession and Continuity of Government; Pence May Soon Face Responsibilities Under XXV Amendment if Trump Is Incapacitated; Palpable Danger of Russian and/or Chinese Adventurism; Pelosi, Grassley, and Pompeo Must Also Shelter;

Trump Reportedly Needed Oxygen Friday Amid Reports of Cough, Fatigue, and Rapid Onset of Breathing Troubles; In Aside Caught by Cameras, White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows Says Vital Signs Over Last 24 Hours Have Been “Very Concerning “; 48 Hours to Mid-Day Monday Seen as “Critical”; Adds That No Clear Path to Speedy Recovery Is Visible; Remdecevir and Regeneron Polyclonal Antibodies Administered; 

Moscow Mitch Halts Senate Floor Action for Two Weeks; Tillis, Lee, Johnson All Infected; But Graham May Attempt to Start Hearings Sooner Despite Two Sick Committee Members;

GOP Election Machine Disrupted As Stepien, McDaniel, and Possible Backups Conway and Others Get Sick with Christie Hospitalized; Trump, Hicks, Stepien, S. Miller, and Christie Were Closeted for Days of Intensive Debate Prep; Trump’s Fateful Sept. 26 White House Rally for Barrett in Defiance of Natural Law Emerges as Likely Super-Spreader Event;

Trump’s Attending Spin Doctor Dr. Sean Conley Plays Dodge Ball, Succumbing Quickly to ETTD Syndrome; Offers Happy Talk and Confusion about Onset of Contagion, but No Data and No Timeline; 

The Fearful Price of Building a Personality Cult around Heteronomy and Irrationality; Pandemic Is Not a Subjective Problem of Public Relations, but the Objective Reality of Life or Death;

Second Wave of Pandemic Inundates Europe as US Statistics Deteriorate; NFL Season Crumbling As Cases Multiply; Virus Has Only Begun to Fight and Is Impervious to Demagogy; Watch the Taiwan Straits and the NATO Border from Estonia to Poland!

Oct 2020

October 1, 2020

Breaking: Five Desperate GOP Senators Join Democrats in Voting to Stop Trump’s Sponsorship of Lawsuit to Destroy Entire Affordable Care Act along with Protections for Pre-Existing Conditions; They Feared Voting the GOP Line On Eve of Elections; Defectors Include Collins (ME), Gardner (CO), Ernst (IA), McSally (AZ), and Sullivan (AL); Murkowski (AL) also Voted to Save ACA; Endangered GOP Senators Daines (MT), Tillis (NC), and Perdue (GA) Walk the Plank for Trump; The Bottom is Falling Out for Republicans in Wake of Don’s Debate Debacle; 

House Dems Approve $2.2 Trillion Compromise HEROES Act with Zero GOP Votes; Moscow Mitch Will Should Explain Why He Keeps Sabotaging Covid Stimulus and Relief; As State Freezes on Cutting off Water, Gas, and Electricity Expire and Federal Cash Fails to Arrive, 179 Million Americans Will Soon Be Vulnerable to Utility Cutoffs Over Back Payments; 

Pope Francis Refuses to Receive Pompeo at Vatican; North Korea Estimated to Possess 40 to 60 Nukes, Up 15 During Trump’s Term; Madman Kim Now More Powerful and Better Armed than Ever, Despite Exchange of Love Letters with Don;

Dilbert Cartoonist and Pro-Trump Opinion Leader Says He Is Horrified by Trump’s Debate Performance, Won’t Vote for Him;


Two Veteran GOP Dirty Tricks Artists Finally Indicted in Michigan for Spreading Lies and Intimidation about Voting by Mail; 

Trump Aide Hope Hicks Has Tested Positive for Covid, Sources Tell CNN; She Has Flown With Don At Least Twice This Week;

Oct 2020

September 30, 2020

Biden Tells Pro-Trump Fascist Gangs to “Cease and Desist,” Countering Don’s Call for Mobilization;

Trump’s Dictum of “Stand Back and Stand By” Points to Plan for Illegal Voter Suppression and Intimidation in Urban Polling Places on Election Day by Extremist Militias; Coup Scenario Includes Street Violence, Giving Trump a Pretext for Marshal Law to Stop Voting and Stop Counting; Or What About a New Version of Mussolini’s March on Rome?;

Biden Exposes Trump’s Desire to Destroy Health Care for Millions without Any Replacement; Biden Does Yeoman Service, Telling “Racist,” “Clown” to “Shut Up”; Biden Calls Don “Putin’s Puppy”; Undecided Voters in Frank Luntz Focus Group Respond to Trump with “Arrogant,” “Crackhead”;

After Trump’s Hooligan Extravaganza, Presidential Debate Commission Promises Reforms to “Ensure a More Orderly Discussion” in Remaining Debates This Year; Debate Commission and Moderator Fell Short Last Night; 


Challenger Jaime Harrison Pulls Even with Trump Lackey Lindsay Graham for South Carolina Senate seat; 

Senate Passes Continuing Resolution to Fund US Government Through December 11 At Current Levels, But Can Trump Pull Himself Together to Sign It Tonight?;

50,000 Airline Employees Could Face Layoffs Unless Congress Passes HEROES Act with $25 Billion in Aid to Cash-Strapped Carriers; Disney Prepares 28,000 Layoffs; Pelosi Still Negotiating with Mnuchin

Sep 2020

September 29, 2020

New Revelations About Trump’s Lucrative Television Career; Biden and Harris Publish Their 2019 Tax Returns, Highlighting Trump’s Utter Failure to Come Clean with American People; Country Braces for New Parade of Trump’s Grievances and New Vilification; 

Hard-Hit Millennials Forced to Live with Their Parents Need a Real Economic Recovery Program to Resume Progress Through Life on Model of Other Generations: Example Is GI Bill of 1945 With Help for College, Home Ownership, and Starting a Business-This Time Financed by the Federal Reserve;

Gaping at Trump’s Likely Defeat, Reactionaries and Fascists Are Reduced to Hate-Filled Delirium About Their Yearning to “Own the Libs”; No Unity in the Pro-Trump Camp; 

Showtime’s Production of The Comey Rule Divides Into Two Phases: The First Could Be Titled “I Was a Prig for the FBI,” Wherein Comey (Jeff Daniels) Fails to Understand that His Concern Must be the US Constitution, National Security, and the Integrity of the 2016 Election, and Not the Public Image and Prestige of the FBI; He Was Warned by His Wife and Intelligent Subordinates Not to Issue His Infamous Pre-Election Letter About the Weiner Laptop, But He Stubbornly Pressed Forward;

In the Second Phase, “The Monster,” Trump Quickly Displays The Mentality of a Gambino Boss; Outstanding Acting by Brendan Gleeson, Who Succeeds Brilliantly in Stripping Away the Accumulated Veneer of Familiarity and Letting the Horrific Essence Shine Through, Without Resorting to Caricature;

Trump’s Four Ideologies: The Creed of His Father Fred, Cited for Racial Discrimination; Norman Vincent Peale’s Subjectivist Positive Thinking; Roy Cohn’s Experience with McCarthy and the Mob; Pro Wrestling’s Kayfabe Doctrine!

Sep 2020

September 28, 2020

On Eve of First Biden-Trump Debate, Trump Campaign is Hit by Three Important Reverses:

New York Times Detail Shocking Pattern of Tax “Avoidance” by Trump, Relying On Years of Huge Losses; Trump Said to Have Paid $750 per Year in Taxes in 2016 and 2017, Far Less Than Americans with Middle Incomes Pay; Trump Demanded and Received $73 Million Tax Refund, Which is Being Audited; He is Alleged to Have Up To $400 Million in Debt Coming Due Over the Next Few Years; 

Trump’s Crushing Debt Obligations and Consequent Need to Procure Massive Cash Resources Could Represent Huge Vulnerability; Trump Must Now State Publicly the Sums He Owes to Foreign and Domestic Creditors and When They Fall Due; 

Showtime Premiers “The Comey Rule,” a Gripping Two-Part Realistic Drama that Use the Career of the Former FBI Director to Expose the Clumsy Obsession of Comey with the Public Image of the FBI, and Not with the Threat Posed by Trump to the Survival of Democracy; Don Emerges as a Sinister Mob Godfather Demanding Personal Loyalty from Top Officials as His Lackeys; The Trump Tower Veselnitskaya Meeting and Transition Briefing by Intelligence Chiefs Where Trump is Informed of Steele Dossier; The Result of Comey’s Posturing Is Trump’s Seizure of Power;

Revealing Portrayal of Flynn, McGahn, Priebus, Yates, Clapper, and other Figures;

After Episode of Domestic Violence, Former Trump Campaign Manager Brad Parscale Brandished a Gun and Threatened to Harm Himself; He Was Later Tackled by Police and Confined under Florida’s Baker Act; Situation Suggests Stressful Environment in Twilight of Trump Campaign

Sep 2020

September 26, 2020 - World Crisis Radio

Trump Nominates Reactionary Bigot Amy Coney Barrett for Supreme Court; She Is Bitter Foe of Affordable Care Act, Adumbrating Genocide Against American People; GOP Hopes to Start Railroading of Nominee on October 12, in Time to Start Stripping 20 Million of Health Care in November; Welcome to Government by Cult; Trump Wants a Sectarian Ideologue to Validate His Looming Coup; 

Petition Against Trump by 489 National Security Leaders for Biden Includes Generals and Admirals from Many Service Branches, as Well as Top Civilian Officials from Wide Array of Factions, Improving Chances of Blocking Trump Coup Plots; Only Lincoln and FDR Have Faced Greater Crises Than 46; Active Duty US Flag Officers Must Reject Illegal Orders, and Stand and Fight for the Constitution, not Engage in Craven Gestures of Resignation;

Trump’s “America First” Executive Orders for Obamacare Replacement Are Cheap Pre-Election Trick; He Orders Azar to Succeed Where He Himself and Hill GOP Have Failed; His Endorsement of Protection for Pre-Existing Conditions Is a Pious Wish with Zero Legal Force; Wording Would Let Insurance Companies Sell Policies at Astronomical Prices and Call that Protection; No Concrete Action to Lower Prescription Drug Prices; Nothing on the Obligation to Issue Policies or Preserving Ten Essential Medical Benefits, Contraception, Yearly and Lifetime Spending Limits, Children on Parents’ Policies, and More; Don’t Be Duped So Late in the Day;

Beware Clerical Fascism, Where Religious Hierarchy Plays Key Role in Fascist Regime, as in Austria before 1938 and Later in Slovakia;

Breaking: Russian Military Reportedly Now in Belarus, Threatening Supply Line to Baltic States; US Air Force Bolsters Defense of Central Europe with Astral Knight Drill from Germany to NATO Front Line States; Benedict Donald Hews to Strict Appeasement Line;

Mass Mobilization as 500,000 Millennials Volunteer to Staff Polling Places, Replacing Older Poll Workers

Sep 2020

September 24, 2020

Pelosi Proposes Compromise Pandemic Relief Bill with $2.4 Trillion; FBI Director Wray Tells Congress He Knows of No Large Scale Conspiracy for Vote Fraud; Time for Patriots of Good Will To Resign from Trump Regime and Tell the Voting Public about the Crimes They Have Witnessed, Says Rep. Schiff; Trump is Reeling from Numerous Defeats;

GOP Sources Tell Gellman of Their Plan for States to Thrown Out Popular Vote and Let Legislatures Pick the Electors Who Will Vote for President; But This Rapidly Becomes an Ex Post Facto Law which Illegally Impairs Implied Contract Obligations, Thus Violating the Constitution At Least Twice; How Much Will Supremes Swallow;

A Reported Afterthought (!) of Professor Brooks’ Transition Integrity Project is Non-Violent Mass Protest Using Color Revolution Methods; Instead, Mass Action Must be at the Center of Interregnum Strategy;

Once Again, a Century-Old Mirror for the Coming Interregnum: The Kapp Putsch of March 1920, Stopped by Biggest General Strike in German History that Defeated Clique of Reactionaries, Fascists, Militarists, and Monarchists – Including Ludendorff and the Young Adolf Hitler; Coup Regime Was Paralyzed by Shutdown of Gas, Water, Electricity, Telephone and Telegraph Service, Streetcars, Busses, Railroads, Press, All Factories and Food Deliveries; Passive Resistance by Most Ministries in Berlin – Including the Treasury, So Putschists Ran Out of Money, and Berlin Got Back to Legality in 100 Hours;

Breaking: 489 Leading Military Officers and Top Officials Urge Vote for Biden and Ouster of Trump; 27 Are of Four-Star Flag Rank; Bad News for Trump Coup Plans!

Sep 2020

September 23, 2020

Growing Awareness that Failure of Democratic Governors and Mayors to Shut Down Violent Rioters Across Political Spectrum Has Become a Key Asset for Trump and GOP; Carter, Clinton, Obama, and Biden Need to Speak Out to End Tolerance for Violent Wreckers;

In Breonna Taylor Case, Kentucky Grand Jury Indicts One Policeman for Wanton Endangerment; Citing Her Boyfriend’s Gunshot that Wounded Cop, State AG Refuses to Press Charges Against Two Other Officers; Further Indictments and a Trial by Jury Would Provide More Clarity and Closure for Community; Armed Fascist Militias Face Off Against Black-Clad Anarchists in Louisville; Two Police Reported Shot;

In Washington DC, Permanent Gang of 60 Hooligan Anarchist Provocateurs Harasses Diners and Pedestrians in DuPont Circle Neighborhood as Police Look On; Gay Community and People of Color Assailed as “Racists” by Crazies; DC Mayor Muriel Bowser Ignores Community Demands to Protect Residents and Businesses; Portland, Oregon Remains a Time Bomb that Trump Backers Could Activate at Any Time;

Breaking: Trump Refuses to Commit to Peaceful Transfer of Power If He Loses Election, Demands Continuity of His Own Regime; Barton Gelmann of Atlantic Provides More Details of GOP’s Fascist Plan for Election Coup by Letting State Legislators Throw out Mail-In Ballots and Replace Them with Hand-Picked Electors Pledged to Trump!

Sep 2020

September 22, 2020

August 31 CIA Report Finds Putin Personally Directing Russian Active Measures to Attack Biden, Support Trump, and “Fuel Public Discord” in US, Two Sources Tell WaPo; If Trump Henchman Rudy Giuliani Has Deliberately Worked with Treasury-Sanctioned Russian Spook Derkach of Ukrainian Rada, Full Collusion by Trump Campaign May Be Established; Derkach Also Known as Purveyor of anti-Biden Dirt to GOP Congressmen;

Estimated 133 Million Americans with Pre-Existing Conditions Could Lose Coverage If Trump’s Next Supreme Court Stooge Tips Balance against Obamacare/Affordable Care Act Starting November 10; These Are Stakes of Court Fight;

Tell Trump and Putin: The Lesson of the 2000 Bush v. Gore Fiasco is that in a Democracy Every Vote Must Be Counted, Even After Midnight of Election Day!; Colossal GOP Hypocrisy on Judicial Confirmation Proves Again that GOP Is Overripe for Extinction;

Trump Silent as US Death Toll Passes 200,000; UK’s BoJo Is Seeking Countermeasures to Fight “Second Wave” After Months of Lies;

New York Times Silently Retreats from Absurd Claims of 1619 Project, Generously Concedes that 1776 Is Indeed Founding of US;

FDR’s Supreme Court Reform Plan of 1937 Was Necessary Response to Relentless Attacks on New Deal by Reactionary “Four Horsemen”; Roosevelt Prevailed Over Obstructionist Clique, Leaving an Example that Remains Valid Today

Sep 2020

September 21, 2020

“Health Care, Health Care, Health Care”; Obamacare/ACA Is At Stake in Battle Now Beginning over Replacement for Justice Ginsburg; GOP Villainy Takes Center Stage as Moscow Mitch Promises Confirmation Vote This Year; Trump Wants Confirmation Before November 3, But Mitch is Coy; He Tells His Members to Stay Ambiguous; In Supreme Court Case Starting November 10, Ten Essential Medical Benefits, Protection for Pre-Existing Conditions, Kids on Parents’ Policies, and Other Vital Features Needed in Pandemic Could All Be Destroyed; Defense of Social Security, Roe v Wade, Voting Rights, Dreamers, Labor Could Become Hopeless; Use Your Vote as Your Family’s Passport to Survival!

Mitch is Lightning Fast When It Comes to Installing Fascist Judges, But Glacial on Pandemic Relief: Still No Senate Action on HEROES Act; Pelosi Mocks “Moscow Mitch,” Forecasts Many Iterations of 2018 Blue Wave for Nihilist Republicans Who Rubber Stamp Trump’s Choice;

Murkowski and Collins Don’t Want to Vote Before November 3; Two More Republicans Needed to Enforce Delay; Dems Raise Record $160 Million to Fight Back; 25 States Are Already Voting;

Addressing Workers in Wisconsin, Biden Attacks Trump’s Plan to Destroy Social Security by 2023, His 30 Million Unemployed and Plan for An Additional Tax Cut of $800 Billion for the Rich; Biden Cites Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 Provision that US Government Should Promote Unions; In Direct Appeal to Trump Voters, Biden Promises to Fix Inequities of System;

Trump Announces New Attacks on Free Speech and the First Amendment for His Nightmare Second Term;

Inconvenient Questions: Why Did Ginsburg Not Retire around 2015 When Obama was still President and She Was Already Gravely Ill?; Why Did She Humanize the Reactionary Scalia with Scenes of Opera and Conviviality?

Breaking: US Deaths in Coronavirus Pandemic Pass 200,000

Sep 2020

September 19, 2020 - World Crisis Radio

No More Fascist Judges!

After Tragic Loss of Eminent Jurist Ruth Bader Ginsburg of Supreme Court, Democrats Must Wage Determined Effort to Block Trump’s Inevitable Reactionary Nominee!

If Trump and McConnell Are Allowed to Prevail, High Court Will Rubber-Stamp Every Decree on the Way to Dictatorship!

Preconditions for Success Include Delaying Senate Vote Beyond Presidential Election, followed by Crushing, Humiliating, Landslide Defeat of Trump in November 3 -- Enough to Make Him Give Up in Despair on Attempted Coup d’État to Stay in White House;

Senate Control Is Already in Reach of Dems; If Astronaut Mark Kelly Defeats Trump Stooge Martha McSally for McCain’s Old Seat in Arizona as Expected on Nov. 3, He Could Be Seated in November; So with Total Mobilization and Some Luck, Dems Could Theoretically Win as Many as Ten Seats (Including Toss-Ups and Those Leaning R), Just a Few GOP Stragglers Short of Supermajority, While Expanding House Majority;

In the Meantime, Senate Democrats Must Activate Every Obstruction Tactic and Procedural Trick Ever Practiced: Force Roll Call Votes on Everything; No Unanimous Consent on Anything; All Bills and Amendments Must Be Read Aloud; Killer Amendments and Points of Order; No Minority Quorums in Committees;

Biden Is Right: The People Should Choose the Next President, and that President Should Choose Nominee to Occupy Ginsburg’s Seat, Submitting that Name to Senate for Advice and Consent; 

One Leading Contender May Be Amy Coney Barret of Seventh Circuit in Chicago, a Dogmatic Bigot; Any Trump Nominee Must Be Quickly Borked, Preferably Using Their Own Writings; But Start Oppo Research Now!

Sep 2020

September 17, 2020

Another Setback for Trump Gang: Federal District Judge Stanley Bastian of Washington State Finds That Trump and DeJoy “Are Involved in a Politically Motivated Attack on the Efficiency of the Postal Service,” and Issues Nationwide Order Blocking Changes that Slow Mail Delivery; Bastian Sees “Substantial Possibility” That “Voters May Be Disenfranchised”; Judge Fears that Substantial “Harm has Already Taken Place”; Also -- Interfering with US Mail is Federal Crime, and DeJoy Has No Immunity;

At National Archives on Constitution Day, Benedict Donald Postures as Guardian of Eternal Verities of American History, but His Answer is “Patriotic Education” Under 1776 Commission Run by Dubious Plutocratic Ideologues; Incompetent 1619 Project of New York Times Makes an Easy Target for GOP Due to Its Highly Distorted Claims; 

Former Top Pence Public Health Aide Olivia Troye Endorses Biden, Reveals that Pandemic Policy was Manufactured To Meet Needs of Trump Demagogy, Not General Welfare of Americans; Quotes Trump as Saying that Coronavirus Might Be “Good Thing” Because it Exempted Him from Having to Shake Hands with “Disgusting People” – i.e., His Own Supporters!

Breaking: In Written Opinion, Judge Orders DeJoy’s Sabotage Orders Revoked; Election Mail Must Be Delivered On Time; No More Decommissioning of Sorting Machines and Other Equipment; No Cuts in Deliveries or Service Hours; If Bottlenecks Persist, Dismantled Equipment Must Be Reassembled or Replaced Under Supervision of Federal Court!


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